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Best Bobby Bones Episodes

Bobby Bones is well known for his self-deprecating humor and his incredibly charismatic hosting style, which explains why he has managed to find such massive success as the host of multiple podcasts, and his own radio show in which he counts down the top 30 country songs from the week!

Best Bobby Bones Episodes

However, none of his projects are quite as awesome as The Bobby Bones Show podcast which features Bobby taking to the internet to discuss whatever topics take his interest alongside a slew of guests and frequent co-hosts.

This helps to make The Bobby Bones Show one of the best podcast series on the internet.

But if you’ve never listened to it before, you may want to find the best place to start with it, right?

Well, luckily, I’ve gone through the entire series to find what I think are the best episodes of the series, that you can jump right into now! Read on below to get started!

Who Pays For The Engagement Ring? + One Second Song Game

In this episode, Bobby is joined by the girl group, which is composed of Amy, Morgan, and Hillary, as they all come together to discuss the topic of engagement rings, including how much they cost, and who should be responsible for paying for them.

Hearing all of the conflicting opinions around the topic, such as Bobby’s firm belief that no expense should be spared when it comes to the engagement ring.

They also discuss whether the size of the ring matters, with many of the girls agreeing that the size does not matter and that instead, the focus should be on ensuring that the ring is given at the right time and that plenty of planning is put into the proposal ahead of time.

They also bring up some statistics that show how much people tend to spend on engagement rings, which reveals some very surprising truths. It’s well worth listening to find out what those statistics are.

This is one of the best episodes because it allows Bobby and his co-hosts to really chew on a topic, which leads to some immensely interesting discussions that will help you to much better understand who Bobby and the girls are as people.

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Know The Song Or Get Shocked + Will It Uber: Jenga Edition

This is a very funny episode, and you’ll very quickly see why, if the title did not already give it away.

In this episode, Bobby Bones, Amy, and Eddie take it in turns to attack a shock collar to their necks and compete to recite the correct lyrics to some of their favorite songs.

If any of the hosts find themselves singing the wrong words, or messing up the song in any way, then they receive a shock!

Listening to each of the hosts trying their best to recite the lyrics while the threat of a shock looms over them makes for some very funny listening, especially when they eventually do flub the lyrics!

As well as this, frequent co-host Lunchbox attempts to catch an uber while also playing a game of Jenga.

The goal for him is to ensure that the Jenga tower reaches its destination without ever toppling over.

This episode is full of amazing games that bring out the laughs in no time at all, and represents the show at its funniest!

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Garth Brooks Calls In + Show Tells Their Favorite CMA Moments

One of Bobby’s favorite country singers ever, Garth Brooks, calls into the show in this episode, which, of course, leaves Bobby completely starstruck, as he asks him all sorts of burning questions that you can tell he has been waiting for many years to ask!

Garth is a very celebrated musician within the country genre, so it is incredibly awesome to hear directly from him about his recent experiences and even gain a little insight into his creative processes.

The team also talk about their favorite moments from the recent Country Music Awards, which many of them attended.

The event proved to be very awesome, especially for Bobby, who recounts a number of amazing adventures he had, and even one time when he accidentally bumped into Lindsay while on the red carpet for the event.

If you’re interested in the world of country music, then it is quite exciting to hear a firsthand account of what the CMAs are like in person!

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Thomas Rhett Stops By And Talks About His Dream Friendship + Bobby Gets To Throw Out First Pitch At Cubs Game

Another country music star takes to the show in this episode, this time being Thomas Rhett, an incredibly popular musician whose career continues to go from strength to strength.

Bobby and Thomas discuss some of his latest music, and what Thomas might have in the pipeline creatively!

Thomas and Bobby also discuss who they would love to be best friends with, were they given the chance.

This leads to some very interesting responses, with some being very heartfelt, and some being incredibly funny.

Bobby also discusses some recent good news, such as how he will be throwing the first pitch at an upcoming major baseball game for the Cubs.

Bobby’s excitement is incredibly endearing and palpable, which helps you to gravitate more towards him as a host.

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Brett Eldredge On Love, Anxiety, And Being An Introvert

One of Bobby’s other favorite country singers, Brett Eldredge makes for a perfect guest in this episode which sees him and Bobby discussing a multitude of topics including what it is like to be an introvert, and yet walk out onto a stage in front of thousands of people.

Turns out Brett actually deals with a lot of anxiety in his daily life, and in this episode, he discusses how he is able to manage it so that he can continue to head out on stage and perform to his legions of loyal fans.

This makes the episode incredibly fascinating and inspiring, and perfect listening if you are a fan of Brett Eldredge at all.

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