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The Best Podcasts for Getting Over a Breakup

It is no doubt that love is a beautiful feeling. A person is fortunate to be in love and have a loving relationship with another. However, it is not unknown that relationships are not easy and require effort from both parties. When a relationship ends, both the individuals are hurt and find it tough to move on.

Breakups are messy and tough to deal with. You may not feel confident; you may be anxious and scared to go about your normal routine again without your partner. Hence, it is important to move on and look into the future rather than hold on to the past.

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Hence We Have Prepared a List of 10 Best Podcasts for Getting Over a Breakup

1. Breakup BOOST:

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“Trina is your best friend after a breakup”

Breakup BOOST is hosted by Trina Leckie, who is a breakup and relationship coach! Her approach is to advise while also helping you feel empowered to change your life! Trina states no topic is off-limits, as she gives you the advice you NEED for your love life.

If you are going through a breakup or just needing relationship advice, breakup BOOST is for you! Trina doesn’t believe in sugarcoating anything because that only keeps you stuck, so be ready to hear some truths!

Best Episode:  Let Them Go…Pep Talk! is the best episode of Breakup BOOST. Trina discusses how to stop hanging on and settling for scraps after a breakup. She wants you to take a step back, remove the rose-colored glasses and know your worth!

2. Just Break Up:

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Just Break Up podcast is a great podcast for those who are going through a bad breakup. In this podcast, hosts Riley Billingsley and Eleanor Drakenarrate genuine events in the field of breakup and love.

The hosts put forward stories where people have gone through a harsh breakup and discuss strategies to completely get over the past and move on with their lives. In the Just Break Up podcast, listeners can associate with people who had a tough time after a breakup.

Best Episode: The best episode of the Just Break Up podcast is, Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic? In this episode, listeners are guided towards the reality of a toxic relationship and toxic partners. It focuses on giving listeners tips on how to protect their hearts after a toxic experience.

3. Terrible, Thanks For Asking:

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For some people dealing with a breakup gets tougher when they are around individuals who remind them of their experience. Sometimes you do not wish to talk about your suffering, and sometimes you just wish someone will listen to you.

Letting out your feelings is the first way to heal after a breakup. The Terrible, Thanks For Asking podcast is meant for individuals who wish to share their grief and pain after a breakup.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is an entertaining, upsetting podcast that brings out moderately uncomfortable stories about heartbreak.

Best Episode: Happy(ish) Holidays is the best episode of the podcast Terrible, Thanks For Asking. In this podcast, we come across the story of Nora, who is celebrating Thanksgiving after two days of her husband’s demise.

This episode mentions how people have to move on from their past relationships and lives and address their grief to heal completely.

‎4. Dear Sugars:

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Dear Sugars is a great podcast for those who feel lost, heartsick, and feel abandonment issues.

The podcast is quite motivational and helps drive away from the negativity a bad breakup leaves a person with. The podcast has over 150 episodes and contains several stories, directions, and advice that shall make you feel that you are not alone in this suffering.

This podcast aims to make heartbroken individuals feel better about themselves and get over the fear of being always left.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Friends With Benefits, Foursomes, And Other Messy Relationships. In this episode of Dear Sugars, a listener can learn about complicated relationships.

The episode addresses the problems of individuals who are a part of such equations and wish to address the problems of being in such hard relationships.

5. The Heart:

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All Heart On Apple podcast is a 100 episode podcast that consists of simple suggestions and advice for people going through a bad breakup. The podcast is based on the idea that one can converse with the heart.

Hence, if two hearts get together and talk about their breakup and relationship history, one may feel lighter. The podcast tone is kept light and yet manages to create a powerful impact on the listener.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is We Believe You: Healing For Survivors. In this podcast, listeners can hear about others’ raw and overwhelming experiences. This episode shares a very tender and transparent account of how the heart feels once broken after a breakup.

‎6. Death, Sex & Money:

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Death, Sex, and Money podcast primarily focus on relationships, family, money, and work-related problems. Host Anna Sale discusses these topics in detail and does not leave room for anything to be left unanswered.

She also talks about breakups and gives tips and guidance on how to make tough choices. The podcast has about 140 episodes and is very enriching and powerful in the field of relationships.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Cheating Happens. In this episode, hot Anna brings to light a common problem of several relationships- cheating.

Anna tells listeners that many times a partner cheats in a relationship. She guides listeners on how to get over a partner who cheated and explains why people cheat in relationships.

