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Best Podcasts Like The Black Tapes

One of the greatest benefits of the podcasting medium is that it allows creators to more easily blur the lines between fiction and reality.

By utilizing the standard elements of a documentary and investigative podcast series, The Black Tapes, a fictional paranormal series manages to create spooky scares on a completely unparalleled level.

Best Podcasts Like The Black Tapes

But you’ve found yourself here because you’ve recently finished binging the series, and now you need a similar series to provide you that supernatural high, right?

Well, if so, simply check out this list of some of the best podcasts just like The Black Tapes!


Limetown investigates a very simple but very disturbing and unsettling case.

One day, ten years ago, over three hundred residents of a small town in Tennessee suddenly disappeared completely without a trace, leaving loved ones and other residents completely in the dark over what might have happened.

The story is told from the perspective of Lia Haddock who seeks to find out exactly what happened to those hundreds of people, and what paranormal forces just might be at play here.

This is easily one of the best fiction podcasts I have ever listened to, as it takes a very simple narrative hook and runs with it from the first episode to the very last.

It also features an all-star voice cast including Stanley Tucci and Jessica Biel which helps to elevate it to even greater heights.

Listen on twoupproductions.com.

The Magnus Archive

The Magnus Institute exists to catalog all sorts of strange artifacts from the supernatural and paranormal worlds.

However, even the archives themselves appear to harbor more than they initially suggest and are much more magical than they let on.

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As Jonathan Sims slowly explores the archives and delves deeper and deeper he very quickly realizes that not everything is as it seems as he explores the strange stories behind some of the archive’s strangest items.

This series manages to blur the line between a horror anthology and a standard serialized horror podcast.

Each story told in each episode could very easily stand alone, but they can be pieced together to create a much more vibrant and lively horror jigsaw than you might initially expect.

This is the perfect podcast to start with if you are new to anthology podcasts or if you are new to horror podcasts altogether.

Listen on rustyquill.com.

The White Vault

If you are a fan of the cult horror film The Thing then you will definitely get a kick from this podcast series.

The story follows a crack research team who are sent to the Fristed Outpost in Norway in order to repair some broken research equipment and perform maintenance on the outpost.

However, as the days tick by, and the snows grow heavier, the team finds themselves trapped in the outpost until it becomes practically impossible to leave.

And you can bet that they are definitely not alone in the outpost…

This series is recorded in the form of audio diaries from the researchers which allow the show to really delve into the mental states of the characters to elevate the horror of every moment even further.

This means that the show doesn’t simply get your spine-tingling, but it will also have you cowering for cover beneath your bedsheets!

The audio-diary format also helps to make the events of the story seem more real, which in turn lends the situation a whole new level of creepiness!

You’ll feel like you’re trapped alongside the team and like you are encountering some of the countless paranormal activities yourself!

Listen on thewhitevault.com.


If you want a podcast equally as addictive as The Black Tapes then this is the show that you have been looking for! Blackwood follows a team of investigators who seek to find out the truth behind the legends of the monster known only as ‘The Blackwood Bugman’.

Fans of The Blair Witch Project will love this show, as the investigative team of Molly Weaver, Bryan Anderson, and Nathan Howell find themselves slowly but surely growing mad as they draw closer and closer to the truth behind the mysterious town of Blackwood.

To make matters worse, the team also discovers that even the local residents of Blackwood have long been victimized by this monster and that there is a deep conspiracy preventing them from investigating it further!

This is a truly unsettling podcast with a uniquely cinematic flair.

The podcast is recorded as if it were non-fictional, which helps to up the ante as you will start to feel as though the events are real and that the Blackwood Bugman may be lurking not far from you!

Listen on podchaser.com.

Video Palace

Are you a fan of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things?

If so then you will love this seriously fantastic 80s-themed podcast series that explores the strange case of a mysterious VHS tape that causes its viewers to act strangely and erratically.

This tape was purchased from a certain video store with a very sketchy and paranormal past which becomes clearer and clearer as the show goes on.

I can guarantee that you will not see some of this show’s twists coming, and you will definitely be surprised by every revelation.

It is an engaging work of horror fiction and one of the best paranormal fiction podcasts I have listened to. It is so immensely cool, you just simply must check it out for yourself!

Listen on Shudder.