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Best Zane And Heath Unfiltered Episodes

Zane And Heath: Unfiltered is a podcast hosted by the wonderfully charismatic and entertaining hosts Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar who both have some very strong opinions on everything they talk about.

Best Zane And Heath Unfiltered Episodes

The two have an unmatched energy that makes the podcast truly electrifying to tune into, as it is surprisingly entertaining to listen to the two rant.

With new episodes releasing every Monday, the catalog of episodes for the show is continuing to grow.

Thus, you might be wondering which of the hundreds of episodes is best.

If you are, then I think you should check out one of the following ones, as they are truly awesome.

Table of Contents

Episode 123 – Secrets And Mysteries Of The World 

This episode sees Zane, Heath, and their other co-hosts discussing some of the strange and crazy mysteries that lie in wait in the dark web.

Listening to them discuss some of the dark and often illegal stuff that lies down there is illuminating and helps to provide you with insight into it without having to log in yourself!

The discussion also lends itself to some funny moments as they find themselves shocked and in hysterics at some of the things that can be found there.

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Episode 80 – Zane Got Kicked Out For Kissing A Student

Having your first kiss is always a wild and memorable moment, and many of us have numerous treasured memories that we like to recall about the moment.

However, sometimes first kiss stories can be totally embarrassing and absolutely hilarious!

In this episode, the guys discuss some of their most embarrassing first kiss experiences.

Some of the stories are incredibly hysterical, which helps to make this episode one of the very best.

The two also discuss recent experiences with air travel and recount some truly nightmarish recent experiences they’ve had when flying across the country.

This affords the boys a perfect opportunity to rant their heads off, which can make for very cathartic listening, especially if you hate flying too.

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Episode 68 – Heath Was Wrongfully Accused Of A Crime

This episode has very chaotic energy, which is perfectly in tune with the style of the show and the kind of humor that Zane and Heath have.

To start off, the boys discuss some of the most formative moments of their childhoods, and some of the strange and life-changing things they learned as children.

This also, somehow, leads the two to start talking about some near-death experiences they have had, and the impact that those moments have had on the rest of their lives.

The highlight of this episode, however, is the story of the one time that Heath was actually wrongfully accused of a crime that he never committed!

How he found himself in such a situation is explored, and it’s a very wild revelation. Heath’s retelling of the story quickly has Zane in hysterics as the two laugh about the strange circumstances of the situation.

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Episode 47 – Zane’s Real Experience With Drake And Justin Bieber

After their recent trip to the Catalina Island, Heath, Mariah, and long-time friend Kenny discuss their trip and the incredible time that they had on vacation.

There are plenty of stories fresh from the trip, such as that one time that they got attacked by a bunch of dive-bombing birds, and someone’s bathing suit got ripped off!

What was probably once planned as a relaxing vacation clearly turned into a chaotic excursion which is very funny to hear about.

While those guys were out on their trip, Zane found himself hanging out with Justin Bieber and Drake on the set of a music video!

Yep, you read that right. In this episode, he spills all about his experiences on that set, and what it was like to meet two absolute mega-stars.

This is a very long episode, due to how much is covered, but that just means more time with the boys, so that’s why it’s easily one of the best of the series!

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Episode 34 – Our Horrible Experiences With Drugs

Despite their party lifestyle and their wield personalities, Zane and Heath aren’t actually the biggest fans of getting high!

This episode reveals all on some of their worst experiences with getting high, and what made them so awful.

There are some pretty crazy stories contained within this episode which, alone, makes it wonderful to listen to.

Long-time collaborator on the show, Matt, also returns to the show in this episode and discusses that one time that he saw something he definitely should not have on his mother’s nightstand.

Listening to Matt get embarrassed as he recalls the story only serves to make it even funnier, which helps to make this episode one of the funniest that has been produced.

The boys also reminisce on some of their earliest internet memories, which serves as a great reminder of the early Wild West days of the internet with some of the oldest memes around.

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Episode 1 – Why We Hated Each Other

As it turns out, Zane and Heath actually didn’t use to get along and actually had something of a rocky relationship, and a long road to becoming friends.

This episode explores why exactly the two did not use to get along, and how they eventually came to settle their differences and become incredibly good life-long friends.

This is also the first-ever episode of the series, which makes it a milestone, and easily one of the best to listen to for an introduction to the two boys and their style of comedy, which makes it a great place to start if you are new to the series.

The boys are also incredibly funny in this episode, as it is clear that they are testing the waters of the show to find the best format, it will make you appreciate how far the boys have come.

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