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Voicemeeter VS. Banana

You might have the best content you’ve ever created for your podcast recorded and ready to go. But, if your show’s sound quality isn’t up to standard, you run the risk of losing listeners at the midway point. And, if it’s an issue that continues, you could see your listener numbers dropping at a rapid rate.

So, how do you ensure that every episode of your podcast sounds crystal clear and ear-pleasing from week to week? Good quality recording equipment is a great place to start. However, microphones, headphones, and audio interfaces are just one half of the battle.

You need to ensure that you’ve got some top-notch recording software installed on your podcasting PC. There are loads to choose from, but two of the most popular are Voicemeeter and Banana.

But what’s the difference between them? And, most importantly, which is better when it comes to recording a professional-sounding podcast?

Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at each of them and decide, once and for all, the superior of the two.

What is Voicemeeter?

Voicemeeter is a virtual audio device mixer that can manage any audio sources fed to or stored on a Windows PC. This includes any physical input (such as a microphone) and any audio coming from an application.

One of the most significant advantages that Voicemeeter offers is the ability to mix your voice with your music player, web browser, web radio, or video game. It’s a handy tool for podcasting as it allows you to mix your voice with a range of DAWs, including ProTools.

Voicemeeter also supports any audio interface so that it can act as a bridge between applications.

We know that it allows you to mix your voice, but what other features does Voicemeeter offer as an audio mixer? It has the power to integrate three audio input devices (2 physical and one virtual) to three audio output devices (2 physical and one virtual).

By doing this, it opens up a plethora of mixing possibilities. You can combine your voice with your music on Skype or Google Voice, which is ideal when you’re creating a podcast or a radio show. You can also use two USB headsets on the same computer, allowing you to co-host or interview guests in multichannel mode. This makes any post-production editing much more manageable.

Given what it can do, Voicemeeter is simply an excellent piece of audio mixing software that gives you more power to efficiently manage the sound sources being stored and fed into your computer.

What is Banana?

Banana is basically an upgraded version of Voicemeeter. It’s designed to do the same thing and act as an audio mixing tool, but there are a couple of things that set them apart. We’ll take a look at these a little later on, but for now, let’s take a moment to look at what Banana can do.

Banana (or Voicemeeter Banana, to give it its full name) is an audio mixer app provided with a virtual audio device. Its primary purpose is to mix and manage different audio sources to and from other audio hardware and apps.

Put in the simplest terms possible, it connects various devices between each other to provide the highest level of sound quality possible.

It features five inputs (3 physical and two virtual ones) and five outputs (3 physical and two virtual ones). It also has six cells, a noise gate, and a Full Parametric EQ for all busses. This allows it to cope with diffusion and work as a crossover to drive several Stereo P.A Systems.

Banana’s software also features an integrated tape deck that can be used to record and play audio files of multiple formats with a simple click of your mouse. This includes WAV, AIFF, BWF, MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, AVI, WMA, and WMV).

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, Voicemeeter Banana also has two virtual ASIO drivers that allow you to connect to your preferred DAW, and it introduces the concept of a ‘virtual insert’ through an additional third ASIO driver.

It is worth noting, however, that Banana only works on Windows operating systems. So if you’re currently using Mac OS or Linux, you won’t be able to use it. This is also the case for Voicemeeter.

What is the Difference Between Voicemeeter and Banana?

There is an undeniable similarity between Voicemeeter and Banana, and this is because they are designed to do this same thing. However, there are some differences between them, as well.

These differences are relatively easy to spot simply by looking at each of their characteristics. The most apparent difference between Voicemeeter and Banana is the number of outputs each has to offer. Voicemeeter has 3 (2 physical and one virtual), while Banana has 5 (3 physical and one virtual).

Another difference between the two is that Banana features a modulation control and Master Full Parametric EQ with six cells and eight channels. This isn’t something that Voicemeeter offers at all.

Which is better?

It’s usually quite hard to pick a winner when it comes to pitting two pieces or recording equipment or software against each other. However, in the case of Voicemeeter VS. Banana, we’re confident that there is an outright champion.

We’re crowning Banana as our winner.

This is because it’s an improved version of Voicemeeter that can offer more in terms of delivering superior sound quality. And that’s exactly what you want from audio mixing software, especially when producing a podcast.

Here are just a few ways it can enhance your audio recording experience:

  • You can mix your voice with music to create podcasts or radio shows.
  • You can record interviews or panel shows in multichannel.
  • You’re able to manage different audio computer sources easily.
  • It can be used to communicate with remote players during a competitive gaming session.
  • It offers you the ability to make tutorials with different audio and video captures.

We’ve decided to name Banana as the winner because, despite its power, it’s super easy to use, which makes it suitable for novice and expert audiophiles alike. There also isn’t any fuss or technical jargon involved with downloading it either. You can install it directly onto your Windows PC and, in a few minutes, it’ll be ready to use!

Which are the Advantages of Banana for Streaming?

Every good podcaster knows that to keep their show new and exciting, an occasional streaming episode accompanied by video will keep their listeners engaged. This is where Banana also shines through as the winner of this battle.

This is because it offers some tools and features that will ensure the sound you’re capturing is as high-quality as the video you’re streaming. The first of these features is the ability to automatically remove any background noise, echoes, or other annoying sounds that might otherwise affect your stream’s quality.

In this way, it also has the power to separate stream audio from external audio. So you’ll be able to combine it with different sounds or songs and play them at the same quality as your vocals. This is ideal for radio shows or if you’re laying ads in between sections of your podcast.

Banana will also automatically adjust the pitch and the bass of your microphone while you’re streaming for the best sound possible, so there’s no need to worry about changing your levels while you’re live on camera.


If you’re serious about taking your podcast to the next level, or even if you’re just starting and want to make sure that your show sounds as professional as possible, then Voicemeeter Banana is the tool for you.

The mixing and managing opportunities it offers will ensure you’re able to produce the high-quality sound that you’re craving and that your audience will feel comfortable listening to. Think of it a bit like a central point for all of your recording needs, with everything you need to achieve being managed by one easy-to-use device.

We haven’t mentioned the price for either Voicemeeter or Banana because they are entirely free to download and use! In-app purchases allow you to access different parts of it, which the more experienced audio producer might want to take advantage of.

This makes both pieces of software a fantastic choice for anybody new to podcasting or for anyone that’s trying to produce a high-quality show on a limited budget. However, although both are free, it’s Voicemeeter Banana that will offer you the ability to take your show to the next level.

Is there a downside to Voicemeeter and Voicemeeter Banana? The only real disadvantage of each is that they can only be used with Windows operating systems. So, if you’re adamant that this is the software for you, but you own a Mac, you’ll have to change your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voicemeeter free?

Voicemeeter is distributed as donationware. So it is free for the Enduser. As its use is based on donations. So you can donate as much as you want based on how useful you find the software to be.

Why does my Voicemeeter crackle?

It could be the buffer size. If buffers are too small or are the wrong size for a specific software it can result in crackles or dropouts.