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Which Pays More – YouTube or Podcast?


When the Internet first started up, no one would have thought that you could make a living from making your own thing and starting your ideas. The internet gives us a wide berth to accessing the ideas and creativities of others. People can create, and others will show interest.

You may be considering starting up your online career as an online content creator. But when it comes down to it, there are two main areas that you could go into nowadays.

You have the video style work, which is best done through YouTube, sure there are other places you can upload, but none have quite the scale or audience of YouTube.

Or you could venture into the world of podcasting, with so many options and multiplatform breadth.

One of your biggest questions, before you start creating your content through one of these mediums, is probably ‘Which will I make more money from?’

This is a good question, especially if you are looking to make yourself a living in content creation. While deciding on a medium is really dependant on what you find works best for you, you also want to consider the financial side of things when you are considering shifting into being an online creator.

So, let’s have a look into the world of online content creation and see what it has to offer for you.

How much do YouTuber’s make?

Before you get super excited at the idea of starting up your own YouTube channel, let’s look at some figures.

  • Advertising: Google pays out 68% of the AdSense revenue, which means that for every $100 that an advertiser pays, Google will pay $68 to the publisher.
  • The rates that an advertiser pays will vary; they are often between $0.10- $0.30 per view. This generally averages at $0.18 per view. If you have an advertiser linked to your content, you will get paid around this amount per view.
  • The average amount a YouTube channel will receive is around £18 per 1,000 ad views. Meaning 1000 video views equal $3- $5.

Not as glamorous as you thought, right? To provide a better idea of income let’s give you some other figures.

If you were to get 20,000 views on your YouTube content per day, this would equal around $28.50-$47.50 per day. However, if you were to get over 100,000 views a day, you would receive between $183.82- $306.37 per day.

It is unlikely that you will make anything straight away with YouTube. Although you can sign up for AdSense and start to monetize your channel from the beginning, it is doubtful that you will make anything significant until you start to generate real traffic to your content.

With YouTube, real success comes with numbers. You start hitting the money when you have a fanbase over 1,000,000. If you monetize the channel and use AdSense, with each viewer watching two new videos per week, you are looking at around $36,000 from AdSense alone!

How much do Podcasters make?

On the other side of things, you have podcasts. Podcasting is both different and similar in this. Podcasters can make money in different ways. Two of the primary avenues of money-making are Adverts/ sponsors and affiliate sales. Plenty of Podcasters use advertising as a primary source of income; hence this might sound familiar ‘… this episode is sponsored by…’.

Rates for charging for advertising can be anywhere between $20-$100 CPM (Charged per hundred thousand listeners.) Let’s have a look at some figures.

  • Based on the idea that you were getting 150,000 downloads per episode and charging an advertiser $30 CPM per advertisement. Then you would make $4,500 per episode. If you had two advertisements in one episode, both charged at the same rate; you will make $9,000. If you made 2 podcasts per week, running adverts at $30 CPM, you would make $18,000.

Another option is affiliate sales. This means mentioning different products and services, and then when they are purchased, either via your website or through a URL that you provide, you will get a percentage of the sale. The amount of money you can get from this depends on the products that you offer.

Much like YouTube, you cannot expect to make a great wad of cash just as your starting. You first need to build your audience base and get people listening before expecting to make any money from it.


What are the benefits that you can expect to get from doing these types of content creation work?

Is there one clear winner, or are they both as good as each other, but for different people?


  • Most popular video content platform.
  • Worldwide availability.
  • Easy to earn a few dollars with advertising.
  • Simple monetization.


  • A newer form of content creation is becoming more and more popular.
  • Opportunity to earn through affiliates.
  • You don’t need as many views as you would with YouTube to gain more money.
  • You do not need on-screen talent, just an endearing topic.

Which is the best paying?

There is no set answer of which is the best paying; it is simply a matter of preference, and best meets your skills. If you are not great at on-camera, then you may find that podcasts work better for you. However, if you are better on-screen, or your content is better when visualized, then YouTube may work for you.

On the flipside, both can make a substantial amount of money, but neither will be an automatic income source.
If both a YouTube channel and a podcast were to upload one piece of content per week, with the use of one advert, then advertising alone would bring them a big figure if they each have a consumer rate of 150,000.

  • Youtube – 150,000 views per day= $8,220 (average per month)
  • Podcast – 150,000 downloads per episode = $4,500 (average per month)

However, both options offer additional financial incomes, with YouTube capable of monetizing and Podcasts able to use affiliates. Both can make big bucks; it is just getting there that is the tricky part.

There is no hard and fast answer to which will provide a higher income, simply what works better for you and the content you intend on producing.