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Sucker For A Good Story? Here’s 36 Of The World’s Best Fiction Podcasts

Nothing beats listening to a fantastic story told by someone with plenty of storytelling skills. But what are the best podcasts you can listen to in order to hear the best stories in the world? Read on below to find out now!

Sucker For A Good Story? Here’s 36 Of The World’s Best Fiction Podcasts

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Welcome To Night Vale

Creepy goings-on in the quiet town of Night Vale.

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Wolf 359

It follows a dysfunctional space crew orbiting the star of Wolf 359 for a thriller-comedy of galactic proportions.

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What happened to a group of over 300 residents of a small Tennessee town who suddenly vanished?

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Within The Wires

This spinoff of Welcome To Night Vale concerns the creepy terrors endured by one live-in nurse in the 1970s.

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Alice Isn’t Dead

One woman sets out in her truck to find her missing wife. She soon encounters a massive number of strange characters.

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Wooden Overcoats

It follows the sometimes hilarious trials of running a funeral home on a small island!

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The Magnus Archives

A fantastic horror anthology that surrounds the strange collections found in the fictional Magnus Archives.

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Tanis buries deep into what happens when reality and fiction begin to cross over and blur the lines. Some very creepy stuff!

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Kalila Stormfire’s Economical Magick Services

The exploits of a messy and scrappy witch cast out of her coven who sets up her own magical business.

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Hello From The Magic Tavern

Despite falling through a portal at the back of a Burger King and being sent right into a fantasy world, Arnie still has a wifi signal and tells us all about his amazing adventures.

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Imaginary Advice

This experimental podcast series will show you the fantastic possibilities of fiction podcasts.

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The Amelia Project

This dark comedy follows a team at an agency that specializes in faking clients’ deaths so that they can start whole new lives. But how long can this agency remain a secret?

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Ostium Podcast

The remote California town of Ostium is home to many incredible secrets.

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The Unexplained Disappearance Of Mars Patel

If you want a podcast to entertain your children, check out this mystery show.

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The Leviathan Chronicles

This show features an ensemble cast of many voice talents who will whisk you away on a fantastic adventure.

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King Falls AM

The AM radio show of a small but creepy mountain town.

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The Black Tapes

One journalist hunts for her subject’s enigmatic past and many truths soon appear.

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Less Is Morgue

Another creepy podcast, this time with a little more humor. Two ghosts host this spooky podcast.

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The Women’s Prize For Fiction Podcast

Some of the best stories are explored by three immensely charming female hosts.

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Flyest Fables

If you want stories bursting with style and coolness, you ought to check this out.

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Makeshift Stories

Speculative fiction lives on through this perfect podcast.

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Jabberwocky Audio Theater

Tales of suspense to delight your adventurous side.

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This educational adventure story will delight kids of all ages.

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Nightlight Podcast

A creepy story anthology that is bound to get your spine-tingling.

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Alba Salix, Royal Physician

A witch and her apprentice seek to aid what ails the residents of a fantasy kingdom. This podcast is right out of a fairy tale.

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Mockery Manor

The UK’s most popular theme park invites young employees to live on-site, and creepy things ensue.

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The Viridian Wild

It follows a crack team of mythos zoologists as they study fantasy creatures.

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The Oasis Transmissions

A human colony on a distant planet struggles to send messages to us on earth.

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A game designer discovers that her game could be the key to stopping war!

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The Oyster

The earth becomes uninhabitable, and a secret government project sneakily tries to hide it.

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Moonbase Theta, Out

The team on a moonbase program finds out that their program is being shut down.

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The New Yorker Fiction Podcast

Join the team behind The New Yorker to discuss the best recent fiction.

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Old Gods Of Appalachia

An anthology of eldritch horror to curl your toes!

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Science fiction and action-adventure combine to create an awesome fiction podcast.

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Dispatch From The Desert Planet

A team of broadcasters on a distant planet sends out radio signals of their stories.

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Flash Pulp

Pulp stories aren’t dead! They live on wonderfully in this show.

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The Deca Tapes

This podcast explores a mystery through eight unique and cryptic tapes.

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The NoSleep Podcast

Some of the scariest horror stories on the internet abound in this show.

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Mission To Zyxx

One of the best-improvised fiction podcasts there is.

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