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Best Absolutely Not Episodes

Sometimes you just need a space to complain and rant about things, and the Absolutely Not! Podcast is the perfect space for that.

Join host Heather McMahan as she takes to the show to rant off about any topic that comes to mind, though particularly the things that make life challenging.

Best Absolutely Not Episodes

The show is very cathartic to listen to, so do you want to join in with the relaxing nature of the show yourself?

Check out these perfect episodes right now to hear the show’s absolute best! Read on below to get started!

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Luck Of The Irish

Heather feels that there was a role that she was simply born to play, and in this episode of her podcast, she reveals all about that role.

This episode is perfect if you want to know Heather a little better, as you can hear about the things that drive and inspire her.

Heather is also in top form in this episode as she finds herself ranting throughout the entire run time on topics such as glasses, as well as some of the crazy stories she has from her recent tour.

Heather is absolutely fantastic and totally hilarious, and this episode perfectly shows off why, making it great for beginners and long-time fans alike.

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Rollerskates On An Escalator

If the name of this episode is any indication at all, you can bet that this episode has a totally wild and funny story involving roller skates on an escalator, and the dangerous consequences of such things meeting.

You’ll find yourself wondering how Heather ever found herself in a situation such as this, and how she gets out of it is just as funny.

Heather also gets a little more serious and takes a deep look at some of the pressures that come about from working in the entertainment industry, and the challenges that those pressures bring.

It’s quite sobering and reminds us that celebrities do not necessarily have it easy.

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Shake, Rattle, & Roll, BLOCK

Heather wastes no time in kicking this episode off with a rant about a woman, Margret, who kept constantly interrupting some very private moments at home.

The words that Heather chooses to use to describe this woman are totally hilarious, and it’s so good to hear her at her most cutting.

She also details her recent experiences at a baseball game for the Braves, and how she was totally shaken up!

This episode also features the return of a fan-favorite part of the show in which Heather responds to some listener stories from the past week and learns a great deal about them.

There’s something quite comforting in knowing that other people are having a tough time just like you.

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George Clooney With Special Guest Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels is the surprise guest of this episode and helps to make it even more enjoyable than your average episode.

Jeff Daniels is best known for his many acting roles, as well as his immensely hilarious characters in films such as Dumb And Dumber.

The two waste no time and get right to chatting about Hollywood megastar George Clooney, including what makes him so devilishly handsome, and some of the awesome roles he has played.

They also discuss Heather’s recent trip to Venice, a trip, during which, Heather has spent far too much money indulging in some of the best luxuries that life has to offer!

This episode is great because the inclusion of a guest gives Heather something to play off of and develop material on the spot with.

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Reverse Results

Heather has decided to take on a total cleanse, which means she also has to take on a fairly significant diet, which means that she is totally on edge throughout the episode, which helps to make her rants all the more powerful and hilarious.

Hearing her detail what the diet involves, and trying to motivate herself to continue to reap the rewards is very funny.

And this episode also features a long look at the hotline and some listener stories from the prior week.

Heather takes some slight comfort in knowing that other people have had a week just as tough as hers.

Some of the listener stories are totally out-there and are sure to surprise you.

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Mild Anesthesia 

Due to recovering from very recent surgery, Heather is still feeling some of the lucid effects of the anesthetic she was under, so, in her words, she records the podcast in a state of total high!

This means that she has somehow managed to become even funnier than she already was, and the anesthesia causes her to rant at a mile a minute.

Listener stories also feature strongly in this episode, as Heather explores stories that run the gamut from totally ordinary to totally bonkers.

Listen to this episode if you want to hear Heather at her funniest, reacting to some of the best material she has ever had to work with.

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Hollywood Tower Of Terror

It’s Heather’s birthday! So you can bet she is in the mood to celebrate by ranting off about some of the many things that have ticked her off this week!

Could you honestly say you expected anything else from her?

The birthday celebrations clearly have Heather in high spirits, and this makes for a very enjoyable and funny episode to listen to.

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Heather isn’t great with tech, so when things start failing all around her, this leaves her in the perfect mood to get to ranting and raving!

The episode begins with Heather exploring her technological woes, before then moving on to talk about her upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations, and what she plans to do to celebrate the beloved holiday.

Hearing that someone as talented and funny as Heather has trouble with technology is very funny, but also quite comforting.

Listen on absolutelynot.libsyn.com.