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Best Office Ladies Episodes

The Office is one of the world’s favorite sitcoms.

The reasons for its success are plentiful, but much of it can be pinned on the fantastic cast of characters and the amazingly awkward but sincere writing that permeates the entire series.

Best Office Ladies Episodes

However, with the show officially having finished its run in 2013, fans often want a little bit more from their favorite characters at Dunder Mifflin.

Although there may not be much more in the pipeline for the series, there is plenty of online content that celebrates the show, but none compare to the awesomeness of the Office Ladies podcast.

This show is hosted by Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, known for their famous roles in the series, as they rewatch every episode to provide incredible insight and commentary.

If you’re a fan of The Office, you must check out the following few episodes because they are made just for you!

Table of Contents

Episode 11 – Halloween With Creed Bratton

The popular character of Creed Bratton joins in with this episode as Angela and Jenna delve into the popular Halloween episode.

We learn a lot more about Creed as a character and how the character was developed and played throughout the series, making this episode an essential listen if you want to get to know one of the most important characters a little better!

The three also discuss some of the behind-the-scenes details that helped to bring the episode to fruition, which will help you feel far more appreciative of the work that went into the show, which will only make you love it even more!

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Episode 72 – Did I Stutter?

The episode Did I Stutter is a particular favorite amongst fans of The Office, and this episode helps to break down how such a hilarious and essential episode was put together.

Angela helps provide unparalleled insight into the production process as she talks through her original shoot script, which has a few key differences from the final script in the episode.

Jenna also talks about how many cast members were encouraged to improvise to help sell the realism the show specializes in.

This also ties into the discussion that the two have concerning the mantra of The Office’s writing team, which emphasized the importance of keeping everything small and relatable.

This episode reveals how many moving parts are in producing an episode of The Office and how they all come together to create the show we all know and love.

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Episode 52 – Beach Games

The writer of this fantastic episode, Jen Celotta, provides incredible insight into how this installment was written.

The insight makes this episode of the podcast valuable not only to die-hard The Office fans but also to anyone interested in scriptwriting.

This episode looks into the inspirations behind it, such as the reality show Survivor and how difficult it was to capture the iconic shot of Andy floating in his sumo suit.

As well as this, the episode also delves into things such as the hot dog contest and how the cast had trouble not breaking into laughter watching it being filmed.

The episode ends with Angela and Jenna answering some fan questions, such as how they managed to film that incredible hot coals scene!

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Episode 75.5 – A Look Back On Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling is another fan-favorite episode of the original series. This episode reveals some great details of how the show was produced and how writer Jen Celotta managed to bring it together in her script.

There is also an audio appearance from Mindy Kaling. She tells of her own experiences with filming this episode, making it an absolute treat for any fans of the character of Kelly Kapoor.

Mindy has an incredible sense of humor, and it is shown off beautifully in this episode.

We also learn a little more about how some of this episode’s most iconic moments came to be so that when you next rewatch it, you’ll be able to appreciate it more and see how everything came together to create something so funny.

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Episode 94 – Blood Drive

Blood Drive is one of the best episodes for Michael Scott, as he attempts to woo the affections of a woman he had met earlier by hosting a Lonely Hearts Club party.

Jenna and Angela had a lot of fun rewatching this episode and recounting all the crazy antics that went into writing and filming it.

Jenna also details what it was like to film the double date scene involving Jim, Pam, Phyllis, and Bob, a scene which has gone down as one of the most iconic in the show, and that proved to be very difficult to film!

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Episode 86 – The Surplus

The Surplus ended up igniting a civil war within the offices of Dunder Mifflin upon Michael’s announcement that the company had money to spare.

One team decided that the Office needed new chairs, while the other contested that a new copier was perfect for the space.

Listening to Angela and Jenna’s recollections on filming the episode makes this scenario seem funnier!

The two also discuss the iconic scene involving Hank and how they had trouble containing their laughter while filming it.

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Episode 28 – Casino Night With John Krasinski

This episode is an incredible reunion where Jenna and Angela call up the charming and loveable John Krasinski, known for his role as Jim.

They invite John to discuss some of his most treasured memories regarding the episode and the show as a whole, which makes this episode heartwarming and sweet.

This episode will help you to love the show even more and will help you to appreciate the passion that all of the cast members poured into it!

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