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Listening to Podcasts on Alexa: All You Need to Know

As with constantly evolving technology, we’ve adopted Alexa and various other voice assistants at phenomenal rates; also, we’re now able to listen to a lot more podcasts than earlier. Personal, audio-centric, and distinctively intimate, podcasts and Alexa beautifully complement one another. Also, one of the most popular Alexa uses is listening to podcasts.

A lot of scopes are there for improvement of the overall podcast experience on Amazon Alexa. However, at the moment, you’ll not be able to find podcast services with deep integration that users can get with Spotify.

Here is what you must know about the present podcast state and listening to podcasts on Alexa, including the popular options for listening with different playback control options.

You Can Listen to this Without the need to add Skills.

In its default state, Alexa can serve podcasts through TuneIn. Upon asking, “Alexa, can you stream History of Podcast Revisionist,” then she summons the latest episode through the service.

While you’re not able to name certain podcast episodes, you can play one preceding episode that now plays “Alexa, play previous episode.”

You can also ask Alexa to “play podcast,” and then she’ll play the one that you inevitably won’t appreciate.

You can Play Podcasts through Alexa App.

The Alexa App is also great for finding and controlling podcasts.

  • You can open the Alexa App on a mobile device or also at alexa.amazon.com.
  • Within the main menu, you can select the Video, Music, and Books.
  • Under the Music, select TuneIn.
  • Now Select Podcasts.

TuneIn search bars can also be used whenever you want to find a certain podcast.

You can explore through different categories for discovering the podcast of your niche and then tune to one specific episode.
At the app top, you can choose the desired speaker (s).

Use Pocket Casts for Playing Podcasts on the Alexa

Thankfully, AnyPod isn’t only the third-party skill that can be enlisted for helping you in listening to podcasts on Alexa, with Pocket Casts launching the skill in early 2019. To get it, you would need to download this through Alexa Skills Store and link this to your account.

Once everything gets synced, you can easily access podcasts after simply talking to the enabled speakers. And considering this can be the first iteration of the skill, it isn’t actually a lot clunky.

Still, there is too much back and forth, with skill wanting confirmation on almost all the things you ask it for, but with AnyPod, it can keep up with progress, and this is what the Alexa podcast experience must be like.

Personally, the skill mostly plays the most recent episodes, and obviously, sometimes you want the oldest episodes that haven’t been played.

Also, there isn’t any way of skipping ahead for an episode if the sync didn’t get things matched up where you left it earlier.

These are things that patch up with the newest voice commands, and we can expect this to get better over time.

You can decide on whether the Pocket Casts deserve the time or not.

Get better control through Podcast skills.

With a handful of skills, you get more versatility. This often happens with robust integration appearance with the podcast apps, but all of these are buggy.

You can stream with AnyPod.

Among all those, one of the most renowned ones is AnyPod. Also, in addition to listening to podcasts on Alexa, you get a high readability level. Adding to the limited default abilities of Alexa, AnyPod plays specific episodes, manages subscriptions, and also jumps to a particular time.

However, the only thing lacking is any visual interface, which can be a challenge for listeners who juggle through different podcasts. Some commands of AnyPod are:

  1. Alexa, ask the AnyPod for playing episode (number) of (name of the podcast).
  2. Alexa, play (previous/next) episode.
  3. Alexa, ask AnyPod, “play the podcasts.”
  4. Alexa, ask AnyPod to subscribe (name of the podcast)
  5. Alexa, ask the AnyPod, “What are my subscriptions?”
  6. Enable Podcast Skills

Similar to other Alexa skills, you can allow Alexa and AnyPod through voice commands within the app.

Enable skills through Alexa App:

  1. Open the app Alexa on the mobile device or at alexa.amazon.com.
  2. Within the main menu, you can choose skills.
  3. Search for Stitcher or AnyPod.
  4. Choose desired skill in the outcomes.
  5. Click on Enable Skills.

You can activate the skills through voice commands.

You need to provide the voice command, “Alexa, enable (Stitcher/AnyPod).”

Link Stitcher Account

If you’re opting for the Stitcher app, you’ll have to accept mature audience content; then, you can link skill to the Stitcher account – which is a good thing, in theory, as this keeps material in sync. Also, this can be done in the Alexa app after clicking the Home screen prompt or after following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Alexa application on your phone or visit alexa.amazon.com.
  2. Inside the main menu, you must select skills.
  3. Choose the skills at top-right
  4. Select Stitcher
  5. Select the settings within Stitcher
  6. Click on Link Account and also follow prompts.

Stream the Favorite podcast App

If you’ve engaged in Alexa through Bluetooth smart speaker or headphones, the device can be paired with your smartphone or tablet. Then you can stream podcasts through the preferred app.

While you only get limited control from Alexa with basic functions, like play, pause, and adjusting volume, this affords you the best managerial subscription control.

For pairing the Echo device with the tablet or phone, you can try the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Ensure that the device has been in the range of the Echo speaker.
  2. Disconnect any present Bluetooth connections while providing the “Alexa. Disconnect.” command.
  3. Now set your device and the other device in a mode of Bluetooth pairing.
  4. Set the Echo device to the pairing mode through “Alexa, pair.” Command and then she confirms with, “Searching…”
  5. On the tablet, phone, and other devices, you can select Echo speaker in the Bluetooth settings. Alexa also announces a successful connection.

