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Have a Look at the 10 Best Podcasts For Runners

There are a number of running podcasts out there. To help you choose the best podcasts to add to your playlist, we have formulated a list of the best podcasts for runners.

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The Best Podcasts for Runners

1. Aliphine Tuliamuk on The Morning Shakeout:

Listen to it here

Aliphine Tuliamuk who won the Trials started this podcast in order to celebrate her victory. In this podcast, she talks about the hardships she had to face while preparing herself for the tournament. She talks about how difficult it was to live away from her family during the training period.

However, that had an upside too as it made her mentally stronger and gave her a lot of time to concentrate on her goal. She also talks about how a sports psychologist helped her reach where she stands today.

Well, that didn’t stop her from feeling all jittery moments before the race. She narrates her experience about how she left all her self-doubts behind and went ahead to conquer the race.

An Honest Review: Although Tuliamuk is a pro runner, you will realize that she is just like one of you. She has the same fears and goes through every hardship period like any other runners. What I liked most was the fact that people can actually relate to this podcast.

2. The Ali On The Run Show:

Listen to it here

If you are one of those persons who like to go out for a run in a group and enjoy having a good chat while running, then this is the perfect podcast for you. The host of this show, Ali has a vibrant and bubbly character.

She creates an infectious environment around her that will instantly brighten up your mood. She shares her insight on topics like running during pregnancy, running during periods among many other topics.

She also talks about her personal experiences and shares the lessons which she learnt from her hard times.

An Honest Review: This podcast answers all the doubts which arise in the minds of the female runners. Also, this podcast makes you feel you are not alone in your struggles; someone out there has gone through the same phase and has come out as a winner.

3. Brittany Charboneau on I’ll Have Another:

Listen to it here

Brittany Charboneau who is known as the ‘Funny Runner’ finished at the 13th place in the TRIALS and with the help of this podcast, she shares her running experience so far.

She is a standup comedian, who loves to do improvs which helps her to add a funny element to her show. Being a running coach, she is well aware of the do’s and don’ts which she shares to the listeners of this podcast.

An Honest Review: This podcast is meant for runners who are having difficulty in handling pressure and juggling between two or more roles. The way the host talks about the manner in which she revitalized her running, you will surely be encouraged to do the same.

4. Mario Fraioli on The Morning Shakeout:

Listen to it here

The host of this podcast, Mario Fraioli is an athlete, coach, and a journalist, all in one. In this podcast, he explores the lifestyle and mindset of the numerous achievers. You can trust the host of this podcast to voice out his opinions in an unbiased manner and bring to light the latest ongoings of the racing world. The enthusiasm in Mario’s voice will surely compel you to keep coming back to this podcast.

An Honest Review: If you are looking for motivation and enthusiasm for your running career, then this is the perfect podcast for you. The episode which features the Olympic marathoner, Desi Linden as the guest is one of the best episodes of this podcast. This episode will not only motivate you but will also teach you some tips and tricks to excel in races.

5. Rich Roll on The Rich Roll Podcast:

Listen to it here

This podcast is hosted by Rich Roll and it focuses on personal development and mindfulness and other habits which will help one excel his or her running career. It is an inspirational podcast where the host narrates his journey from being overweight, depressed lad to a fit athlete.

He talks about his transformation from a forty year old, overweight alcoholic to a dedicated vegan, thereby showing the world that everything is possible with the right self discipline.

An Honest Review: Although Rich is a strict vegan, he acknowledges the fact that not everyone can leave behind their non-veg diet. In each episode, he interviews a new athlete who shares his/her struggle story that inspires you to do better every day.

6. Kelly Roberts on Run Selfie Repeat:

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The host Kelly Roberts shows how running doesn’t always need to be serious and the fun element adds to your enthusiasm. If you are looking for a podcast that gives you pre running and post running motivation, then go for this one.

The host does talk about the hardships she faced while running races but even those struggles are narrated in such a lighthearted manner that it will make you crave for more of her funny doses.

An Honest Review: Each episode is based on an inspirational topic that teaches you important life lessons in a light manner. In this podcast, you will meet your friend, your coach and your therapist all in one person.

7. Tina Muir on The Running For Real Podcast:

Listen to it here

If you are low on inspiration and are looking for struggle stories which actually tell you about the bright side of the hardships, then this is the perfect podcast for you. In each episode of the podcast, the host Tina Muir talks about the struggles she faced and how they helped her become an elite marathon runner.

An Honest Review: This podcast is a must listen to for all the ladies out there who are wondering how to achieve their goals leaving behind their bodily hindrances.

The host talks about her nine year long battle with amenorrhea, which is a condition where a woman doesn’t experience normal periods, and how she overcame all of that to reach where she stands today.

8. Thomas Panek on the Working Podcast:

Listen to it here

This is an inspiring podcast that recently telecasted an episode with Thomas Panek who is the CEO of Guiding Eyes for the Blind. It is a foundation that helps to nurture the dreams of those people who have lost their vision and yet are fighting to carve their success in the races.

Panek talks about the ways in which these blind athletes are trained and how guard dogs are trained to help them in running races.

An Honest Review: Panek talks about his own experiences and what drew him in this line of work. This podcast is an amazing fit for all those blind people who have buried their hopes of running again.

The episodes also help people boost their self confidence and arise in them the hope to achieve their goals.

9. Ben Greenfield Fitness:

Listen to it here

If you are looking for bio hacks that boost your energy and stamina levels and help you to win your races, then this is the perfect podcast for you. It is one such podcast that is going to fill you with body positivity and make you look at the bright side of the day.

Each episode talks about a new hack which if tried out correctly will reap almost immediate results. From treating injuries to dealing with body alignment problems while running, this podcast deals with it all.

An Honest Review: If you are an endurance runner out there looking for a podcast which not only renders you with body positivity but also teaches you biological hacks, then this is the perfect podcast for you.

10. No Meat Athlete:

Listen to it here

All the non-vegetarians out there who strongly believe that having a complete vegan diet will improve their stamina and boost their running capability, then this is the perfect podcast for you.

It will make you push your boundaries and embrace the changes. It is a controversial podcast that imparts life lessons in a humorous manner.

An Honest Review: Old habits die hard but with the correct determination and proper guidance, nothing is impossible. This podcast stands testimony to the very statement. You can achieve it all if you have enough willpower.