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Best This Is Actually Happening Episodes

Sometimes life can seem so unbelievable. Sometimes it looks like what’s happening right in front of us cannot possibly be real and that it cannot be happening.

However, as this wonderful podcast seeks to remind us, sometimes the most unbelievable stories are true.

This Is Actually Happening is a podcast series dedicated to exploring stories of events that cause irreparable changes to the lives of those involved. These events seem unbelievable but are true.

This series is full of hundreds of fascinating stories that will blow your mind, but as such, you will find that it can be challenging to know where to start with it all.

So I’m here to help you find the best episodes the series offers. Read on to get started!

Table of Contents

Episode 211 – What If You Had To Let Her Go To Save Yourself?

This episode is very emotional and will have you taking a deep look at several issues.

The episode is concerned with the story of one woman who, facing the death of their mother, had to reckon with the strange and twisted relationship they now had with their stepmother.

This episode will remind you of the power of familial bonds and is quite a heartwarming story of motherly love and the passion it can have, but it also features a strange and mysterious tale at its heart.

It’s easy to recommend this episode, thanks to its beautiful pace and the detail it gives in explaining the various parts of the story so that you can always be sure what’s going on.

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Episode 197 – What If You Died?

This profound and universal question has haunted humanity for as long as it has been around.

It’s unclear what exactly lies on the other side of death, but many people claim to have ventured into death only to find themselves back in the living world.

What can these people tell us about what it’s like to die? What does it feel like, and most importantly, what lies beyond?

This episode explores the story of one man who, following a minor accident, finds himself slipping away into death before returning to life.

What he learned throughout his venture into death has completely changed his perspective on life, and this episode explores those experiences in detail.

Many long-time fans consider this episode to be the best the show has ever produced, and with a topic this profound and life-changing, it’s hard not to see why.

Check it out for yourself because it is full of crazy surprises.

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Episode 135 – What If A Minor Procedure Left You Permanently Altered?

The story of this episode is sure to have you feeling deeply unsettled.

It follows a young woman who, following an abusive upbringing, takes it upon herself to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to cope with her immense and complicated feelings.

However, upon receiving a relatively minor surgery, she finds that her entire life has changed completely and that she now needs to rebuild herself right from square one!

What was it about the procedure that caused such a massive change in her life, and how exactly did her life change?

How is she coping with life now, and has her relationship with her family changed?

This is a truly crazy episode that will have you reconsidering how you view life and the world around you. It’s some big stuff and represents some of the best the series offers.

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Episode 162 – What If You Grew Up In A Cult?

Many of us tend to view the mysterious and unsettling world of cults as outsiders.

Though we can understand that cults are largely dangerous and harmful, it can be difficult to fully understand the impact that a cult can have on a person and how some people can be so effortlessly roped into the lies that a cult sells.

Thus, one of the best ways to learn about the truth behind cults, and the immense impact they can have on people, is to talk directly to those who have lived experiences with them.

This episode sees the crew behind This Is Actually Happening getting to know one woman who was forced to piece her life back together after growing up as part of a strange religious cult throughout her childhood.

This is a compelling episode, the likes of which you will not find in any other podcast series on the web!

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Episode 148 – What If You Didn’t Sleep For 120 Hours?

We can very often take the act of sleeping for granted.

It can be easy to forget what an impact a good night of sleep can have on our mental and physical health, but this episode will remind you of the power of sleep!

To explore the power of sleep, this episode delves into the story of one woman who, on a trip to Tanzania, finds herself unable to sleep, which has an indelible impact on her mind, and how she perceives the world around her.

She reported feeling a sense of all-encompassing fear that gripped her entire body.

This episode is quite frightening throughout but also incredibly interesting.

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Episode 133 – What If Your Life Went Up In Flames?

Humans seek familiarity and routine in life. It’s nice to feel that we are well-established in life and that nothing can knock us off that pre-established path.

However, sometimes forces well outside of our control can cause our lives to change massively and, in some cases, irreparably.

Though it is a frightening concept, this episode explores what it would be like to go through such a thing by looking at cases of people that have experienced life-altering events that made it impossible to return to normality.

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