Upon configuring the connection, this can be reinitiated whenever you are in the mood for listening to podcasts on Alexa and when the devices are in range. Pairing is possible by providing “Alexa, pair with (name of the device)” or “Alexa, connect with (name of the device) command.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Podcasts On Alexa?

Yes, you can play podcasts on your Alexa by giving the necessary commands to do so. As a default setting, Alexa will play podcasts using TuneIn, and you can ask Alexa to play a certain podcast.

However, you can’t play a specific episode from the podcast, as it will automatically start playing whichever episode is the most recent. If you are looking for the most recent episode, you can say ‘Alexa, play the previous episode’, which will start the latest episode.

Something you should know about playing podcasts on Alexa is that if you switch to any other source of audio or another podcast, you will lose your current progress. You will not resume from where you last left off, and you will have to restart the episode.

So, if you want to pause the episode, you won’t be able to listen to anything else if you don’t want to lose your progress.

How Do I Listen to Apple Podcasts On Alexa?

To listen to Apple podcasts on Alexa, you will need to open the Amazon Alexa app and then tap on the menu button located in the upper-left corner of the app. The next thing you need to do is tap ‘skills and games’ and search for the Apple Podcasts skill. Tap ‘enable’ to use it.

You can also enable the Apple Podcast skill by using the Alexa skill store through the internet instead of using the app.

You can also set Apple Podcasts as your default podcast platform, which will stop you from having to add ‘on Apple Podcasts’ to the end of every podcast search. To do this, you will again need to go to the Amazon Alexa app and tap on the menu button in the upper-left corner.

Next, go to ‘music and podcasts,’ and under the ‘services’ section, tap ‘link new service.’ You will need to sign in with your Apple ID to link to your Apple Podcasts account, and once you have done this, tap the ‘X’ icon in the upper-right corner. Tap on ‘select default service’ and then select Apple Podcasts as the default podcast provider.

Can Alexa Play Podcasts From Spotify?

You can now play Spotify Podcasts on your Alexa device, so you can go ahead and listen to your favorite podcasts on Spotify with ease. You can do so by using any Alexa-compatible speaker, so you no longer have to search for your Spotify podcasts, and you can instead use the voice command features to pull up the latest podcasts.

To do this, you will need to link your Spotify account to the Amazon Alexa app if you haven’t already. You can do this by going to the Alexa app settings, tapping on ‘music and podcasts,’ and selecting Spotify Podcasts.

It takes hardly any time at all, but you should definitely go ahead and do it for the convenience of being able to listen to your podcasts through Alexa. You will even be able to pause the episode you are listening to and resume it later on.

How Do I Play Podcasts On Echo?

To play podcasts on your echo device, you will first need to add and link the services you want to use to gain access to podcasts. Open the Alexa app on your mobile phone or tablet device, tap the ‘more’ icon in the bottom toolbar, and then tap on ‘settings.’

The next step is to go to ‘music and podcasts’ then ‘link new service,’ and you can then choose the specific services that you want to add. This could include things like Apple Podcasts or Spotify Podcasts.

You will need to tap on the ‘enable to use’ button to link the specific service, and then you will be prompted to log in to your account to link them successfully. All that is left to do is tap on the ‘Allow access’ button, then ‘done,’ and the process is complete.

You will then be allowed to return to the previous screen to link any other services you want. This way, you can access podcasts from a variety of different services.

Why Can’t I Play Spotify Podcasts On Alexa?

If you find that you cannot play your Spotify Podcasts on your Alexa, the first thing you should check is that you have correctly linked Spotify Podcasts with your Alexa device. If the two accounts are not linked, you will not be able to access the Spotify Podcasts through your Alexa.

Go to your settings through the app, look under ‘music and podcasts’ and look through the settings available. If the accounts are linked, then you should move on to the next step; otherwise, you will need to link them to continue.

If this feature still isn’t working, then you should try setting up Spotify Podcasts as your default podcast player on your Alexa. Go to the Amazon Alexa app on your phone, go to ‘settings,’ then tap ‘music and podcasts,’ and then select ‘link new service.’

You will need to select Spotify from the available options and log in to your account. Select ‘default services’ and tap ‘Spotify,’ and now Spotify will be set as your default podcast service.

Is TuneIn Free On Alexa?

TuneIn is completely free to use, and it is the default podcast service that will be loaded onto your Alexa device. It will provide listeners with free FM, AM, and internet radio and a variety of different podcasts for you to listen to. You do not have to pay for this feature, but you can opt to add extra services by TuneIn at an extra cost.

You can also add TuneIn Live to your Alexa, an Alexa Skill that can be enabled to provide you with premium TuneIn content, including various live events. If you already subscribe to TuneIn, you can link this feature to your account.

Otherwise, it will come at an additional cost of $3.99. It will unlock additional premium content for you to enjoy through your Alexa device, like live games from the NHL and news coverage from different providers.

Can I Use Alexa to Listen Remotely?

You can use Alexa to listen remotely through a remote control or your smartphone. You will be able to control any of your Alexa-supported devices remotely when you are not at home if you want to, and you can do this by connecting your mobile device to your Alexa.

This will allow your phone to become an Alexa integrated device, so you will use the same commands with your phone as you would with your Alexa. You won’t be able to control all of Alexa’s features remotely, but you can certainly use the listening features.

You can use your normal Alexa voice commands with your phone to listen to your favorite podcasts, music, and more with ease. This is a convenient feature that you can use on the go to save some time.