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Best Uncle Joey’s Joint Episodes

Uncle Joey’s Joint, hosted by the awesome Joey Coco Diaz, is a twice-weekly podcast that touches on just about any topic possible with every episode.

Host Joey Coco Diaz is very well known for his unique sense of humor and his willingness to hold nothing back and discuss everything that’s on his mind.

Best Uncle Joey's Joint Episodes

This has meant that the Uncle Joey’s Joint podcast has seen some fairly massive success, and you’re probably here now because you want to find out what all of the fuss is about.

If you really want to get to know this fantastic series, then you really can do no better than listening to the following episodes that represent the show on top form!

Episode 104 – Lee Syatt

Lee Syatt joins the show in this episode, and his strong rapport with Joey helps to make this one of the best episodes the show has to offer.

Lee Syatt is a well known comedian and professional podcaster, so he definitely makes for a perfect guest.

Fans of the show have noted just how great the chemistry between the two is, and how Joey really comes alive when talking to Lee.

Topics discussed on this episode include things such as the two hosts’ shared histories, and how they each came to enter the podcasting game.

It’s interesting to hear a little more about Joey’s past, and Lee’s inclusion in this episode helps to make Joey a little more candid and chatty!

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 106 – Jon Bernthal

The Punisher himself, and star of King Richard, Jon Bernthal is the guest of honor for episode 106, as the two take the time to discuss things such as Jon Bernthal’s career, and what it took for him to be able to break into the world of acting.

He also discusses what it is like to play a hugely popular Marvel character, and what kinds of pressures the job brings.

Long time fans of the show have cited this episode as one of the best, because Jon Bernthal is willing to chat about basically anything, and is happy to respond to even the most probing of questions.

Thus it shows off Joey’s interviewing talents perfectly, but is also a perfect way to learn a little more about Jon Bernthal and what really makes him tick.

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 143 – Jessimae Peluso

You may recognize Jessimae Peluso from her work in the hit MTV show Girl Code, or her many appearances on reality tv shows.

However, if you don’t yet know of Jessimae Peluso, you should prepare to become one of her biggest fans, because she is easily one of the best guests this podcast has ever featured.

Jessimae is a very successful comedian, and this means that she has the perfect chops to keep up with Joey’s unique sense of humor.

This means that this episode makes for a veritable comedy feast that will have you slapping your knees in no time at all.

I cannot recommend this episode enough, it features Joey on top form thanks to some help from his very special guest!

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 153 – Rachel Wolfson

Star of the recent Jackass: Forever film phenomenon, daredevil and comedian Rachel Wolfston is totally hilarious in this episode, so much so that she is also able to bring Joey to fits of laughter.

In this episode, Joey and Rachel discuss the recent release of Jackass: Forever, which Rachel has some totally crazy stories about the production of.

Some of the things that went on, even behind the scenes, on that film are totally out of this world and will send you into outright hysterics.

The conversation also naturally turns to what it is like to be a female member of the Jackass crew, and what sorts of challenges it brings her in her work.

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 158 – Rudy Sarzo

This episode sees Joey inviting onto the show a more unique kind of guest in the form of Rudy Sarzo, who rocketed to fame as one of the world’s best hard rock and heavy metal bassists.

It’s clear throughout this episode that Joey is a fan of Rudy’s work, as he is sure to ask plenty of questions that only a die-hard fan would know to ask.

Rudy is also a very warm guest who is willing to answer just about any question thrown his way.

It’s great to get some direct insight into the rock and roll lifestyle from someone who has lived through many years of it.

Rudy is a very talented bassist with so many amazing and crazy stories to tell. By the end of the episode you’ll feel like you’ve been on a cross-country rock and roll tour!

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 62 – Tom Segura

Tom Segura is one of the hosts of the immensely popular Two Bears One Cave podcast which he hosts alongside Bert Kreischer.

However, this episode proves that Tom is a very effective podcast guest as much as a host, and that he can work awesomely alongside just about anyone!

In this episode, Tom and Joey waste no time, and get right to business discussing some of the latest events in the world, as well as their thoughts on their individual careers.

Tom is not often so candid on other podcasts, so this episode is truly remarkable, as it sees Tom opening up quite a fair amount.

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.

Episode 14 – Dean Delray

Fellow podcaster Dean Delray takes to the show alongside Joey in this episode as the two get right to riffing off of one another, and talking about some of the recent goings on across the world, and some of the unique things they have coming up in their respective careers.

Dean is one of the best guests the show has ever invited on, and this early episode shows exactly why.

To put it simply, he is totally hilarious, and has an infectious energy that makes it difficult to listen to this episode without cracking up!

Listen on thechurchofwhatshappeningnow.libsyn.com.