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The 14 Best Episodes Of Revisionist History

Revisionist History, the highly celebrated and much-beloved podcast series, is one of the best modern ways to experience, honor, and analyze the rich history of humanity.

Sometimes, our interpretations of the past can be misguided and even outright incorrect, and this show seeks to analyze this in-depth and put our rich history to rights.

The 14 Best Episodes Of Revisionist History

The show revisits some of the most significant events, people, and ideas in human history and analyzes them with a modern critical eye.

This leads to a fantastic podcast series that you likely want to check out. Well, here are fourteen of the best episodes of the show!

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Hedwig’s Lost Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most seminal artists of all time. His artworks are amongst the most iconic, and they have traveled a long way across the world.

This episode explores one painting that was assumed lost but had explored the world on an adventure.

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Good Old Boys

This episode explores a conversation between three important figures, Dick Cavett, Lester Maddox, and Randy Newman, as the three try to understand whether there is inherent worth speaking with someone you disagree with.

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A Polite Word For Liar

This episode explores the absurd story of a house full of Nazis, a fantastic harmonica player, and an undercover cop. How these three distinct groups’ lives intertwine will have your mind-bending.

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Laundry Done Right

Doing laundry is incredibly laborious and sometimes quite tricky.

This episode of Revisionist History seeks to explore the best ways to do laundry, as indicated by the long history and science of the act.

This episode doesn’t quite go where you expect and is a joyous treat.

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The Dog Will See You Now

It turns out that, apart from being excellent and loving companions, dogs can also be great teachers and confidants.

In a world that is becoming more and more torn apart, this episode seeks to explore what dogs can teach and what we can learn from our generations-long relationship with them.

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At The Movies With Some Of My Best Friends Are

This episode uses two films, 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon, to analyze how race relations have changed over the many years of American history and how viewers of these films have been influenced by the white and black buddy cop formula.

This also helps to give insight into racism in the country and its ties to law enforcement.

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Little Mermaid Part 1: The Golden Contract

This episode and its subsequent two follow-up episodes are genuinely fascinating. They delve into The Little Mermaid to analyze what it can show us about the time it was written and some of the many interpretations of the story.

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The Judgment Of Helen Levitt

The draw of Hollywood on ordinary people has long been a strong force. Ever since the introduction of films as an artform, countless dreamers have headed to Hollywood with dreams of stardom.

This episode explores the history of Hollywood through the lens of one woman whose life was changed for good upon moving to the city.

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Lord Of The Rankings

Colleges and Universities across the United States have long depended on rankings to gain prestige and thus more funding. The more prestigious a school, the more attractive it is to prospective students.

This system has been in place for many generations, and this episode seeks to understand just how certain institutions are ranked in the first place.

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I Love You Waymo

In this episode, the show travels to Phoenix, Arizona. It looks at the future of the automobile by learning a little more about its past.

There are some shocking revelations in this episode, and this makes it an absolute joy to listen to from end to end.

If you are interested in cars or speculative futures, you should check this episode out!

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Be Antiracist With Ibram X. Kendi

Unfortunately, the United States has a long history of racism and racist practices.

This episode seeks to inspect this history to provide great insight into what we can do to learn from this past and how we can create an antiracist society.

This episode invites Dr. Kendi to help discuss the topic, and Kendi’s excellent knowledge makes the episode highly engaging.

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Dragon Psychology 101

It turns out that fictional depictions of dragons and their treasure hoards can tell us a great deal about museums and art galleries.

This episode applies some insightful analysis to some of the most popular dragons to help us to understand cultural archiving.

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From Deep Cover: Who Was Bob Cooley?

Fewer stories are quite as exciting as those of people leading double lives.

There are many cases of it in real life, including Bob Cooley, who operated by day as a successful lawyer who helped win cases for some of the most savage mobsters in history.

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Food Fight

Some schools get by taking on affluent students from very wealthy families.

Such schools help promote class disparities further, and this episode of Revisionist History seeks to inspect just how education can play a vital role in achieving equity throughout society.

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