7. Alone- A Love Story:

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Alone: A Love Story has ten episodes. In this podcast, you will hear about a biography of a long loving relationship that undergoes a particular incident, and separation occurs. This podcast is ideal for those who wish to understand relationships in a comprehensive manner.

The host Michelle Parise allows listeners to begin a journey to become courageous and leave the past behind. This podcast is interesting as it provides listeners with a beautiful love story that gets hit with a bomb and leaves a messy byproduct.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Chapter 1: Not If, How where Michelle, who is turning thirty-nine very soon, finds herself struggling to begin a new romance after her recent divorce.

Here, you will hear about a drunken tarot card reading that takes Michelle back to 1999 when she met her ex-husband.

8. Love Me:

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Love is a beautiful feeling. Being in love and experiencing a loving relationship is very fulfilling. It is human to crave love and lust, the feeling of being in love. When a breakup happens, people tend to crave the same care they had when they were in love with someone.

They want their present to match with their past. Love Me podcast brings to light relationships and the mess they bring into human life. It focuses on common arguments in a relationship and provides insightful tips on how to deal with them.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Special Episode- To My Heart. In this episode, Mansoor Adayfi, taking romance classes in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, dreams of a world where he is allowed to romance and fall in love.

9. Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel:

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Anyone who has a breakup seeks closure from their partner. The real question is, from what point shall a person start seeking closure, and when shall it end? In this podcast, famous therapist Esther Perel talks to unidentified couples who wish to seek relationship advice.

It helps empower couples and help those stuck in hardship and confusion—a very relatable podcast for listeners of all age groups.

Best Episode: I’ve Had Better is the best episode of the podcast. Esther guides a couple who seek his help after a year with infidelity issues but cannot move on. Esther uses his therapy session to initiate an honest conversation between the couple and enhance healthy communication.

‎10. Modern Love:

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Modern Love is a good breakup podcast for listeners. In this podcast, listeners can find themselves hearing about stories of love, loss, and redemption written by bestselling authors.

The podcast brings light true love and heartbreak stories and uncovers the real truth of all relationships. The podcast has several episodes that focus on different lives and discuss anonymous stories to which every listener can relate their experience.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Modern Love is How Bibliophiles Flirt With Uzo Aduba. In this episode, we meet Karla, who discusses the journey of falling in love with someone she shares her books with but faces trouble due to her mysterious secret.

11. How To Get Over Your Ex:

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How To Get Over Your Ex is hosted by breakup coach Dorothy Johnson. Dorothy doesn’t believe that it is necessary for a breakup to “just take time.” There are steps she gives you in this podcast that will help you get over your ex quicker.

Dorothy uses her background in Psychology and life coach tools to give listeners actionable insights to getting over your ex!

Best Episode: The best episode of How To Get Over You Ex is When The Distractions Stop Working. As the title suggests, Dorothy Johnson talks about how you go from a packed schedule, keeping your mind busy, and navigating the negative emotions you can’t keep away.

12. Breakup Recovery Podcast:

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Hosted by Barbara Stevens, a breakup recovery mentor. Breakup Recovery podcast is a mixture of practical tips, ideas, and strategies to help you cope with a breakup, separation, or divorce.

Barbara talks with experts and real people with real stories to help the listener understand and recover from a breakup. The last episode was uploaded in 2017, but learning ways to recover from a breakup is timeless, as anyone with a broken heart knows.

Best Episode: The Best episode of Breakup Recovery is 3 Steps To Rebuilding Your Self Worth After Your Breakup. This episode discusses the darkness around the breakup and the two options you have afterward. There are tips for building your self-worth, learning to be compassionate with yourself, forgiveness, and helping you move toward acceptance.

13. The Bounce Back Podcast:

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The Bounce Back Podcast is formerly Let’s Talk Heartbreak. This pod is hosted by Laura Yates, who discusses all sorts of life events you need to bounce back from, including breakups!

Laura uses anecdotes, interviews, and advice to help give you a bit of bounce-back inspiration! She shows the many different routes people have taken to get through their life events and what it requires to bounce back!

Best Episode: Getting Over a Breakup with Nate Adlam-A Guy’s Perspective is the best episode of The Bounce Back podcast. In this episode, Laura talks to Nate about his recent (as of 2016) breakup experiences. They discuss what Nate uses to get through the situation and how to handle social media.

14. The Breakup Monologues:

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The Breakup Monologues is a podcast and live event series hosted by Rosie Wilby, a comedian and author. She states she has become an “accidental relationship guru.”  In this show, Wilby has a rotating cast of performers and writer friends as her guest.

