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Best Podcast Equipment on a Budget

If you want to get started with your first podcast, you first have to get some equipment to ensure that you get the best quality possible in your final product. There are many options to choose from, but some of them may not fit your current budget.

If you’re planning to save some money in the long run, keep reading for the best podcast equipment on a budget.

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Top Picks

My favorite option, in this case, was the Maono Condenser Microphone Kit since it provides the essential items for a high-quality podcast at an affordable cost. If you get this kit, you don’t have to worry about any more recording equipment.

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Movo Lavalier Lapel Podcast Microphone – Best for Portability

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This is a lavalier lapel podcast microphone kit made by Movo. If you’re planning on starting a two-person podcast and recording with your phone, this is the product for you!

Pros & Cons


• The kit includes two mics.
• It’s easy to set up.
• You can use them anywhere with your phone.


• The cables are fragile.


Based on the various reviews of the Movo Lavalier Lapel podcast microphone, it seems to be a pretty good choice overall.

Many users praise this mic for its ease of use and portability, noting that it can easily be taken with you wherever you go so that you never have to worry about missing a vital recording opportunity.

However, there are downsides too. Some users claimed that the mic has a noticeably high level of self-noise and doesn’t seem to work very well with some mobile devices. For some people, the device wasn’t suitable for professional-level podcasting but rather adequate for most amateur setups.

However, you should keep in mind that no piece of equipment is perfect for everyone, and what works well for one person may not be quite as ideal for another user.

AmazonBasics Lapel Microphone – Best Budget Option

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This is a lapel podcast microphone made by AmazonBasics. This is the best option you can get if you’re on a very tight budget.

They are made from metal and plastic, making them durable enough if you want to take them everywhere. They are Plug-and-Play, so to use them, you just have to connect them to any device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

These are omnidirectional microphones, which allow them to pick up sound from every direction.

Pros & Cons


• They are easy to carry.
• They have universal compatibility.
• They are suitable for any sound recording.


• The cables are fragile.
• The mics are too small.
• You may need a TRRS to TRS adapter.


As far as user experience, these mics have been widely praised. Users commented on the microphone’s sound quality, saying it was surprisingly good for a relatively low price.

However, some people reported that the mic worked well when recording directly to a smartphone but that it might not work as well when used with other equipment like a DSLR.

In some situations, these mics might require additional gear, like a TRRS to TRS adapter.

Overall, most users agree that these microphones are an excellent choice for those on a budget who still want good-quality audio recordings. Whether you’re producing a podcast or making professional video calls, AmazonBasics lapel mics are worth considering.

Uhuru Podcast Condenser Microphone – Best For Sound Isolation

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This is a professional microphone kit made by the brand ‘Uhuru.’ This kit includes everything you need to start professionally recording your podcast.

This microphone can suit your needs if you have a specific set for your podcast. The kit includes a condenser microphone, an arm stand, a metal shock mount, a pop filter, and a foam windscreen.

The microphone is made with a cardioid polar pattern, which helps reduce background noise and isolate a specific sound.

Pros & Cons


• It’s easy to set up.
• It does a great job isolating sound.
• It looks and feels professional.


• The pop filter may be hard to adjust.
• The armstand can get loose sometimes.
• The audio feedback volume is lower than other microphones.


According to online reviews, this mic can be used for various purposes, such as podcasting, voiceover, streaming, etc. Reviewers strongly praised the product, stating that it offers incredible value for the price.

Another user praised the microphone’s balance and stability, writing that it stayed in place without causing noise disruptions or feedback. In addition, they noted that the mic came equipped with both a windscreen and pop filter, giving you an extra layer of protection against unwanted sound disruptions.

Maono Condenser Microphone Kit – Best for Audio Streaming and Recording

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This is a zero-latency condenser microphone kit made by the brand Maono.’ The most exciting feature of this microphone is its zero-latency monitoring, which makes it suitable for podcasting.

This microphone kit is designed to provide you with good sound isolation. It comes with a premium boom arm set consisting of a metal mic frame, a metal arm stand and shock mount, a pop filter, and a windscreen cap.

The zero-latency monitoring feature allows you to eliminate sound delays in your recordings, helping you get a more precise recording. To use it, you can plug it into any device that has a USB port.

Pros & Cons


• It’s made from premium materials.
• It has zero-latency monitoring.
• It’s suitable for any recording or streaming work.


• The sound feedback has a low volume.
• The shock mount doesn’t help much in reducing background noise.
• The armstand can get loose sometimes.


Overall, reviewers were quite impressed with the mic and its functionality. Users commented on its beautiful design and downright excellent construction.

For some people, while not the very best, this mic has been perfectly usable for recording purposes. Ultimately, some of the downsides reported were the preamps, meaning that this microphone may require an additional noise filter to reduce background noise.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there are plenty of options to choose from, and they all perform reasonably well. Ultimately, your choice depends on your personal needs and preferences.

If you’re on a budget, the best option that you can get is the Maono Condenser Microphone Kit. It includes everything you need to start recording a professional podcast, and it also comes with exciting features such as zero-latency monitoring, which improves the experience.

If you want a cheaper option, you can go for the AmazonBasics Lapel Microphone, which also does a great job at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need for a podcast?

The essential items that you need for your podcast are a microphone, a recording device, and editing software. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you could manage with your phone if it has decent recording quality.

What type of mic is best for podcasts?

It depends on the room in which you’re recording. The most used types of microphones are condenser microphones and dynamic microphones. Both do the job pretty well.

How do podcasters get paid?

Podcasters usually get paid by sponsorships. Their earnings depend on how many people watch or download their episodes. The earnings may also vary depending on the sponsor.

Where can I host a podcast for free?

You can host your podcast for free on sites such as SoundCloud, Blubrry, Buzzsprout, or YouTube. However, keep in mind that some of these free sites have limitations on what you can do.