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Best Timesuck Episodes

Timesuck is dedicated not just to exploring one topic per episode but to exploring every possible subject under the sun.

The main caveat is that the listeners choose each topic!

Best Timesuck Episodes

From here, host Dan Cummins takes a deep dive into each suggested topic to explore them in his unique and funny way.

Timesuck is a perfect podcast to listen to if you want to learn something new every time you tune into it because it will focus on something new each time!

But if you want to experience the educational wonder for yourself, you will need to know where to start.

The following episodes are easily some of the most informative, so read on now to get started!

Table of Contents

Episode 4 – Sociopaths And Psychopaths

When Dan Cummins turns his esoteric presentation style to talking about some of the world’s most famous sociopaths and psychopaths, you can bet you will be in for an exciting and fun time.

Dan also looks at the clinical definitions of sociopath and psychopath and asks the audience to look inside to decide if they may fit into either category!

Dan also takes a sociopath test himself to see what kinds of things are used to determine whether someone is a sociopath and also to find out whether he fits the description himself.

This episode is fascinating and true to the series’ style, making it a great jumping-off point for the whole series. It is also full of humor, so it will be clear from the beginning that the show has a perfect blend of entertainment and education.

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Episode 19 – Flat Earth Theory F*ckery

With the unfortunate rise of Flat-Earth theorists across the globe, Dan takes the opportunity to prove that the Earth is not flat and that such beliefs are bizarre.

But don’t worry, this episode isn’t just a series of rants right from Dan, as he also takes the time to delve into why so many believe in Flat-Earth theories and why such ideas prove to be attractive to so many people.

This makes the episode not only interesting documentation of the evidence proving that the Earth is round, but it also touches on religion and the human need to believe in something.

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Episode 199 – Bruce Lee: Life And Death Of The Dragon

The life of the legendary martial artist and actor Bruce Lee was full of intense stories and events, which makes it a perfect topic of discussion for Dan. He takes us through some of the most significant points in Bruce Lee’s life and the moments that solidified him as a film legend.

Bruce’s impact and legacy are truly incredible, and it changed how Asian life and culture were depicted on film for good.

However, for as much wonder and delight Bruce brought to the world, his life was sadly cut short when he died at 32.

This episode seeks to discover what happened when Bruce Lee died and what an impact his death had on the industry and the entire pop culture landscape.

This episode shows off the beauty of the format of this show, as Dan can go from talking about vicious murderers in one episode to talking about beloved action stars in the next.

Variety is the highlight of this show!

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Episode 218 – The Bloody Benders

The story of The Bloody Benders is spine-tingling and one of the most famous stories to come out of the old West.

The Benders were a family of four killers primarily considered America’s first-ever serial killer family. The people they killed and how they killed them are genuinely sordid.

The family targeted travelers who decided to stay overnight at their inn to get some rest, making all of the victims very much unfortunate.

Many of those same victims were seeking new lives and looking to achieve incredible new goals, which makes the story as sad as it is frightening.

How the family was caught for their crimes is incredibly interesting, and I won’t spoil it here so that you can experience the excitement for yourself.

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Episode 198 – Egyptian Gods

The stories of the Egyptian Gods are pretty complex, and not many know the stories in detail, as Egyptian mythology is pretty in-depth and extensive.

However, if you’ve ever wanted to learn about the Egyptian Gods, this is a great way to do so.

Dan explores the complicated pantheon of the Gods. He gives you an in-depth picture of gods like Osiris, god of the dead, and Ra, god of the sun, and how they all relate to one another.

Dan also makes sure to inject the episode with plenty of humor, to emphasize how strange and silly the mythology is at times.

This ensures that a topic that may otherwise be explored dryly by any other podcast is a lot more entertaining.

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Episode 209 – American Riots: The 1992 LA Riots And So Much More

America has played host to many riots over its extensive history, and considering the events that led up to them all, it’s not entirely surprising why.

This episode explores the biggest riots the nation has seen, including the LA riots, the Tulsa riots of 1921, and the recent riots all across 2020.

The episode also explores why riots happen and why they are a healthy way for a society to express its feelings regarding specific issues.

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