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Best American Scandal Episodes

American Scandal comes from the creators of iconic American History Tellers, Business Wars, and Tides of History.

This podcast aims to take its listeners into the deep and gloomy hearts of the most prolific American scandals.

Best American Scandal Episodes

This dark but addictive podcast forces the listener to face corruption, deceit, and dangerous ambition as it explores what happens when people in power break the rules.

From sleazy politicians to evil surgeons, American Scandal covers it all.

If you frequently find yourself obsessed with the aftermath of a scandal, asking yourself questions like ‘who is to blame?’ and ‘how did it go so wrong?’, listening to the American Scandal podcast is sure to become your new favorite way to pass the time.

As with any established podcast, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve listed our favorite episodes of American Scandal below.

There should be something for everyone from the Three Mile Island to Big Tobacco. Check them out below.

The Plame Affair | The Investigation

The Plame affair was a prolific political scandal. It revolved around Robert Novak, a journalist, and how he publicly revealed Valery Plume as a covert Central Intelligence Agency in 2003.

In this episode, American Scandal discusses the investigation of the Bush administration due to its role in the leak.

The strain on Valerie Plume’s life is also explored, as well as the agonizing decisions faced by reporter Judith Miller due to her role in the leak.

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The Osage Murders | A Shrinking Family

The Osage murders, also known as the Osage Indian murders, were a sequence of violent murders in Oklahoma. The 60+ victims were all wealthy, full-blood Osage Native Americans.

This episode of American Scandal explores the story of a victim’s sister who is desperate for answers. On her hunt for the truth, she uncovers a shocking conspiracy.

It is theorized that the murders in this community were to take over their land and wealth.

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Three Mile Island | The Domino Effect

The Three Mile Island scandal occurred when a nuclear reactor, known as Three Mile Island, experienced a partial breakdown.

It is currently the most significant commercial nuclear power plant accident to have taken place in the U.S.

This episode of American Scandal discusses, in great detail, what went wrong from the moment on March 28, 1979, when Bill Zewe heard an unusual alarm while working at Three Mile Island.

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Enron | A Sense Of Urgency

The failure and bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation had significant consequences for Wall Street.

The downfall of the once corporate giant forced several employees to the verge of a financial crisis.

This episode of American Scandal constitutes a deep dive into the reality of working for the Enron Corporation.

During the 1990s, Enron was the leading energy company in the US. However, staff members describe horrifying accounting practices and workplace culture.

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Waco | The Raid

The Waco massacre, otherwise known as the Waco siege, was the siege led by law enforcement on the Branch Davidians compound.

It resulted in a 51-day standoff between the Branch Davidians and federal agents. The standoff ended when the compound was destroyed.

This episode of the American scandal is ideal for those who want to understand the origins of this complicated event in great detail.

It explores how a chance encounter sets the course for an unimaginably large conflict between federal forces and the Branch Davidians.

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The Breakup Of Big Oil | The Hunt

Standard Oil was an American company and corporate trust that was the industrial empire of John D. Rockefeller and his associates.

This company was responsible for almost all US oil production, processing, marketing, and transportation.

However, Standard Oil broke up in 1911 due to a 1906 lawsuit brought against it by the US government.

This episode of American Scandal follows Ida Tarbell’s investigation into Standard Oil and how her work threatened to expose Rockefeller’s deepest secrets.

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The Ice Pick Surgeon | Neural Implants And Superhumans

In 1945, a renowned American surgeon called Walter Freeman developed the ice pick lobotomy, a controversial treatment that was thought to cure a range of mental illnesses.

It was a cheap and quick procedure that consisted of driving an ice pick through the eye socket and manipulating the prefrontal lobes.

Earlier episodes of this series discuss the history of this treatment in detail.

However, this episode is fascinating. It discusses the growing concerns around a new form of brain surgery that sounds, in part, like science fiction.

However, could this be history repeating itself? Listen to this episode to learn more.

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Balco | Interview With Mark Fainaru Wada And Lance Williams

The BALCO scandal involved professional athletes using performance-enhancing substances.

BALCO, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, supplied several athletes with anabolic steroids designed to be relatively undetected by drug testing.

This episode of American Scandal is a little different from the others.

The host talks with Mark Fainaru Wada and Lance Williams, the journalists who exposed the Balco scandal and were close to going to jail.

They are also the authors of a leading book on this scandal, titled Game of Shadows.

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Volkswagen Diesel Scandal | Uncovering The Truth

The Volkswagen Diesel scandal, also known as the ‘diesel dude,’ was exposed when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discovered that a considerable number of VW cars being sold in America included a ‘defeat defense’ software.

This software could detect when the vehicle was being tested and would change the performance to improve the results.

Specifically, the German car giant cheated on several emissions tests in the US.

This episode of American Scandal follows the experience of Cynthia Giles, a senior official at the EPA, who helped to negotiate a settlement with Volkswagen.

She joins the host to tell listeners behind-the-scenes stories from this scandal.

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