They discuss their best and worst breakups in each episode, like when Rosie Wilby got dumped by email. What better way to get over a breakup than sharing your misery and a little laughter?

Best Episode: The best episode of The Breakup Monologues is with Dolly Allerton and Liz Bently. Dolly Allerton is a journalist and author. Liz Bently is a comedian, therapist, and author of a blog. They discuss the complexities of writing about love in their respective professions.

15. Heartbreak to Happiness:

Listen to it here

If you’re hurting or struggling with a breakup and you’re feeling shocked, betrayed, devastated, and alone then Heartbreak to Happiness is for you! This New & Noteworthy podcast on Apple Podcast & iTunes is hosted by best-selling author and award-winning divorce and breakup coach Sara Davison.

Several times a week, Sara shares how you can get on with your life! She gives you the advice to help minimize your suffering so you can get from heartbroken to happy once again!

Best Episode: The best episode of Heartbreak to Happiness is episode 112: Are You Suffering from Economic and Financial Abuse? In this episode, Sara Davison is joined by Dr. Nicola Sharps-Jeffs.

Dr. Sharp-Jeffs is an expert in economic abuse as it occurs within the context of coercive control. She worked in policy-influencing and research roles in the violence against women and girls sector.

16. L_ve Frequency:

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“L_ve Frequency is the only podcast where love is the problem and the solution; the question and the answer.”

L_ove Frequency is a podcast for the true believer in love. For those who can’t understand why they keep manifesting failed relationship after failed relationship. Hosted by Nia Blk, this monthly(ish) show helps you learn how to identify, trust, and maintain a belief in yourself to allow you to receive the love you deserve.

Host Nia shares personal relationship stories and words of encouragement to “force you to dig deeper in love.”

Best Episode: The best episode of L_ve Frequency is episode 30:Redefining Ready (Befriending your Shadows). It is for anyone who is unsettled or uncomfortable within their current relationship. In this episode host, Nia discusses what you need to check into yourself.

17. Come Breakup With Us Podcast:

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Come Breakup With Us is hosted by Anna and Siobhan. Each week they discuss the highs and lows of breakups with a guest host. Each episode is about 40 minutes long, and they may contain adult themes and strong language.

Best Episode: The best episode of Come Breakup With Us Podcast is Episode 1- Megan D- “His grandma tagged me and his ex… In their debut episode, Anna and Siobhan talk to Siobhan’s sister Megan about her breakups. They ask Megan a few questions about the breakup period in her life and have her share her most embarrassing ex memory.

18. Rising Phoenix Podcast:

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Michael hosts Rising Phoenix Podcast. He started the podcast after going through an unwanted divorce. Michael stays Rising Phoenix podcast for men going through unwanted breakups and divorces because they generally ask for assistance. He hopes this podcast will help the male listeners overcome and rise up after their relationships have ended.

Occasionally the show will have guests to help discuss the things listeners are struggling with.

Best Episode: The best episode of Rising Phoenix Podcast is episode 37-Personal Trainer and Divorced Dad-Benjamin Artz. One of the most recent episodes published by Michael. The two discuss Benjamin’s divorce story, personal training, and nutrition.

19. Heal Your Heartbreak:

Listen to it here

Heal Your Heartbreak is hosted by Kendra Allen, your Break Up Bestie! It is a weekly podcast that walks the listener through moving through a breakup. To provide hope, support, tips, and camaraderie, Kendra covers various breakup topics to help!

As the podcast name suggests, and Kendra puts it into black and white on her site, this podcast is about HEALING. So the tools are presented to help you get over your ex and move on with peace of mind.

Best Episode: #2 The No Contact Rule is the best episode of Heal Your Heartbreak. In this episode, Kendra discusses the benefits of not contacting your ex. She also talks about what may be hindering your healing if you are still in contact with them, along with tips to practice no contact.

20. A Breakup Is A Wake Up:

Listen to it here

Mz. Selfluv host A Breakup Is A Wake Up podcast. The Mz. is a breakup strategist and best-selling author. She started this podcast to help teach you to get over your breakup and get back to self-love. Mz. Selfluv also states that if getting your ex back is actually your goal she can help you with that too.

Episodes are uploaded regularly, but it doesn’t appear to have a set schedule. Shows range from 4min to 40 minutes so you can get several episodes of inspiration into your work commute (if that is still something you have to do).

