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Best Stuff You Should Know Episodes

There is a whole world of interesting information and so many interesting stories just waiting to be heard.

There are also countless things that you really should know to keep up with this occasionally confusing and disorienting modern world.

Best Stuff You Should Know Episodes

Do you often have trouble keeping up with all of the concepts and ideas that are spoken about on the news, but you are too embarrassed to admit it?

Don’t worry, because you are not alone.

But where can you turn? Why, the Stuff You Should Know podcast, of course!

Have you ever wondered what NATO means and what the organization is responsible for?

What’s the deal with free-range food? If you’ve ever found yourself questioning concepts you assumed were simple, you should check out some of these episodes of Stuff You Should Know.

Read on to find out what these episodes are!

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How Hate Works

In today’s ever-connected online world, the word ‘Hate’ is thrown around much more recklessly than it ever has been before.

But what does ‘Hate’ actually mean? What does it mean to ‘Hate’ someone or something, and how did the term seem to lose its once-massive power? Especially in our current society?

You may not otherwise think that a podcast episode spent exploring an abstract concept like ‘Hate’ could lead to anything worthwhile.

This episode of the series features some fascinating discussions that will likely have you second-guessing whether to use the word next time you describe something you dislike.

This is easily one of the best episodes of the series so far, so it is well worth tuning into if you are new to the series!

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What’s The Deal With Phantom Pain?

Many war veterans who have lost limbs throughout their many battles have often reported feeling strange sensations and pains in limbs that are no longer there…

But how can that be possible? How can you possibly feel pain in an arm that is no longer there?

This episode explores this surprisingly common phenomenon to try to get to the heart of why it occurs so frequently and the effect that it can have on the sufferer.

The discussions in this episode reveal some fascinating truths about human nature and our physiology and will give you a better understanding of how we interact with the world physically.

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How The Nobel Peace Prize Works

We’ve all dreamed of winning the Nobel Peace Prize at some point or another as a recognition of our achievements, no matter how big or small.

But what does the prize mean, and what does it represent for the people that win it?

What has caused the award to become so prestigious? Why is it sought after by so many people worldwide?

The history of the Nobel Peace Prize is actually somewhat surprising and very interesting, so you will definitely find yourself riveted by this incredible comprehensive history of one of the world’s most significant awards.

I’d argue that this episode is so good that it deserves a Nobel Peace Prize of its own!

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How Tacos Work

Tacos are one of the world’s favorite dishes. They’re incredibly simple and delicious, so it is no surprise why.

However, what could there possibly be to explore about tacos? How interesting could they possibly be?

This episode of the series will surprise you as it explores the history of the fantastic Mexican dish, which is surprisingly intricate and complex!

You’ll feel like you’ve been taking them for granted, and they’ll never quite taste the same again!

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What Is Folklore?

Folklore is a massive part of human history and has played an enormous role in human civilization since even the age of the caveman!

But how would you go about defining folklore? How do cultures create their lore, and what are some of the impacts of folklore that can still be felt in today’s modern age?

You’d probably be surprised at just how much of a role folklore has played in human history and what it can tell us about humanity’s long and expansive history.

If you want an episode that will make your brain explode with knowledge, this is the one for you!

It will help you appreciate some of your favorite stories better and is easily an essential episode of this series.

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How Free Speech Works

The concept of ‘Free Speech’ has perhaps never been more relevant than now.

In the age of social media, cancel culture, and internet privacy concerns, the concept of what ‘free speech’ is has never been so fluid.

Free speech is a long-held value in Western civilization and is a tenet of American democracy. However, it has yet to be officially recognized in the first amendment, which dictates many of America’s current values.

So what does it mean to have free speech? What does it mean to be uncensored and unrestrained in how you express yourself?

How is free speech being redefined in the modern world, and how can you defend your own?

This episode of Stuff You Should Know is easily one of the most fascinating and touches on a concept that truly affects all of us in the Western world.

This makes it essential listening that will prove incredibly enlightening!

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