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Best Marriage Kids And Money Episodes

Marriage Kids And Money is hosted by the affable and intelligent Andy Hill, a father of two, and a doting husband, based in Michigan.

Andy wants the best for his whole family, so he has set about trying to achieve total financial independence for his family so that they can all live comfortably, and have everything they could possibly desire.

Best Marriage Kids And Money Episodes

Andy’s story of financial independence is totally inspiring, and on his podcast, he takes the time to tell all about how he found financial independence, and how his listeners can do the same.

He also reports on the latest challenges and hurdles that he faces in his new career, which makes it a useful resource for anyone that is also trying to achieve true financial independence.

But which episodes contain the best information? Which ones will inspire you best, and which show off how good Andy is as a host?

Read on below, because I am going to take you through the very best episodes the show has ever produced!

The 10 Steps I Took To Quit My Job To Start My Business

If hearing about Andy’s story of financial independence got you feeling inspired, then this is the best episode that you can start off with.

Within the episode, Andy takes the time to discuss the 10 most important steps that he took on his journey to FI, what sorts of challenges he faced, and what challenges he continues to face to this day.

The 10 steps themselves are very simple but very smart. They are also very easy to implement into your own life if you are seeking to make a start in your own FI journey.

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How To Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online – With Eric Cole

Much of the financial world and its many events take place entirely within the realm of the internet, and thus it is more important than ever before to protect your personal information while online.

With the rise of cyberattacks threatening even some of the biggest names on the internet, this episode will prove truly invaluable, as Andy talks about how he has managed to protect his own company from online threats and protected his income as a result.

You can easily apply all of the tips he talks about in this episode to your own life and career, which makes this a helpful episode.

Joining Andy in this episode is Dr. Eric Cole, who has over 30 years of experience in network security, and fills the episode with some of his best advice.

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Why I Give 10% Of My Income To Charity – With Allison Kade

Given how much of the financial world is focused on saving money and spending as little of it as possible, it can be easy to forget how important it can be to donate to charity.

Guest of the episode Allison Kade makes sure to donate up to 10% of her income with every paycheck, and she believes that it really helps her to improve as a person, as well as help the community around her, and society at large.

Through donating just a small portion of her earnings, Allison is able to feel much better about herself, and that positive attitude helps her to feel more equipped to tackle any challenges the future holds.

This is a very inspiring and heartwarming episode.

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I’m Not A Saver. How Do I Get Motivated?

Saving your money is hardly an exciting activity. Though saving your money and investing it wisely can yield some very exciting results in the long term, the idea of hiding it away and not touching it, for the time being, can be incredibly boring.

It can take quite some motivation to want to save your money and invest it wisely.

In this episode, Andy responds to a listener’s query regarding motivating themselves to save money.

This leads him to conjure up some great ways that you can motivate yourself to save money, and even a few ways to make the act of saving a little more engaging and enjoyable.

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I’m Debt Free. Now What?

Many often seek to aim for financial independence because they want to pay off some lasting debts. And many often succeed at that very goal.

But what else is there to save for after that? Are there any more things worth investing in, and any more things worth saving money for?

This episode seeks to find out and looks at some of the many amazing things that can be achieved by aiming for complete financial independence.

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How Do I Become A Millionaire In My 30’s?

I’m sure all of us have dreamed of being millionaires at some point in our lives, but it can be incredibly difficult to achieve such a lofty goal.

It also takes a considerable time investment to become a millionaire, so is it possible to become a millionaire at the relatively young age of 30?

Are there any millionaires under 30?

Andy takes the chance, in this episode, to talk about some that he has had experience with and the kinds of things he has learned from them.

This means that the episode is full to the brim with fascinating advice that could help you to achieve true financial independence.

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How Do I Find The Best Financial Advisor?

Having a financial advisor can be a great way to really maximize your profits and help you to save more money than ever before.

But the trouble is, finding the perfect financial advisor for your own needs can be something of a trial, and you may find yourself searching for some time to find the perfect one.

So how do you go about doing it?

Andy believes he has some answers of some use, and in this episode, he spills all about how you can find the perfect financial advisor to help you get closer to your financial goals in no time at all!

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