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Best Afford Anything Episodes

Could you imagine what it must be like to be able to afford anything your mind desires?

You’re not alone in fantasizing about such a goal! That’s why the fantastic Afford Anything podcast exists in the first place!

Best Afford Anything Episodes

The show is hosted by Paula Pant, an enterprising and financially literate woman who always manages to find a way to get a deal in every moment of her life.

Perhaps her most outstanding achievement, however, is managing to achieve the much-fabled goal of financial independence!

How did Paula manage to reach such a lofty goal? And what does her life look like now?

This show is dedicated to exploring Paula’s career and the amazing things she has managed to achieve already.

If you want to experience the splendor of the show for yourself, then I recommend trying out the excellent episodes listed below. Read on to get started!

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Episode 376 – How Can My 64-Year-Old Mom Handle A Toxic Boss?

Learning how to deal with a toxic boss can be hard enough as it is, so imagine having to help your aging mother to deal with the abuse she receives from her own.

What are you supposed to do in such a situation?

Paula seeks to find an answer to this tough question in one of many ‘Ask Paula’ segments that fans have come to love.

Paula has an excellent talent for deftly weaving an intelligent response to any question, and her compassion truly shines through with every answer.

This episode shows this off best, as she provides excellent answers to some of the episode’s biggest questions.

Episode 376

Episode 359 – The Four Quadrants Of A Successful Life

Andrew Hallam joins Paula for this classic episode where the two discuss the concept of the “Four quadrants.”

Andrew Hallam’s story is incredibly inspiring, as he acquired a millionaire’s fortune on a teacher’s salary. But how did he manage to do this?

Andrew is a great proponent of the four quadrants theory, which suggests that four unique elements in every life help determine success.

Andrew speaks, in this episode, about how listeners can learn to control the quadrants for their gain to achieve their own goals.

Andrew is a very inspiring speaker, and even Paula finds herself completely astonished at some of his excellent tips and tricks.

Episode 359

Episode 342 – Ask Paula: How To Make Smarter Real Estate Decisions

Investing in real estate can be a fantastic way to make extra money.

The only trouble is that getting a headstart in real estate investments takes a lot of effort and knowledge. It can be pretty easy to fail, and thus you need the perfect teacher.

Paula sets out in this episode to take a deep look at what it takes to make it in the world of real estate investments and how listeners can make smarter decisions and get closer to their financial dreams.

It’s inspiring listening that will have you considering getting into the real estate world to make a little extra cash.

Episode 342

Episode 322 – Ask Paula – I Want To Retire At 50; How Do I Bridge The Gap?

One of the most significant benefits of achieving financial independence is the chance to retire much earlier than many people usually do.

It is often why many people choose to aim for such a goal.

But how do you make that dream a reality? Is it possible? And is it possible to retire even earlier than you were expecting?

This episode is a must-listen if you want to find answers to such big questions.

Paula also takes a look to find out if it is ever too late to plan for early retirement and start aiming for financial independence. What she finds out might surprise you!

Episode 322

Episode 302 – The Financial Benefits Of Optimism

It can be effortless to forget just how much of an impact a positive outlook and a can-do attitude can have, and this episode serves as the perfect reminder.

Special guest Michelle Gielan joins the show in this episode to discuss how an optimistic attitude can be used to further financial gain and make achieving goals a little more possible and a little more likely.

This is a fantastic episode full of joy and one of the most inspiring in the series’ extensive catalog.

Episode 302

Episode 297 – Should I Househack Or Pay Off My Student Loans?

One of the biggest hurdles many young people face when they head off to college is the immense and daunting threat of student loans.

While they prove useful in helping you to get to college, they can ultimately come back to bite you in the future without careful planning and consideration.

The main question in this episode concerns whether one listener should invest in a househack or relent and pay off their student loans.

It takes Paula some time to come to a conclusion, as it is quite a nuanced issue.

This episode puts Paula’s talents to the test, and in usual style, she eventually comes out on top!

Episode 297

Episode 272 – Ask Paula – I’m Three Years From Retirement. How Should I Invest?

Whether it is ever too late to start investing is one that haunts many people across the investment world.

Is it possible to be “too late” to invest, and what can be done if one is too late?

In one of the show’s best episodes, Paula endeavors to find out what one listener can do with their investments, even though they are only a few years away from their eventual retirement.

The conclusion that Paula comes to by the end of the episode shows off her positive and free-thinking attitude wonderfully.

Episode 272