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Best Lore Podcast Episodes

The Lore podcast is dedicated to finding the frightening history behind some of the world’s most famous stories, folk tales, and urban legends.

Best Lore Podcast Episodes

The show says, “Sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction”!

This is easily what makes the Lore podcast so profoundly engaging. It can help us further appreciate some of the most famous stories ever while also telling unique and creepy tales of its own.

If you’re looking for a creepy podcast to sink your teeth into, look no further than this list of the best episodes of the Lore podcast. Read on below to get started.

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Episode 185 – Under The Skin

There’s nothing quite as creepy as the idea of someone else being in control of our bodies. Imagine having no agency as your body is forced to carry out acts against your will! Unsettling!

Many stories have been told throughout human history that revolves around parasites or other external forces taking control of our bodies.

And this episode of Lore seeks to investigate why it is so common within fiction.

A very creepy history has created a precedent for this type of story.

Histories like fungi that can control the minds of tiny ants to parasites that could even potentially alter the human brain.

There is plenty out there that could make stories like Invasion of The Body Snatchers seem more factual than fiction!

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Episode 13 – Off The Path

Curses and hexes are par for the course in folklore, fairy tales, and horror stories.

In this episode, Lore explores some of the most famous examples of curses found in fiction to get a clearer image of where the concept originates.

The team also inspected the history of such a concept to see if there is any real-world precedent for curses that could illuminate why they are so popular in fiction.

This episode also features an incredible and spine-tingling story, which makes it essential listening for anyone who wants to experience some solid scares!

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Episode 3 – The Beast Within

We’ve long been fascinated by the concept of werewolves or other such creatures that stalk the night and wreak havoc over our worlds while we sleep.

What makes werewolves so profoundly unsettling for some is the element of human involvement.

The idea that anyone you know could potentially be a werewolf hunting its prey under the full moon is enough to make you want to become a hermit.

This episode of Lore explores some of the most well-known depictions of werewolves.

Before then, moving on to the incredibly creepy story of a town in Germany wherein the townsfolk decided to take up arms against a monster wreaking havoc on their livestock and homes.

Only to find that the monster was more human than they could have ever expected.

This early episode makes for an excellent tone-setter for the series, and thus it has become a fan favorite.

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Episode 46 – Dark Conclusions

This episode explores the realm of monster hunting and those who sought to hunt down the beasts of many folklore stories to save local populations.

However, though monster hunters may sound like fantastical elements of fiction, it turns out that there is quite a solid historical precedent for their existence.

This episode explores some of the most popular fictional monster hunters and some of the real-world monster hunters that have attempted to keep us safe from terrifying beasts.

In addition to exploring the world of monster hunters, this episode also delves into the fascinating concept of monsters themselves.

This essential listening will help you appreciate just how horrifying some of the world’s most famous monsters are.

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Episode 93 – A Place To Lay Your Head

To thrive in society, human beings need to be able to place some amount of trust in one another.

However, though trust is an admirable goal, misplaced trust can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences.

In the case of the Bloody Benders, a serial killer family who operated between the years 1869 to 1873. This family would welcome weary travelers into their homes to rest the night.

However, though the Benders would put on a hospitable front and would treat their guests with the utmost care, the guests soon found themselves trapped in their homes before being killed.

This episode explores the grizzly tale of the Bloody Benders and other similar stories that involve misplaced trust.

This episode is guaranteed to get your spine-tingling. And help you know some of the real-world horrors found out there!

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Episode 97 – Misplaced

Another story of misplaced trust is explored in this episode; however, here, it concerns misplaced trust in human laws.

As a society, we depend on established laws to govern our behaviors and process some wild and unpredictable curveballs that life likes to throw our way.

To explore this, the episode examines the real-life story of Stephen and Jesse Boorn, two brothers accused of murdering their brother-in-law.

One brother, Stephen, received a life sentence, while Jesse received a death sentence.

However, as the date of Jesse’s execution moves closer and closer, numerous truths about the case come to the forefront and mock the legal process.

This episode will get your heart racing and have you deeply unsettled, so I recommend it!

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Episode 87 – Road Trip

Alien abduction stories continue to be immensely popular in the public consciousness, but few know where some of the earliest alien stories originate.

