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The Best Podcast For News. Catch Up On The Latest

In today’s busy life, reading a newspaper or watching the news on TV is a difficult task. Everyone is so busy in their daily life that they hardly have any time to sit down and read about what is going on around them.

That’s why podcasts have been created so that you can listen to the news while doing your regular chores and keep yourself updated with the latest news of the world.

In this article, we have listed the 10 best news podcasts for you so that you can be well aware of the daily news without having to take out time to read the newspaper.

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Top 10 Podcast for News

1. Slate Political Gabfest:

Listen to it here

This is one of the oldest podcasts. It was launched in 2005 and since then it has had the same three hosts: David Plotz, Emily Bazelon, and John Dickerson. The three of them discuss the latest news and give their valuable insight on each of the topics.

Their words leave a deep impression on the mind which forces you to think about the topic from every different angle. While listening to them, it seems as if you are listening to an essay – one which points out both the pros and cons about the topic.

Best Episode: The episode where the hosts discuss the politics of America is one the best episodes of the podcast. The hosts discuss a very complex topic in a convoluted language. This episode is very enjoyable to listen to and it gives a lot of information about the current politics of the United States. The hosts have done a deep study on the entire politics of America and explained it in an informative manner in this episode.

2. The Globalist:

Listen to it here

The Globalist is called the longest running news podcast. The podcast has recorded over 1700 episodes so far. Also, it is one of the most entertaining news podcasts. The hosts discuss the latest global news and give their valuable insight on the same. The main editor-in-chief and the publisher of this podcast is Stephan Richter.

Best Episode: Its best episode was aired on 10 March 2020. In this, the hosts discuss the Turkish President’s visit to the European Union. With this, they give a brief insight into the thoughts of the people of Europe and talk about how populism is making its place in Europe. The geography, the physiology, and many other aspects concerning the president’s visit were discussed in the podcast.

3. The Daily:

Listen to it here

As the name suggests, The Daily is one such podcast that is telecasted daily. If you are looking for a podcast which provides daily news, then your search ends here. The hosts of The Daily Podcast: Craig Kilborn, Jon Stewart, and Trevor Noah provide the latest information from all around the world.

You can enjoy this podcast while driving a car or even while cooking and increase your knowledge about daily affairs. The hosts of this podcast know very well how valuable time is and therefore every news is briefly discussed without shifting from the focus point.

Best Episode: The best episode of this has recently come up on the coronavirus. It has shared every information related to the coronavirus and has also given tips on how to avoid it. They have talked about numerous concerns related to this topic such as where did this virus originate, why did it spread, how can it be treated, how does this virus thrives, etc.

4. BBC Global News Podcast:

Listen to it here

It is basically hosted by the members of the BBC channel. The BBC podcast operates at an international level. Every episode of this podcast is about 30 minutes long. All these episodes are very informative as well as entertaining. You can listen to them while doing your daily chores.

Each news topic is discussed very intensively along with its concepts and solutions. On weekdays, it is broadcasted twice a day and on weekends, it is broadcasted once. The BBC Global News podcast analyses several sites such as News Hour and gives a brief report based on its analysis.

Best Episode: Its best episode is also on the coronavirus itself. It was telecasted on March 12, 2020, in which the hosts explained how Italy is working to eliminate the virus and what steps are being taken in Italy to prevent this virus.

It stated that Italy is deciding to shut most of its shops due to the coronavirus. The podcast also discusses why this step will be undertaken in the future and also informs that the world health organization has declared this virus as a pandemic.

5. The Takeaway Podcast:

Listen to it here

This news podcast is basically for the Americans as it focuses mostly on the United States’ news. The hosts are Tanzina Vega and Amy Walter. It is telecasted daily and it mostly talks about controversial topics but despite being controversial, the discussion is done in a very calm and respectful manner.

They discuss each topic so closely that you get a deep insight into the latest events of America such as what Trump did or what new law was made in America and what are its implications, etc.

Best Episode: The one episode which features Amy Walter as the guest host is one of the best episodes of this podcast. It is quite an interesting episode. Many aspects of politics were discussed in this where she gave her personal insight on the issues ongoing in American politics.

6. PBS NewsHour:

Listen to it here

It is yet another famous news podcast channel. PBS NEWSHOUR is very well known in terms of analysis and original reporting. The information provided through this podcast is very accurate and informative. The channel covers almost every type of news and gives opinions and insights about it. A weekend version of PBS NEWSHOUR also comes out and that too is quite interesting.

If you are interested in podcasts, then you should also watch PBS NewsHour once. It has an episode of 60 minutes and is telecasted daily. The hosts Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer present the podcast in such a beautiful way that it quickly grasps the attention of the listener.

Best Episode: An episode of this is quite famous in which they discussed Trump’s property and his personal life. They talked about almost every point related to Trump. They discussed some minute aspects related to Trump’s personal as well as professional life.

7. Amicus:

Listen to it here

If you are very interested in things related to law, then this podcast is made for you. Every legal intricacy has been discussed through this podcast. The channel’s host, Dahlia Lithwick, consults with top lawyers and legal experts, sits down with them to discuss important topics.

If you are interested in law and want to be aware of its nuances, then you must listen to this podcast. It comes two-three times a week and each episode is 45 to 60 minutes long.

Best Episode: The episode which discusses the action taken on Obama is considered as the best episode of this podcast. It talked about the laws that were violated, the consequences and also the punishments and remedies.

8. Up First:

Listen to it here

If you are a person who wakes up early in the morning and wants to listen to some news quickly before hitting the gym or going to work, then you must consider listening to this podcast. This podcast channel has a recording of approximately 10 to 15 minutes and it covers almost all the important news that you must be aware of.

The hosts of the program are Rachel Martin, Steve Inskeep, and David Greene. This podcast covers every field such as politics, pop culture, religion, food, etc.

Best Episode: It recently broadcasted a recording in which the hosts discussed Islamic terrorism. It was considered one of the best episodes of this podcast.

9. World News Roundup:

Listen to it here

Its first episode came in 1938 and is the oldest podcast channel that is still running. It has an episode of about 8 minutes long which discusses the latest news from all fields. This podcast is hosted by Jim Chenevey who gives a gist of all the latest ongoing in the world.

It monitors all the activities happening in the world and gives a summary of all of these in 8 minutes. 1 episode runs in the morning and 1 episode releases in the evening.

Best Episode: Its best episode was over Amazon. In that episode, the host told about the entire history of Amazon. The way Amazon came into existence, Jeff Bezos’s efforts and struggles, et cetera are all discussed in this episode.

10. This Morning with Gordon Deal:

Listen to it here

As the name suggests, an episode of this is telecasted every morning. The duration of their episodes is slightly longer as compared to the normal news podcasts. The show’s main host is Gordon Deal. He is also joined by two other hosts named Jennifer Kushinka and Mike Gavin.

The show covers every news related to business, technology, career, finance, fashion, and lifestyle. The show is broadcasted daily except Sundays.

Best Episode: The best episode of this show was on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The hosts talk about his struggles and his journey towards becoming the prime minister of India.