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What is The Best Podcast for Writers? Our Top Picks

It doesn’t matter if you need assistance with correct grammar, the publishing industry, or beating writer’s block, the best podcast for writers provide something for each writer newbie or skilled. 

It is so hard to look for time to write. Looking for time to teach ourselves regarding our industry and craft is more overwhelming. However, due to podcasts for writers, now it is so simple to take education on the go. Here are some of the best podcasts for writers that are worth checking out if you want to improve your craft.

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Here Are The Best Podcasts for Writers Who Want to Learn More

Bestseller, from Reedsy 

best podcasts for writers

This is professionally and slickest made podcast that portrays itself a full system for publishing experts and authors alike, they provide contests, classes as well as a marketplace wherein you can discuss and chat with ghostwriters, editors as well as other experts in the business. 

The episodes cover different levels of self-publishing a book, from knowing the process of writing to going to market. This also features an interview with Shaz Kahn. If you have a plan of publishing your book, then this podcast is worth giving a try. 

The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn 

A weekly podcast that runs between sixty to seventy minutes, The Creative Penn is perfect for writers who want to self-published their books. Hosted by Joanna Penn, she chats with expert and professional writes that talks about a massive array of subjects concerning self-publishing a book. It also has episodes that concentrate on making fiction and living a creative like such as How Play Can Help You Overcome Anxiety And Become More Creative With Charlie Hoehn

The host begins each episode by discussing how her style of writing is going. She also discusses the latest news before interviewing the guests, which is the main event of her podcast. 

Helping Writers Become Authors

 Aired three times a month and with an average length of fifteen to twenty minutes, this podcast for writers provides thorough, fantastic suggestions and tips on fiction writing. Hosted by K.M Weiland, every episode comes with a brief intro followed by an audio version of her blog post. The episodes or post cover various subjects concerning creativity and writing like 6 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make to Protect Creativity as well as Tips for How to Choose the Right Sentences.

In case you are searching for a podcast that emphasizes providing an actionable tip, then this is the best choice. Every episode features in-depth coverage of subjects. On the other hand, it does not last longer than twenty minutes. If you settle on reading instead of listening, you can read the article post version of the episodes rather than subscribing to the show or podcast.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Maybe you are used to Mignon Fogarty’s popular Grammer Girl platform or site. However, as you are aware that she also hosts a podcast for a writer that has over 600 episodes. Every brief episode, many takes a couple of minutes to answer questions of the readers concerning English readers like regardless vs. irregardless, whether data is plural or singular, as well as the plural form of Batman. 

The Portfolio Life by Jeff Goins 

This is a weekly podcast by Jeff Goins with an average length of thirty to forty minutes. This is perfect for writers searching for encouragement and inspiration as well. Some episodes involve discussion with expert writers and renowned authors. There are also episodes wherein the host shares his personal experience as well as ability with the listeners. The Portfolio concentrates on writing, even if there is a broader view of creativity in various episodes such as How to Use Time to Be Your Most Creative.

If you choose to read than to listen, a blog version is also available. This is briefer and concise. The host is both realistic and encouraging on the creative process, and provides a mixture of practical advice as well as reassuring words. 

Copy That Pops

Aired weekly with an average length of around thirty minutes, Copy That Pops is a long-running podcast that is hosted by Laura Peterson. It covers various subjects in writing. There is also an interview with the guests, and it is an incredibly chatty and informal show. Some episodes are focused compared to others. However, it is worth listening while doing your dishes or doing laundry. Some episodes are considered specific. 

The Self Publishing Show 

This is a fifteen-to-thirty minute long podcast aired weekly and hosted by James Blatch and Mark Dawson. Every episode has audio and video and entirely produced, while the hosts are amiable and chatty as well. The concentration is on drawing out many precise details from guests and interviewees. It covers an array of diverse subjects such as cover design as well as using Facebook live. Other popular topics include The Entrepreneur Mindset

The Book Marketing Show

Dave Chesson from Kindlepreneur gives tips on book marketing for indie authors. He also has a range of interviews from authors like you that have had a win in their business. Now, this podcast hasn’t been updated in a while. However, the content is quite evergreen as far as marketing advice goes.

I Should Be Writing 

This podcast for writers was created sometimes in the year 2005. Hosted by Mur Lafferty’s, this award-winning writer podcast has over 8,000 listeners from all parts of the globe every week. The achievement of the beginner-friendly fiction podcast resulted in a book deal as well as a spin-off NSFW podcast, Ditch Diggers, that concentrates more on the industry of writing. They have guests, which include famous authors, like Sherrilyn Kenyon s well as Nicky Drayden. You will surely learn a lot from this podcast