Best Episode: How to get your ex back is the best episode of A Breakup Is A Wake Up podcast. In this episode Mz. Selfluv gives you details on how to get your ex back. She discusses her personal experience with getting breakup coaching and working on bringing her ex back into her life.

21. Thank You Heartbreak:

Listen to it here

Do you believe there is an upside to a breakup? Host Chelsea Leigh Trescott does! In this podcast Thank You Heartbreak she explores the upside. She attempts to show the listener how loss is our greatest opportunity to become stronger in life, love, and character.

Chelsea is joined on this podcast by guests that help you see the upside and inspire you to thank your heartbreak.

Best Episode: The best episode of Thank You Heartbreak is episode #54 Exes Are Building Blocks with Jasmine Jones. Jasmine Jones is the author of a series of devotional books and in this episode, she discusses overcoming a breakup and propelling yourself into a love you desire.

22. Unbreak My Heart:

Listen to it here

Unbreak My Heart is a weekly podcast hosted by Holistic Wellness coach Cheri Anderson. Cheri brings in guests each week who are stuck in their breakup heartbreak. They then work together to find the keys to healing.

Each Thursday Unbreak My Heart discusses different topics that lead to the breakup or divorce; from non-monogamy to domestic abuse and all the messiness in between.

Best Episode: The best episode of Unbreak My Heart is Nothing will burn me down|Kiona. In this episode Kiona has to confront the anger she feels after her breakup. She learns to question if she is angry with her ex or if she is just an angry person.

23. Shredded: The Post Breakup Podcast:

Listen to it here

Shredded: The Post Breakup Podcast is hosted by standup comedian Brendan D’Souza. After going through a heartbreak, Brendan wanted to help people know they aren’t alone.

In each episode, D’Souza is joined by some of Toronto’s best comedians to talk devastating details, coping methods, low points, and the breakup anthem!

Best Episode: Motion Sickness with Tracy Hamilton is the best episode of Shredded: The Post Breakup Podcast. Tracy Hamilton tells Brendan about trusting your gut in a relationship. Dealing with a partner who drags you under and healing from it. They also discuss coping using meditation and respecting your limits in toxic relationships.

24. Breakups and Relationships with Coach Craig Kenneth:

Listen to it here

Coach Craig Kenneth hosts Breakups and Relationships. Twice a week, Coach Craig discusses relationships, breakups, and dating. Craig has a Masters’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling and has become a world-renowned breakup expert.

With Coach Craig’s background, he is able to look at relationships issue objectively. His episodes provide insight and understanding, helping in healing and re-attracting your ex. You can check him out where all the podcasts are or on his Youtube channel!

Best Episode: The best episode of Breakups and Relationships with Coach Craig Kenneth is When It’s Time To Walk Away. In this episode, Coach Craig talks about unhealthy relationships and learning when to walk away to say your mental health.

25. Beyond The Breakup:

Listen to it here

Beyond The Breakup is a Monday through Friday podcast! These daily shows are live Q&A episodes with Devon Loomis the relationship expert! As a former heartbroken host, Devon Loomis attempts to help you get through your heartbreak.

Loomis is here to offer “non-traditional, heart-based approaches that actually get people through their painful breakups and prepared for Authentic, Romantic Partnership.” Check out one of his live Q&A episodes and learn that you aren’t alone in your feelings.

Best Episode: The best episode of Beyond The Breakup is Steps To Letting Go. As the title suggests it is an episode with steps on letting go of your ex and that relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it breakup or break up?

Breakup is one word when it is being used as a noun or adjective. Some publishers have even started using a hyphen instead of the one-word version.

Break up is the verb form when you cease to exist in a romantic relationship, according to Merriam-Webster.

What are the 5 stages of a breakup?

According to Mental Health experts, the 5 stages of a breakup are the same as the stages of grief. You are grieving the loss of a relationship, of your hopes and dreams for yourself and your significant other.

The states are:

  • Denial – where your heart doesn’t allow you to believe the relationship is really over. You entertain fantasies about the future or pick up on “glimmers of hope” that the relationship will work out.
  • Anger – You are angry. With the world, really. The experts say it can manifest in different ways. So you take it out on those that didn’t even break your heart. This is usually where hateful emails and texts also come into play.
  • Bargaining –  Looking for possible ways to make the relationship work. Negotiating or threats. Offering to change or move whatever you think they want you to do to make it work.
  • Depression – also manifests in different ways. Feeling tired, disconnected, hopeless, and on the verge of tears. Sleeping a lot or even having trouble sleeping.
  • Acceptance – You are at peace with the loss.