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Best Podcasts for Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is a personal journey. What works for them may not be effective for you. It is vital to try and know what soothes and calms your mind and how you can obtain a better send of yourself, it doesn’t matter if it is going for a walk, meditating before sleeping or going to a gym for work out.

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Why Not Try Listening to Podcasts?

Podcasts are considered a remarkable means of taking in vital information as well as learning something fresh and valuable. There is no need to leave your desk; all you need is to get your earphones and listen.

There are remarkable podcasts which not just talk about anxiety and other mental issues but also offer actionable guidelines and pieces of advice. Not sure where to begin, we recommend trying any of the top ten podcasts below.

1. The Anxiety Guy:

Made by anxiety expert, blogger as well as an author of mental health Dennis Simsek, he also struggled with anxiety and panic disorder for six years.  The Anxiety Guy will take use in his past and present dark ideas and how this guy ended that anxious period of his life.

This podcast is made to lessen as well as stop generalized anxiety, depression as well as hypochondria. This exists so that we do not need to go in the same mistakes and, at the same time, assist us in handling and stopping our anxiety. You can listen to The Anxiety Guy for free.

2. Calmer You Podcast:

This podcast was made to give us the inspiration, information as well as guidance to be our happiest, calmest as well as confident self.  I loved this podcast due to its practical tools, audio hugs, professional interviews, support as well as a reminder that we are not alone in this world.  This is available for free on Spotify and iTunes.

3. Selfie by Sarah James:

Hosted by Sarah James, a professional blogger and Kristen Howerton, a psychotherapist and a writer, Selfie is not your typical podcasts for anxiety. They tackle various issues from the severe to funny ones, looking at the spirit, mind, and body.

This regularly hosts a chat with many visitors and covers the whole thing from positivity to comparing oneself to others on Facebook and other social media sites. Even if it is not inclined to depression, it brings up vital subjects that can lead to anxiety and stress.

4. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations:

Here, you can listen to different interviews with renowned authors and experts in the world of health and fitness. These commanding discussions can assist result in positivity and positive actions and behaviors.

Subjects covered include Eight Rules to Happiness, The Power of Visualization as well as Life after Loss. Hosted by Oprah, she talks too much well-known personality, which includes Doctor Shefali Tsabary and Doctor Phil, Amy Schumer.

5. The Overwhelmed Brain:

This was made for personal development, for those who wish a better life and alter their deeds and manners. This podcast was established by Paul Colaianni, who went through years of depression after a breakup. Many years later, with a massive change in actions and thinking and lots of learning, he put up the Overwhelmed Brain.

A podcast and at the same time a blog, this was intended to assist us in breaking in contradictory ideas and empowering us to live our best life. This covers a wide array of subject’s matters, which include depression, anxiety, overthinking, negative thinking, to name a few.

6. The One You Feed:

Another popular podcast for anxiety is The One You Feed. This is established by Chris Forbes and Eric Zimmer and discusses vital information about depression, addiction, anxiety, meditation as well as mindfulness.

With a vast catalog of 200 episodes to listen, this brings in professionals and valuable conversation. Fantastic podcasts take account of Eric Maisel: Rethinking Mental Health and Jeff Warren on How to Meditate with a Busy Brain.

7. Not Another Anxiety Show:

This podcast was hosted by a certified health and fitness coach, a past agoraphobe, and a registered nurse; Not Another Anxiety Show is a good source of information concerning panic attacks, anxiety, as well as stress.

It does not matter if you are feeling very anxious or overwhelmed; the host delves into the real meaning of anxiety and what is the best way to end it. Together with experts, the host keeps discussions casual while providing practical advice, tips as well as simple help to overcome depression and anxiety.

8. 10% Happier:

Hosted by an ABC news anchor Dan Harris, he also experiences panic attacks, which led him to practice treatment prior to releasing his book 10% Happier and an app as well. He chats to interesting and thrilling individuals concerning whether there is anything beyond that ten percent. 10% Happier is a refreshing and fun podcast for anxiety with smart and humor visitors.

9. The Anxiety Coaches:

Created by regular people who experienced anxiety, stress, and depression and now want to help others to fight and end their struggles. This podcast is hosted by Gina Ryan, a professional nutritionist and anxiety coach who struggle with agoraphobia, general anxiety, and panic for more than two decades.

After utilizing her knowledge and experience as well as the power of meditation and prayer, at last, she stops her agony with depression, and she could not recall when her previous attack was. The Anxiety Coaches bring listeners two new episodes every week that aim to assist us in overcoming panic attacks, anxiety as well as stress while living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Gina, together with the professional coaches, talk in a fun and conversational tone, and more than willing to answer all your queries regarding health and wellness.

10. Social Anxiety Solutions | Your Journey to Social Confidence:

Listen in and at the same time, gain the techniques, inspiration as well as wisdom to fight and end your anxiety, depression, and stress. Be assisted on your life journey and make effortless social confidence wherein you take pleasure in connecting with friends and others, unchain the potential and have fun in social conditions at the same time make a pleasant social life.