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Best Episodes Of Planet Money

Keeping up with all of the ups and downs and crazy changes in the economy can often be a massive challenge.

It can often feel like your money is working against you or that you don’t know what’s going on.

Best Episodes Of Planet Money

It also isn’t helped by the fact that so much economic news is covered by expert pundits who use incredibly complex jargon that is utterly incomprehensible to the average layperson.

Do you ever wish there was a one-stop podcast that could help you better understand the financial world around you?

Luckily that is what Planet Money seeks to be. The show describes itself very briefly as “The economy explained.”

But where should you start with this incredibly useful series? Let’s dive right in to find out by looking at some of the best episodes!

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How Bad Is Inflation?

We always hear it mentioned, and we always hear the term “Inflation” thrown around seemingly with reckless abandon. But what does the word mean?

Why does it ignite such guttural fear in so many people when they hear it, and most importantly, what does it mean for you?

Will inflation affect you? Is it a bad thing? Is it avoidable and just a consequence of poor money management?

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed with questions like this, this episode is the perfect remedy.

This episode puts the concept of inflation into straightforward terms, which can help you to better understand the role that it does play in your life, and how that role may well change with time.

Make sure to give it a listen. It is the perfect introduction to the concept of inflation.

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Hollywood’s Black List

Have you ever wondered why so few screenplays written by people worldwide actually go on to become full Hollywood productions?

This episode seeks to explain the strange business behind it and the math that can be used in making such a tough decision.

Upon becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of screenplays he was being presented with, Leonard Franklin put together a comprehensive spreadsheet. He uses some very advanced formulas to help make it much easier to find the diamond in the proverbial rough that was the stack of screenplays on his desk!

This simple change sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood and helped significantly change the power dynamics that are still found in the city of dreams.

This is an inspiring and insightful episode that shows some of the immense efforts to bring some of Hollywood’s biggest films to reality.

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Google Is Big. Is That Bad?

We often hear about the dangers of big business in the world and the impact that big companies can have, especially on the internet.

It’s no surprise, especially in the wake of privacy concerns brought on by controversies such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

This has led many to wonder whether the internet’s homepage, Google, poses a potential threat to our online privacy and whether the company has gotten far too big for its boots.

This episode features some fascinating discussions that are bound to keep you engaged throughout the length of the episode.  It is illuminating and will help you learn more about one of the most extensive resources on the internet.

I love this episode because it helps to show you just how powerful and influential Google is and how its reach extends beyond search engines and into so many more aspects of modern-day life.

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Bitcoin Losers

The recent surge in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies has also led to a massive increase in online investors building enormous fortunes on the internet.

However, not everyone in the crypto world ends up reaping the benefits. Many online prospectors seeking to strike gold online instead find themselves bankrupt and losing massive amounts of money.

But what is causing this, and why are so many people drawn to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies?

This incredible episode seeks to find out; while highlighting some internet horror stories from the people who have lost everything in their pursuit of bitcoin wealth!

Few episodes of the series shine like this, and it is easily one of the best episodes you could tune into, as it is full of insight and exciting revelations.

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Why Printers Are The Worst

We’ve all encountered an annoying and stubborn printer at some point. Printers that refuse to print how you want them to, or printers that outright refuse to activate in the first place!

However, one of the worst things about modern home printers is that their inks cost an incredibly high sum of money that can see an affordable printer quickly become a hefty and costly investment.

But why is printer ink so massively expensive? What has caused prices to skyrocket exponentially, and is there any chance it might be reduced in the future?

If you’ve ever found yourself at your wit’s end because of your printer, you should give this episode a listen. It will very explain why your printer is simply the worst!

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