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Best Case Worst Case Podcast

The Best Case Worst Case podcast is full of some of the best police, FBI, and law stories that you can find online. It is easily one of the best crime podcasts on the internet.

Best Case Worst Case Podcast

Its hosts, Jim Clemente and former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes are given incredible access to police officers and their stories about some of the most memorable cases in US history.

There are many incredible stories you would have thought only possible in fiction.

Which ones stand the test of time and are most worth hearing? Join me as I take you through!

Table of Contents

Episode 151 – An Accidental Drug Mule

This is a fantastic story about a high school geology teacher who inadvertently became one of the most popular drug mules for America’s multiple drug cartels.

What follows in the story is an incredible series of twists and turns and unexpected circumstances that will have you questioning how a humble teacher could find himself wrapped up in a life of crime!

This is easily one of the best episodes of the series and features a story of seemingly disparate things coming together to create a strange and unusual new whole.

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Episode 139 – Epstein Denies Victims Justice With Cowardly Suicide

When the Jeffrey Epstein scandal first revealed itself in full, it illuminated a very sordid affair involving sex trafficking, pedophilia, and massive political cover-ups.

This story remains in the public consciousness, even well after Epstein’s reported suicide in prison.

In this episode, the hosts discuss Epstein’s heinous crimes and the discovery of what was being covered up.

They also discuss the events surrounding Epstein’s suicide and the impact that it has had on not only the investigation.

But also on his many victims who now feel that they have been denied proper justice.

Because of the nature of his death, questions are raised concerning whether or not he killed himself.

If you want to get to know the Epstein case a little more and understand its tremendous impact, then you owe it to yourself to give this episode a good listen.

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Episode 103 – New Agent Races The Clock To Find An Abducted Child

Everyone loves a great underdog story. This episode of the Best Case Worst Case podcast is a fantastic underdog story that will have you celebrating the ingenuity of the titular ‘new agent.’

The story of this episode involves a newly recruited agent who is sent on a rather ordinary mission that soon reveals a much deeper mystery.

And a conspiracy that will have your mouth agape and will have you scratching your head throughout.

Luckily, though this story is tense and at times rather horrifying, it ultimately crescendos in a happy ending and the saving of an abducted child.

You’ll find yourself frequently in awe at the achievements that even new recruits are capable of achieving.

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Episode 118 – Fall Of An Icon

This episode and its second part explore the legendary pop performer Michael Jackson.

His indelible impact on popular culture before exploring the crimes he was suspected of during and after his life.

Most prominently, this episode explores the sexual assault allegations that have been leveled against the man and examine their potential legitimacy.

The case of Michael Jackson is an incredibly rich and complex one that is full of twists and turns that could have you very quickly reconsidering how you view the former King of Pop.

This is easily an essential episode, and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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Episode 72 – Missing Man Haunts Rookie Detective

This is another incredible story of perseverance in the face of harsh adversity and the people involved in the law system that help to solve even some of the worst and most horrifying cases.

This episode involves a daughter whose father has recently gone missing and her desperate search to locate him.

She slowly begins to suspect that foul play is involved in his case, which further widens the rabbit hole that surrounds him.

This case is very quickly picked up by a rookie detective who also gives his all in an attempt to find the missing father.

If you need an inspiring true crime episode that will restore your faith in human beings, then this is an excellent episode for you to tune into.

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Chapter 87 – Gun Violence & Gang Silence

Hatred towards the police has increased massively in recent years and a growing concern about gang and gun violence.

Why are guns so easy to access, and why do they inevitably lead to unnecessary violence.

This episode is centered around a cocky gang member who begins relentlessly taunting his local police force with threats of violence and the law enforcement that pursues him as a result.

The gang member in question feels safe in taunting the police on social media, as he is comfortable in the belief that his gang will come to his aid in a moment of crisis.

This is a great and very current episode to explore the cultural moment of today and will help to give you a much more nuanced picture of law enforcement and gun violence.

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Episode 39 – Laying In Wait: Rapist Targets Dancers

This horrific story is not for the faint of heart. It concerns a serial rapist and sex offender who regularly targeted young dancers in the city of Atlanta.

And became something of an urban legend in his own right.

The story that unfurls over the course of this episode will have you horrified but then also uplifted at the concerted effort of the police force to hunt the man down.

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Episode 32- Father Steals Girls From Their Mother

Let’s end this list with a simple story of marital woes and divorce that sees a father kidnapping his daughters right from under their mother’s nose.

He then fled the country with them. This fairly harrowing story will shock you to your core and perfectly showcases the host’s amazing ability to tell incredible stories.

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