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Best World War 2 Podcasts

World War 2 is perhaps one of the most significant events in the entirety of human history, certainly within the last century.

Thanks to the event being within recent memory, and with many who have experienced the war still very much with us, World War 2 is also one of the better documented historical events.

Best World War 2 Podcasts

As such, there is a lot to be learned about the event from a large number of sources.

One of the best ways to learn about any topic in today’s modern age is to check out some of the many podcast series across the internet.

There are quite a few podcasts dedicated entirely to the second world war, but this brings up the indomitable task of finding just a few to listen to!

How can you possibly choose just a few amongst a list that extensive?

Well, if you are in such a situation, allow me to do the hard work for you! I’ve gone through some of the most popular World War 2 podcasts to find out which ones you should try yourself!

Read on below!

The History Of WWII Podcast – By Ray Harris Jr.

As suggested by the title of this series, Ray Harris Jr. leads the charge with this excellent World War 2 podcast, and it is clear that he has an immense passion for the subject, as well as an incredible depth of knowledge on it.

This is easily one of the most in-depth World War 2 podcasts I have listened to, with each and every episode exploring a small element of the war in excruciating detail.

If you want to learn everything about this immense period in our history, then you will definitely get a lot from this podcast.

But don’t worry, the series is definitely not overwhelming, as it is still very much entertaining and engaging, and will help you to get a full picture of the second world war unlike you could get anywhere else.

Every second of this podcast is accurately researched and contains everything you could possibly need to know.

To make matters even better, each episode is also on average around 30 minutes long, which makes it very easy to listen through.

This is helped by Ray Harris Jr.’s excellent narration, as he is able to delicately guide you through the facts in a way that feels effortless and rather therapeutic, making the show quite relaxing to listen to.

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The WW2 Podcast

Another great podcast to help you to better understand the immense events of the second world war is The WW2 Podcast.

This series is hosted by a very passionate historian and a lover of military history.

This love really comes across in every episode of the series, and you will easily find yourself impressed by some of the stories he has to tell.

In fact, this show is so well-researched and reported by a true enthusiast that you will no doubt find yourself learning about entirely new topics that you may not have otherwise known about before!

This series has an excellent ability to really dig amongst the history to find stories that you may never have heard.

If you want a World War 2 podcast that is both informative and entertaining, then this is certainly worth checking out.

It is very easy to follow along with the story and enjoy the content, and there are plenty of episodes to keep you entertained throughout the entire series.

Listen on ww2podcast.com.

World War II Chronicles

This excellent podcast series by the creative minds at Radio America is also one of the best World War 2 podcasts you will find.

This show treats the events of the Second World War with a real sense of reverence that is only appropriate for such a significant event.

Best World War 2 Podcasts (1)

What makes this series special is that it does not just contain narrations of World War 2’s most significant events, but also contains plenty of extra elements to help make it a much richer and more textured account of the war and its impact.

This includes things such as radio news reports and archival footage.

This also helps to serve as a strong reminder of just how real the events of the Second World War were, otherwise such events can very easily and very quickly seem rather abstracted from reality.

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Stories Of The Second World War

It would be foolish to not mention this show on my list, as it is definitely one of the better Second World War podcasts on the internet.

This show takes a slightly different approach to other shows on this list, as it focuses on telling the stories of those who lived through the war, as well as the actual events of the war itself.

This helps to give you a much greater sense of the war, while also ensuring that you remember the real-world impact that it had on all involved.

The show also explores some of the smaller details of the war and attempts to report on some of the lesser-known aspects of it, so that you can come to feel like you have a greater grasp on it.

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