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10 Best Podcasts for Fashion

Fashion is an expression and represents style and trend at the same time. In today’s world being fashionable and trendy is imperative for many. This is only possible when one is updated with fashion. For all those who are enthusiastic about fashion and the industry as a whole, podcasts are an interesting way to be updated with the fashion world.

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Given Below are 10 Best Podcasts for Fashion

1. The Business of Fashion Podcast:

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The Business Of Fashion is a popular podcast that serves to be an authentic fashion resource for creators, entrepreneurs, and executives in the fashion industry in more than 200 countries. The podcast is famous globally and offers listeners with all relevant news of the fashion business industry.

In this podcast, listeners can find themselves listening to interviews of famous personalities in the fashion world. They can hear them discuss their work and unravel certain taboos concerning the industry.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Inside Kim Kardashian West’s Burgeoning Beauty Empire – Inside Fashion. In this episode of the BOF podcast listeners can tune into an exclusive interview of Kim Kardashian West as she discusses how she built a beauty empire at a time when social media was only beginning to get famous. She talks about her business approach, future agendas, and her love to always thrive.

2. The Cutting Room Floor:

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The Cutting Room Floor is a podcast presented by designer Recho Omondi. This podcast addresses various topics concerning the fashion industry. Omondi talks about fashion criticism, lack of diversity, and socio-political issues existing in the fashion world.

This podcast rose to fame in very little time. Recho’s authenticity scored her interviews with the popular Instagram account Diet Prada, and Stephanie Horton, chief strategist of Alexander Wang.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast The Cutting Room Floor is Diet Prada- Fashion’s Vigilantes. In this episode, the face behind the famous Instagram account Tony Liu and Lindsay Schuyler come forward and talk about their journey together.

The duo that calls out copy cats of the fashion industry tell listeners about their first meet, their common interests, brands they love and hate. Tony and Linsday emphasize the lack of authenticity and original content in the industry and share their perspectives with listeners.

3. Fashion No Filter:

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In the podcast The Fashion No Filter founded by famous Instagram personalities Monica Ainley and Camille Charrière, they openly talk about the fashion industry. Monica and Camille in their exclusive podcast focus on the grey world of social influencers in today’s digital fashion world.

They even talk about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. These episodes last for half an hour where the hosts even tell listeners on the experience of attending a couture fashion week.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Jenny Walton On Individuality In The Era Of Social Media. In this episode, Camille and Monica introduce you to illustrator and street style star Jenny Walton.

In this episode, Jenny tells listeners about her journey in the fashion arena till she became the creative director for Scott Schulman. She shares her experience of attending the London Fashion Week and emphasizes how to hold ground in this social media driven industry.

4. THE MEMORY OF… With John Galliano:

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This podcast hosted by Maison Margiela’s creative director, John Galliano allows fashion enthusiasts to get an exclusive rare insight into the world of fashion. John brings light to fashion stories that usually only reach the ear of the inner circle of this industry.

In this podcast, he discusses the idea behind organizing a co-ed fashion show and presenting a genderless style in the event. John uses his fascinating personality to allow curious listeners to delve deep and become a part of the industry within a few minutes.

Best Episode: The best episode of the podcast is Maison Margiela SS19 ‘Artisanal’ Co-Ed Show. Here, John reveals his inspiration and the creative process of putting into action his famous SS19 Artisanal collection. He talks about creating a new reality in the fashion industry.

5. Fashion Hags:

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The Fashion Hags podcast hosted by Evan Ducharme, Abby Shumka, and Katie Garnham focuses primarily on the multiple facets of fashion. They give strong opinions concerning the fashion industry and discuss various trends.

In this podcast, listeners can hear them talk about the inclusion of feminism, gender sensitization, and diversity into the fashion industry. The podcast is great for fashion lovers who would like to learn about fashion trends with a twist of humor.

Best Episode: Vintage Fashion is the best episode of the podcast Fashion Hags. In this episode, Abby, Katie, and Evan discuss the re-appearance of the vintage trend in the fashion industry. They discuss why vintage is becoming famous all over again and why it is a cooler trend to sport in today’s time.

6. The Barneys Podcast:

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The Barneys Podcast is a podcast that talks about style, culture, personality, and fashion. The podcast sponsored by the iconic Barneys New York pays homage to culture, style, and personality.

In this podcast, every episode celebrates an icon from the industry. Some of the famous personalities interviewed include Gucci Westman, Victoria Beckham, and Kelly Rowland.

Best Episode: Sophia Bush is the best episode of this podcast. In this episode, Sophia discusses her on-screen character Brook Davis, a fashion designer in the popular show One Tree Hill.

She relates her reel life role to her real-life love for fashion and also throws light on the #MeToo Movement and its impact on the fashion industry.

7. Unravel A Fashion Podcast:

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Unravel: A Fashion Podcast is a podcast series that primarily focuses on fashion history themes. In this podcast, various experts in the fashion industry come together to discuss their favorite fashion trends and obsessions.

In this podcast, listeners may even hear about the historical background of a particular fashion trend like T-Shirt, skirt, etc.

Best Episode: Fashion In Focus: An Introduction To This is the best episode of this podcast. In this episode, there is a focus on second-hand clothing and its relevance in the fashion industry.

Listeners will find themselves learning about the industry for second-hand clothing and its market in Ghana.

8. American Fashion Podcast:

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The American Fashion Podcast is a podcast that gets listeners exclusive access to news of the fashion industry. It treats fashion as a business and is great for enthusiasts who are keen on learning about design, sale, marketing, and creation of fashion in the market.

In this podcast, one can find themselves listening to interviews of famous fashion personalities and entrepreneurs of the industry.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is The Best Fashion Technology Discussion You’ve Ever Had. This episode is more of a panel discussion that brings to light innovators and startups in the fashion industry.

They discuss the cool startups operating in fashion and how they are contributing towards and improvement of the fashion industry.

9. The High Low:

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The High Low podcast hosted by Pandora Skyes and Dolly Alderton is a podcast that deconstructs controversial topics of the fashion industry in a high and low brow manner.

The hosts use their journalistic skills to deliver opinions and also address questions, dilemmas, and problems concerning the fashion world. They even discuss the political angles of the fashion industry in this podcast.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Strictly Scandal, Johnny Depp’s GQ Cover & The Nothingburger. Anyone who knows fashion knows about GQ and what it takes to be on the cover of GQ magazine.

In this episode of the podcast, listeners can find themselves getting acquainted with the #MeToo movement and its relevance in the fashion industry. GQ finds itself in criticism after featuring Depp, domestic violence accused on its monthly cover.

10. Oh Boy by Man Repeller:

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The Oh Boy fashion podcast is ideal for those listeners whose fashion interest is eternal. The podcast produced by famous entrepreneur and blogger Leandra Madin who believes that her podcast is great for those whose love for fashion never messes with their intellect.

In this podcast, host Jay Buim makes a point to deliver to listeners a mix of industry inside and cultural change within the fashion world. In the podcast, Jay talks to personalities like Alexa Chung, Gloria Steinem, and Garance Dore, among others.

Best Episode: The best episode of this podcast is Sally Singer- Digital Creative Director At Vogue.Com. In this episode, Leandra takes Jay’s position and interviews the Digital Creative Director at Vogue, Sally Singer.

She discusses with Leandra the change the rise of the internet has brought a change to the fashion industry and how trends are varying accordingly.