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Best Under The Skin Podcast Episodes

The Under The Skin podcast, hosted by well-known British comedian and political commentator Russell Brand, has quickly become a top-rated show.

Best Under The Skin Podcast Episodes

Thanks to its many exciting guests, topics, and stories.

But, don’t worry, this podcast is incredibly illuminating and informative, but it is also hilarious and filled with personality in equal measure.

So if you’re looking for an entertaining listen that’s packed full of fascinating information about all things celebrity and pop culture, then look no further than the Under The Skin podcast!

If you want to know the top episodes of this popular show, then look no further, and read on, because I’ve found them for you!

Russell Brand made our list of the Best Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes!

Table of Contents

“Respectfully Disagreeing” With Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro and Russell Brand could not possibly be more opposite regarding political beliefs and ideologies.

As evidenced by the title, this episode isn’t a childish argument between the two but civil dialogue.

Whether you agree with Ben Shapiro’s ideas or not, this episode is well worth listening to.

It will help you understand one of America’s most popular commentators and a peek into the other side of the political spectrum.

This episode will leave you feeling enlightened and informed about the world we live in, so I cannot recommend it enough.

Listen to this episode on youtube.

Truth & Illusions With Derren Brown

Illusionist and mentalist Derren Brown joins Russell for this Under The Skin podcast episode.

And the two end up having numerous truly insightful and deep conversations about human behavior and how potentially malleable the mind can be.

Derren Brown is a highly accomplished British mentalist who has hosted numerous television specials centered around illusions and magic in the UK.

This makes him a great guest for the podcast. Derren Brown’s intense knowledge of the human mind allows him some incredible insight into human behavior, leading to interesting discussions.

The truth is this episode of Under The Skins is not really about illusionism but rather a discussion about what lies beneath our conscious minds.

It’s a conversation that delves into the subconscious and unconscious mind and how they influence our everyday lives.

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Richard Ayoade

This may be a relatively short episode compared to the rest of Russell Brand’s episode catalog, but with a guest as truly brilliant as Richard Ayoade.

You can bet that every single second of those 30 minutes will be both insightful and hilarious.

Richard Ayoade is a highly accomplished comedian, actor, screenwriter, and director from the UK,

You would most likely recognize him from his appearance in The IT Crowd and his multiple voice roles in animated films.

In this episode, Ayoade and Brand discuss the pitfalls of fame and how you should navigate a life of fame while still keeping your head screwed on just right.

The two also discuss the art of comedy, what it means to be a great comedian, and how perfect storytelling is the key to a good comic.

This episode will help you gain a much greater insight into Russell Brand and Richard Ayoade’s art form and will help you appreciate comedy much more moving forward.

It is a truly great episode that I recommend very strongly.

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The Tribe Vs. The Algorithm With Douglas Rushkoff

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff joins Russell for this Under The Skin podcast episode.

As a result, listeners are treated to an in-depth discussion that easily rivals some popular podcasts worldwide.

Russell’s immense ability to communicate his ideas with elegance and grace is displayed in this episode, as he takes us through countless thoughts and feelings on the current world.

This episode will help you gain a much deeper appreciation for Russell Brand and everything he stands for. At the same time, you will also get a greater appreciation for Douglas Rushkoff.

Douglas Rushkoff is probably best known for his research into viral media and his fictional works, such as his graphic novels and his fiction novels.

The two also discuss what it means to exist in society and what it means to belong, especially in this modern age of algorithms and constant technological connectivity.

Listen to this episode on youtube.

Beyond Conspiracy – The Terrifying Truth Of Corporate Power With Jacques Peretti

Jacques Peretti has interviewed some of the wealthiest people in the world; this gives him great insight into some of the biggest companies in the world.

The role these companies currently play in society and the impact they will continue to have moving forward.

In this episode, Russell and Jacques discuss the history of Capitalism, where its future lies, and whether it has many years left as a system.

As a result, this episode is truly insightful and enlightening and will give you a much greater appreciation for some of today’s world’s issues.

Jacques Peretti is a well-established investigative reporter from the UK who has written for prestigious publications such as The Guardian and Huffington Post. Thus, you can be sure that he is an excellent and trustworthy source of information!

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Episode 49 – Yuval Noah Harari

This is primarily considered an absolute classic episode not just by Russell himself but also by his many fans who tune in regularly.

In this episode, Russell is joined by Yuval Noah Harari as the two discuss the massive rise of technology and AI in the past decades.

They also discuss how individual people can maintain and assert their individuality in the face of a society that is more and more homogenized and closed off.

If you feel that the modern world is cold and impersonal, this is your episode. It will help you to feel much more in tune with yourself.

In tune with the society around you and will help you make sense of these crazy times more efficiently.

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