This episode looks at the 1961 case of Barney and Betty Hill, who claimed to have been abducted by aliens from their New Hampshire home.

This is primarily considered the first-ever report of an alien abduction within the United States, making it a seminal story.

The couple recounts their intense brush with alien life, which leads to a story that will have your hairs standing on end.

And though this story was heavily criticized at the time, the couple still held firmly to their beliefs that it did happen.

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Episode 8 – The Castle

The top-rated show American Horror Story: Hotel was inspired by a real-life horror story!

The episode tells the story of Henry Howard Holmes, one of the earliest serial killers and easily one of the most prolific of his time.

Holmes ran a hotel in a large building with a massive secret cave of alleys and chutes hidden below it.

Within this maze of caves and tight passageways were kept the various bodies of Holmes’ victims, which were subjected to being burned in acid vats, or left to rot!

This episode explores the circumstances of Holmes’ life and his crimes. It also discusses the fateful day his crimes were discovered; in 1895, a team of authorities forced their way down into the underground depths of the hotel.

Hearing a moment-by-moment account of what was discovered will give you chills. That is why this is considered a truly classic episode of the series!

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Episode 34 – All The Lovely Ladies

This episode features a somewhat unique twist on the usual Lore format. It explores a story that may have inspired local folklore or been inspired by folklore.

The episode explores the true tale of Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess. She found her life soon taken over by fiction as she tortured and murdered more than 80 young women in her castle to retain her youth by consuming and bathing in their blood.

Often dubbed a real-life vampire, Elizabeth’s story is so shocking partly because it may have instead been inspired by local folklore, making for a strange case of the natural world being influenced by fiction!

This episode explores the nature of belief by looking at the things that Elizabeth may have believed that could have caused her to commit her acts.

This episode also raises the very potent question of whether the whole story of Elizabeth was an elaborate myth designed to strip her of power.

This episode is easily one of the best of the series, thanks to its incredibly twisty and meta-story that will have you fully engaged from end to end.

It’s a perfect listen, especially if you want something different!

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Episode 67 – The Red Coats

This episode has the honor of being one of the most downloaded episodes in the show’s history! And it’s not difficult to see why. It is truly incredible.

We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, a strange patch of ocean where strange things consistently happen without explanation, thus drawing a massive amount of paranormal intrigue.

But as it turns out, that is not the only strange triangle on Earth where strange things happen.

This episode explores the story of the Bennington Triangle, a forested bit of land in Vermont where multiple deaths and disappearances have already occurred.

The cases of the Bennington Triangle remain entirely unsolved to this day, which helps to make this episode all the more creepy.

What could it be about this patch of land causing so many mysterious things to happen?

Some of the revelations that occur over the episode are shocking. The discussions as to whether this is a paranormal spot or a place where many crimes have coincidentally occurred are fascinating.

Check this episode out; you definitely will not regret it!

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Episode 106 – The Collection

I have no trouble recommending this incredible episode. It represents the very best of what the series can offer.

The human tendency to collect things has been around since the beginning of the human race, and this episode explores one of the most gruesome collections the world has ever seen.

Based inside the West Virginia Penitentiary, this particular collection consisted of things reflective of humanity’s dark side and some of the worst acts committed by human hands.

This particular prison was also known for housing some truly horrifying criminals responsible for horrific crimes.

And you can bet that when such people are kept locked up in such a confined space, there will be some horrifying results!

Check out this episode if you enjoy true crime stories because this is easily one of the best I have heard and one of the best featured on Lore.

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Episode 98 – “Never Alone”

This episode explores the history of Seattle’s surprisingly haunted past.

Not many people know about the very mysterious past of the city, but it is fascinating and will help to give you a much greater appreciation of the town itself!

Of the stories explored in this episode, perhaps one of the most fascinating is that of the Peter Gessner mansion in Pioneer Square, which turned out to be an incredibly haunted spot where many people claimed to see spirits and phantoms.

Peter Gessner committed suicide in that mansion, and it is believed that that act invited spirits to lay claim to the building.

Some even say Peter’s ghost lingers on the home’s second floor.

If you want a classic episode that will give you tingles, then check this one out.

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