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How to Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are steadily gaining popularity, especially over the last decade. Many people love tuning into the latest edition of their favorite podcast, similar to the way we watch the latest episode of our favorite tv show. Podcasts have opened up a whole new world of entertainment.

If you are a podcast newbie, you may be wondering what even is a podcast? Why should I listen to one? How do I listen to one? Podcasts are a pretty simple concept and are quite easy to partake in. They are meant to be entertaining, informative, and user friendly.

Podcasts can be compared to talk radio. They are audio entertainment episodes delivered through spoken word. Often the episode is focused on a specific topic or theme. Many broadcasters release a series of episodes, just like television. Listeners can download or stream episodes as they become available.

So why listen to a podcast? There are many reasons you may be suited for this type of entertainment. Firstly, and at the most basic level, for amusement. We are always looking for ways to entertain ourselves, and podcasts fit that need. Secondly, you can tune in just about anywhere. You can listen to it on your way to work, on the bus, or in line at the grocery store. Finally, podcasts can be used for educational purposes. They are a great way to expand your horizons and increase your knowledge.

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How to Listen to Podcasts

What Device Do I Need for Podcasts?

A popular way to listen to a podcast is through your phone. We carry our phones with us everywhere we go, so it makes complete sense to use it to listen to podcasts. However, rest assured that a phone is not essential for listening. Many podcasts are available through the broadcaster’s website. This is an excellent alternative for listening if you are concerned about going over your data package.

You likely have either an iPhone or an Android. Whichever you have, both are already set up for tuning into podcasts. Both types of devices come with built-in listening apps, but they are not the only way to listen. Many other apps, such as Spotify, are available for download so that you can access an even bigger library of podcasts.

For those with an iPhone, listening to a podcast is as easy as clicking on the purple Apple Podcast icon. This app is already downloaded on your phone. Just open the app and browse the library to find a title that interested you. From here, put in your headphones, press play, and enjoy.

Android users likely have Google Podcasts loaded on to their phones, whether you know it or not. Again, you are not locked into listening through that specific app. Spotify, iHeartRadio, or TuneIn are all great apps that are available as well.

What Podcast Should I Listen to?

Podcasts are available in a whole host of topics. In no way are they limited to a specific genre or category. This is excellent news for anyone new to the podcast world. There is likely a topic out there that is going to interest you. For example, if you are into true crime documentaries, there are several options for you to listen to. The same is true if you love gardening, travel, or even baking. No matter your interest, there is likely something out there for you.

The trick here is to find an app or platform that has topics you are interested in. While each app offers a wide variety of options, through a bit of trial and error, you can find a provider that suits you best. Thankfully, most of the listening apps and libraries are free to access. This allows you to browse through and find the one you like. Be aware that some podcasts do require a fee. If this is the case, they often allow for free trials so you can be certain you enjoy the series before putting any money down.

Many podcasts offer subscription options. Do not be turned off by this or afraid that they are going to charge you. Often, the subscription just lets you know when a new episode has been loaded. It is a great way to stay up to date or find out about new series that may be of interest to you.

Where Do I Listen to a Podcast?

The best part about podcasts is that it is a form of entertainment you can listen to almost anywhere. Podcasts are virtual files making them easy to bring with you, no matter where you go.

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts on their commute to work, or even while they work. You can listen to them while in a coffee shop or while out for a walk. Anywhere that you can use your phone, you can listen to a podcast. Really, it is possible to listen to a podcast anywhere and everywhere, from home to around the corner, or even around the world.

It should be noted that most podcasts need access to data. Podcasts do work when you are connected to WIFI, which can save you from going over your data usage. Additionally, you can download podcasts episodes rather than stream it. Downloading also allows you to listen anywhere without using data. When you download a favorite podcast, you can listen to it any time or anywhere, even if you don’t have access to the internet.