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Best Money Rehab With Nicole Lapin Episodes

For many of us, talking about money seems totally taboo. It can be very difficult to broach the topic not only with other people but even with ourselves.

Opening up a healthy discussion about finance with ourselves can prove quite challenging, and that’s why the Money Rehab podcast is here to change this once and for all.

Best Money Rehab With Nicole Lapin Episodes

The show, hosted by Nicole Lapin, is known for its lighthearted tone, and its willingness to broach topics that might prove too difficult for other podcast series on the internet.

It’s a great show to tune into.

But you might be wondering where you can start with it, and which episodes are most worth your time.

Well, you have come to the right place, because I am going to take a deep look to find out! Read on below to get started!

Confession$ Of An OnlyFans Creator

This is one of the best episodes that represent how willing the show is to broach more difficult topics.

The main topic of discussion in this episode concerns the popular subscription website OnlyFans, which is commonly used to host adult content behind a paywall.

Thus, many people have managed to utilize the platform to create a solid source of income.

To take a deeper look into the platform, Nicole invites Lauren Urasek onto the show to discuss her own experiences with the platform, and what kind of profit can be made there!

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Do Your Money Dreams Mean Anything?

We’ve all had those dreams where we win the lottery, or find ourselves making millions of dollars in no time.

Though they are exciting in the moment, they prove to be very annoying when we wake up to our ordinary lives.

However, is it possible that our dreams of financial success hold a greater meaning?

That our dreams represent a potential future that we can strive for?

Guest Theresa Chung, a dream expert, joins the show in this episode as she and Nicole take a look to see what financial dreams could possibly be trying to communicate!

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Confession$ Of A Shopping Addict

Though you may have heard of “Shopping addiction” being used to jokingly refer to a friend that splurges a little bit too much, it can be easy to forget that shopping addiction is a real condition that many people suffer from.

Guest Avis Cardella, an author who is a recovering shopping addict, chats with Nicole about her experiences as a shopping addict, including the very crushing lows of the addiction, and how she managed to rebuild her life and recover.

The two also discuss how consumerism can be a coping mechanism for many people. The discussion may even get you looking at what you spend your own money on!

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The Best Saving Tips You’ve Never Tried

There are so many websites, social media channels, and podcasts out there that claim to have the best savings tips in the world, but so often the tips that they boast either prove to be useless, or are just regurgitated versions of the same tips you’ve heard countless times before.

I was pleasantly surprised, then, when I listened to this episode of Money Rehab and found that the tips contained within really were unique, and proved incredibly useful!

Much of the advice was instantly actionable and will be useful to anyone looking to improve their finances.

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If Your Finances Are Keeping You Up At Night, You’re Not Alone

It can be very easy to become struck with an overwhelming sense of anxiety when chasing your financial dreams, or even when you are simply living paycheck to paycheck.

Luckily, you are not alone in feeling anxious whenever you think about your finances.

In this episode of her show, Nicole dives into some of the main reasons why people feel immense anxiety while aiming for financial goals, and what listeners can do if they are facing anxieties of their own.

This is one of the most uplifting episodes of the show, and one of the very best.

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Is Your Big Idea – A Good Idea?

Entrepreneurship can be a very exciting opportunity, thanks to the fact that it allows creative people to see their dreams to fruition and be in with the chance of creating something successful.

However, many times, entrepreneurs can find themselves blinded by the potential of their grand ideas, and they then run the risk of catastrophic failure.

So how can you avoid becoming blinded by ambition and keep a tight hold of the reins?

Nicole comes to this episode equipped with five awesome questions that listeners should ask themselves whenever they have a grand idea, to help them to determine whether it is truly a good idea!

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5 Ways To Enrich Your Social Life

If you have grand ambitions for your finances, and you want to aim high with your financial goals, then you are going to want to make sure that you surround yourself with the right people.

Finding the right people to spend your time with can be quite challenging, and Nicole has five tips that you can depend on to help you to find the right people to spend time with, and how to know whether other people are right for you.

Though you may not otherwise think it, building the right community is very important for financial success, so this episode proves very enlightening.

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How To Find A House That Is A Good Investment

Real estate investments are proving to not only be incredibly popular but also a very valid source of income for enterprising businesspeople.

The trouble is, that the risk of a real estate investment project yielding very little return on investment is high, and thus it can be a daunting prospect to get stuck in with it.

In this episode, Nicole takes a look at the world of real estate investments to try to find out how listeners can determine whether it is a safe opportunity, or whether there are better avenues available.

Nicole also shares five things to look out for when checking out property.

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