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Best Invisibilia Episodes

‘Invisibilia’ refers to forces, objects, and things entirely beyond our standard perception.

Best Invisibilia Episodes

This term can very generally be applied to mental things such as ideas, emotions, and beliefs that can dictate how we act before we are even aware of it.

The mind is an incredible force that dictates much of our lives and how we perceive them. So why not get to know it a bit better?

Luckily, that is the purpose behind this podcast that we are exploring here.

There are many episodes of the Invisibilia podcast, but which are the essential ones that any fan should listen to?

Let’s take a closer look.

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Therapy With Friends

Wow. Before this episode, I’d never even humored the idea of attending therapy with a friend, but it turns out that it can be highly beneficial.

This episode explores the story of two best friends who once considered themselves close enough to be long-lost brothers.

However, as time passed, these two friends drifted apart sadly and lost that bond that made them both so special.

To help counteract the potential decay of their friendship, the two enlisted the help of psychotherapist Esther Perel to put their relationship back together.

Luckily, this fantastic podcast was invited to sit in on their therapy session, and you get to listen to it all!

The session reveals a great and firm friendship that could easily stand the test of time but slowly found itself succumbing to the trials of adulthood and the stresses of everyday life.

Through careful and considered dialogue, thanks to Esther Perel, the two are slowly able to work out their differences and become better friends on the other side.

This episode is a heartwarming story of a solid friendship that will also give you a much greater appreciation of therapy and the amazing things it can achieve.

This makes it a perfect first episode for anyone wanting to try this series out.

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Poop Friends

This episode shows off the show’s penchant for taking strange topics and creating amazingly inspiring and uplifting stories from them.

This episode investigates our problems with talking about poop and fecal matter, even though all of us do it.

It’s a strangely specific topic, but the show can fully plumb the depths to find some great nuggets of wisdom about what poop can teach us.

And about broaching complex subjects and improving our communication with those we love.

The show also taps into the shame we feel around poop and other things in our life, such as our mental health or other health problems that we may be dealing with.

And, of course, this episode is also full of poop-based puns and jokes, so you can bet that it is also heavy on the laughs and a very lighthearted tone.

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The Great Narrative Escape

This episode involves this amazing storytelling podcast tackling the very topic of storytelling itself. Have you ever wondered why we tell stories?

What benefits can stories have, and why are so many stories very similar?

This episode truly has it all and will help you understand and appreciate the art form of storytelling.

The episode also talks about the viral sensation of a Norwegian show documenting their journey from one station to another, seemingly without a plot.

Our hosts explore why such a show could have gone viral when it doesn’t tell a direct story.

This leads the hosts to tackle the tough questions of what a story is.

This conversation also goes down a pretty deep and fascinating rabbit hole concerning the American need for narrative arcs in their stories.

This is some truly fascinating stuff that will completely change the way you look at life.

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Post, Shoot

This episode should be required listening for anyone looking to get into this show.

It tackles the callous and genuine question of whether the version of ourselves that we present online is a true reflection of who we are.

This is a profoundly fascinating topic and occasionally a very difficult one, so the show tackles it with utmost care and patience.

The hosts talk about how our online selves can differ from our real-world selves.

The show also touches on times when our online personas can completely eclipse our real-life personas.

This leads to truly fascinating discussions that will have your mind bending throughout.

This episode does go above and beyond in terms of its exploration of this topic.

It would be hard to find a more thorough examination of this subject anywhere else.

In our age of malleable information and uncertain truths, there’s perhaps been no better time to tackle social media and online versions of ourselves.

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Our perception of reality is constantly changing, and one person’s perception can differ quite massively from another person’s perception of it.

In this episode, the show focuses on the abstract concept of reality and how we can be sure that we live in an objective reality.

The show also tackles topics such as mental health to explore how poor mental health can impact how we view the world and how we interact with it.

This episode is especially relevant to today’s sociopolitical climate in which objective truths are becoming more and more abstract and hard to define.

This leaves many of us feeling unsure of our realities.

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Back When I Was Older

Let’s end this list with an intriguing episode that involves a mysterious case of a child who claims to be able to remember moments from his past life.

This slightly spooky story could quickly have you questioning just what lies beyond our reality and whether there is a life after death.

It’s a great episode that explores this idea in all its depth. This episode follows some reasonably heavy topics that can be quite emotionally charged.

So make sure that you are in the right frame of mind before tuning in. Trust me, though; this is a fantastic episode that will keep you engaged throughout.

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