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Best Bald And Beautiful Episodes

Trixie Mattel is one of the biggest breakout stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, so you can bet that they make for a perfect podcasting host!

Want evidence of this? You should check out the Bald And Beautiful podcast!

Best Bald And Beautiful Episodes

It’s a truly magical podcast full of laughs and joy, and all of the energy you would expect from a drag queen of Trixie’s caliber.

There’s quite an extensive list of episodes of the series, each of which contains a very different slew of guests and topics for Trixie to really dig into, and as such, you might be wondering what the best of those are, well, luckily, I’ve put together this all-in-one list of the best episodes of the series that you can check out right now.

So, read on below to get started!

Hot In Many Circles

Trixie is joined in this episode by Katya Zamo, who joins to have a fairly intimate discussion with Trixie about the worldwide obsession with weight, and why we need to change how we view it for healthier minds and bodies.

This leads the two to bring up some interesting ideas that will really get you thinking.

And, of course, in true Trixie and Katya style, the conversation soon turns a little more raunchy as they discuss things such as masturbation, and whether it is ‘socially acceptable’ to partake in the activity.

The two also give some of their best loneliness tips to use when isolating over the course of the pandemic, but those same tips are also very useful outside of the context of the pandemic, making the episode just as helpful as it is funny.

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A Can Of Beans In The Dishwasher With Trixie’s Mom

In order to celebrate mother’s day, Trixie brings her very own mother onto the show, which leads to a very heartwarming and insightful episode that will help you to better understand who Trixie is as a person, and the special and sweet relationship she has with her mother.

And don’t worry, just because it is Trixie’s mother on the show does not mean that the conversation is hampered in any way, and the no-holds-barred style still very much persists as Trixie and mother discuss things such as drug addiction, aliens, secret cults, and family drama.

The love between the two is very clear and evident throughout the episode, which helps to make it very much powerful, and will help you to better appreciate Trixie as a host.

You will feel much closer to her by the episode’s end.

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Hard Turds Only With Monet X Change

Monet X Change is another wildly popular queen and alumni from the school of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, so I can guarantee you that this episode is an absolute treat if you are a fan of the series in any way.

This episode sees the two come together to discuss how they are planning on celebrating pride, and why they are excited about it.

It’s quite heartwarming to hear them discuss a holiday that means an awful lot to them, and it’s very special to find out how they celebrate it in their own unique ways.

Of course, the two also talk about some other topics, including the secret lives of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

This allows the two to gossip in true drag queen style, which leads to some very funny stuff that will have you howling with laughter.

This episode is a royal treat for any fans of drag queens and especially fans of Monet X Change.

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The Sound Of Music With Frisbee Jenkins

Frisbee Jenkins is a drag queen from Iowa, and in this episode, Trixie invites her onto the show to discuss what it is like to be a drag queen within the state.

This also leads the two of them to discuss their early days as drag queens, which leads to some interesting discussions that will help you to appreciate how far each of them has come.

Frisbee makes for a wonderful guest on the show, as they have a great sense of humor, and they are able to really get along with Trixie to create an episode that stands as a veritable drag queen treat!

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A Baby In An Asbestos Bag

This episode alone features some of the wildest and craziest discussions that the show has to offer!

Trixie and Katya, in this episode, discuss a massive number of topics as the two take to the show just to chat.

This episode has become a favorite amongst fans, because it allows the two hosts to relax in one-another’s company and just chat about whatever takes their fancy.

Hearing Trixie and Katya be a little more candid and a little less performative is truly wonderful, so the episode stands as one of the best things to tune into if you are a massive fan of either of the two queens.

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A Cherry Poppin’ Christmas With Macy Rodman

Macy Rodman is a fantastic musician with an incredibly eclectic musical style, and this episode is dedicated to exploring and celebrating that music, as Trixie and Katya take the opportunity to ask about Macy’s influences, and how she manages to create such imaginative and creative music.

They also talk to her about her impressive Caitlyn Jenner impression, which gets Trixie and Katya laughing in no time.

It is a surprisingly on-point impersonation. They also discuss Wendy Williams and her often unintentional comedic genius on her show. It’s a laugh-a-minute affair!

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Revisiting Our Very First Episode

This is an incredibly moving episode as the two hosts take a look back at the first ever episode of The Bald And The Beautiful, which allows them to take a look at how far they have come, and how massively their audience has grown with time.

This episode is an easy candidate for one of the best of the series, because it not only features some of the show’s best material, but it is also a direct celebration of everything the show has achieved, and everything it represents.

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