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The 10 Best Podcast to Binge

Podcasts are an interesting way to provide listeners the opportunity to embark upon a new journey altogether. There are many podcasts available in the digital world, and there are some podcasts that are perfect for binge-watching as per your liking.

These podcasts are interesting, gripping, and entertaining for individuals who are interested in the art of audio storytelling.

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Given Below Are 10 Best Podcasts Available for a Listener That Likes to Binge

1. The Last Days of August:

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In this podcast, Jon Ronson delves into the pornography industry to look into the death of 25-year-old Ames. Porn star Ames commits suicide within days of receiving backlash concerning a tweet she uploaded.

The investigation into the untimely demise of porn star Ames brings Ronson closer to the working and dark reality of the porn industry.

He realizes the struggle of individuals who work in this industry and its effect on those who suffer from mental illnesses. He investigates Ames’s death by interviewing her friends and family.

Best Episode: The Last Days Of August is the best episode of this podcast. Here, we come to know of Ames’s last days before her suicide. Ames had tweeted against homophobia and in response, she was cyber-bullied by her colleagues.

Jon looks into her death and finds out that there is more to the 25-year-old’s death, something more mysterious and terrible.

2. Everything is Alive:

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Everything Is Alive is an unscripted podcast where an interviewee is an inanimate object and it delivers their life story. To put it simply, this podcast is an interesting take on exploring the world and putting life into inanimate objects and delivering their background story to listeners.

Imagine listening to a podcast where a soap bar tells you how it feels, an elevator talks about his everyday experiences! This podcast brings out a very fresh and interesting perspective for listeners.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Everything Is Alive is an Emmy, Pregnancy Test. All women share the fear of unwanted pregnancy. In this episode, you will hear Emmy, a pregnancy test kit talking about her attempt to stay positive through pregnancy scares.

Emmy shares her struggle about staying positive and wishing the best when all odds are against her.

3. I’m Afraid That:

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Fear is common. Everyone is afraid of something and many people are uncomfortable admitting their worst fears. In this podcast, Daniel Zomparelli interviews celebrity guests who come out and reveal their fears.

The podcast features celebrities like comedian John Early, director and writer Jordan Peele, and performer Our Lady J, among others.

In every episode of the podcast, Daniel puts these fears aside and helps in relieving them from anxiousness. There are also experts in every episode who guide listeners on why a particular fear exists.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast I’m Afraid That is Nicole Byer Is Afraid of Cockroaches. In this episode, you can hear actress and comedian Nicole Byer talk about her fear of cockroaches.

In the particular episode, Dr. Philip G. Koehler, Professor of Urban Entomology discusses in detail his research on cockroaches and guides listeners who are afraid of this insect. This podcast is great for listeners who wish to know the root cause of a particular fear.

4. The Rewatchables:

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In the podcast Rewatchables, journalists come together and discuss a famous movie that everyone has watched. The host Bill Simmons invites famous editors and writers from the entertainment industry who discuss popular movies.

The best part about this podcast is that it encourages listeners to rewatch movies they have seen many times before. The podcast has two seasons and both seasons are very famous among listeners of all age groups.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is The Godfather With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan. In this round, Bill is joined by Fennessey and Ryan to honor the famous classic “The Godfather”.

As we all know, The Godfather movie is one of the greatest movies of the American cinema industry for years and this episode helps a listener to recount all fond memories attached to the movie.

5. Who? Weekly:

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This entertaining podcast allows listeners to know details about celebrities that they usually don’t. The tagline of the podcast Who? Weekly itself says “Everything you need to know about the celebrities you don’t”.

Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger host this podcast about pop culture and the entertainment industry. Here, the hosts choose a celebrity and run a 45-minute podcast discussing them, making you feel like you’re a part of a real-life conversation.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast Who? Weekly is Cloris Leachman & Livia Giuggioli? In this episode, hosts discuss nine most famous and iconic names of Cloris and the times when she has played the role of a grandma in her films. They throw light on the identity of Livia’s stalker and other private details of her life.

6. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness:

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Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness is a famous podcast running since 2015. In this podcast, host Van Ness looks into various aspects of human life and talks to an expert about it. In this podcast, Jonathan discusses his understanding of the learned to satisfy his natural curiosities of the world.

Each episode embarks you on a journey of having a new understanding of something highly inherent to our existence through charming conversations.

Best Episode: Is Our Reliance On Technology Turning Our Brains Into Mush? With Dr. Doreeen Dodgenmagee is the best episode of the podcast Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness. In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Doreen and Jonathan discuss how people are balancing real-life and technology in a digital world.

They talk about how reliant the present generation is mentally, emotionally, and physically are on technology and how it affects our lives.

7. This is Love:

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This Is Love is a non-fiction podcast of the true-crime genre. The podcast provides users with fascinating episodes concerning crime and mystery. The show is quite distinct and does not offer the same kind of political plot and violent murder crimes to listeners.

This Is Love podcast host Pheobe Judge gives true slice-of-life stories relating to love. In this podcast, listeners can decode the mystery of how our love, obsessions, relationships, and romances drive our actions.

Best Episode: A Private Life is the best episode of the podcast This Is Love. In this episode, Nino and Drew who have hidden their relationship for more than 40 years are compelled to come out in the spotlight.

8. The Habitat:

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The Habitat podcast is based on a true story that focuses on the lives of six volunteers for a NASA experiment. In this experiment, the volunteers are sent to habitat on a “fake planet Mars” based in Hawaii.

In this podcast, listeners hear about the experience of these faux-astronauts who help NASA for a real project by staying and gathering data on living life on Mars.

Best Episode: Every Day Goes By Faster and Faster is the best episode of the podcast The Habitat. In this episode, the crew has left Earth and is trying to explore their life on Mars. In this episode, the NASA experiment crew explores their new home.

9. Trump, Inc.:

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Trump, Inc. podcast is based on the post-Trump era. This podcast is more political and gives listeners an insight into the life of the President of the United States of America. In this podcast, listeners will allow themselves to be a part of revelations that tell about the President’s business ventures and dealings.

The podcast explores Donald Trump’s lifestyle and gives an idea of close details like the amount spent on his inauguration, nature of the relationship with Russia, among other things.

Best Episode: Best episode of the podcast Trump, Inc. is What We Now Know About Manafort Cohen And ‘Individual-1’.

In this episode, listeners find out about Trump’s besieged attorney Michael Cohen and his role in getting Donald Trump elected as the President of the States along with Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman.

10. Making Obama:

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The podcast focuses on the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Here listeners shall find interviews of the ultimate leader himself along with interviews of his colleagues, and staff.

This podcast is very interesting for listeners who wish to know of Obama’s journey to the White House in the backdrop of the city Chicago, a city that made him the man he is.

Best Episode: Obama 1: The Man In The Background is the best episode of the podcast. Here, listeners get to know of a version of the 44th President as a community organizer in Chicago, a city that shaped him and his political ambitions.