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Best Podcasts for Travel. Experience Wanderlust

Podcasts prove to be an amazing asset for the people who love to travel. From beautiful travel stories, helpful information to providing travel inspiration and information about the nomadic lifestyle, there are travel podcasts for each of these categories and so much more. Catering to the needs of adventure lovers we have formulated a list of the best travel podcasts from all around the world.

All of these podcasts talk about everything from the best places to visit in a particular locality to the amazing food which is famous in that region. Up for a long flight haul? Plugin those earphones and brush up on your travel knowledge.

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Review of the Best Travel Podcasts

 1. The Dirtbag Diaries:

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The first episode of this podcast was released in 2007 and since then it has been a great hit among the travelers. It narrates the stories of amazing outdoor adventures which include trekking through dense forests, skiing past ice-covered terrains, and running across the green fields and so much more.

This podcast is meant for every athlete, every dreamer and every wanderer who is looking for some adrenaline rush. The best thing about the podcast is the fact that all the episodes have been consistent in the quality offered.

Best Episode: The episode titled ‘Tales of Terror’ is ranked #1 in the list of the best episodes of this podcast. As the name suggests, the host talks about his experience in no man’s land and how he made it alive back home from Afghanistan. He also talks about his experience in Tahoe and how his imagination, passion, and creativity paved him a road back to home.

2. JUMP with Traveling Jackie:

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Previously known as the Budget-Minded Traveler, Jump features as its host. Her narrative is gripping and one that compels every listener to step out and enjoy the beauty of nature. She provides valuable information regarding how to optimize the budget while traveling. So what are you waiting for? Leap and Explore across the globe with this podcast.

Best Episode: The ‘Interview with the Bensons’ episode of this podcast is the most sought-after. In this episode, she interviews a family of five where all of them share the same wanderlust. They talk about their travel tales and how they sold off all their belongings to tour around the world and how their trip transformed them into the person that they are today.

3. The 10Adventures Podcast

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Satiate your wanderlust with the 10Adventures Podcast– the go-to for all things adventure travel. Tune in weekly as 10Adventures founder, Richard Campbell, hosts inspiring conversations with outdoor enthusiasts and passionate travelers from around the globe to enlighten listeners on the accessibility of meaningful adventures.

Hear first-hand from ordinary people living extraordinary experiences—from cross-country cycle touring through Vietnam to thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and everything in between! Packed with tips, tricks, and tales, the 10Adventures Podcast will unearth your harbored desire for adventure travel.

Best episode: Check out “Tour d’Afrique: An Epic Cycle Tour from Cairo to Cape Town” and live vicariously via an intrepid adventurer who biked over 12,000km through Africa at the age of 22. Offering inspiration and anecdotes, this exciting episode will undoubtedly inspire your next big adventure.

4. Chronicles Abroad:

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This podcast is hosted by the duo Nubia Younge and Frantzce Lys who talk about their adventures abroad. They will take you on an adventurous ride as they explore the pros and cons of living in different cities. They are always on their toes exploring and trying out new things. I bet all the episodes of this podcast will keep you hooked till the very end.

Best Episode: The episode which features ‘Yan and Lee’ is the best episode of this podcast. The couple talks about how they paid off their debts to live abroad. They narrate their story about how after graduating from a college in the United States, they were unable to land a job and with debts to pay off, they finally decided to take matters into their own hands. Thus how their journey of living overseas started.

5. Extra Pack of Peanuts:

Listen to it here

If you are looking for a podcast that teaches you tips and tricks to spend within your budget while on a trip, then this is the perfect podcast for you. The host of the show, Travis interviews various travel bloggers, nomads, and entrepreneurs among several other significant people who share their travel experiences and teach the way to embark on an adventurous yet affordable trip.

Best Episode: The episode “7 Lessons Learned” is a must-listen. In this episode, Travis interviews Heather as he talks about his life experiences that he gathered from living in a foreign country, independently for more than seven years.

6. Women on the Road:

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This podcast is telecasted biweekly and it focuses on the travel story of the solo woman travelers. Join them as they enhance the #girlpower and share their travel experiences. The hostess Laura Hughes interviews these daunting ladies as they narrate the challenges they faced while living the nomadic lifestyle and how they overcame each hurdle that nature threw in their way.

Best Episode: The episode where Laura interviews Abbi Hearne is the best of the lot. The duo talks about several things which girls need to know if they are planning to go on a solo trip; including the hardships faced and the lessons learned. Abbi is a wedding photographer who is always on the run, flying from one city to another. She shares her yarn of the limitations she faced while building her dream business.

7. Taste Trekkers’ Find Dining Podcast:

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It is a dining podcast which has proven to be a dream come true for food lovers. The host of the podcast, Seth Resler interviews culinary experts from all around the globe. These guests give an insight into their local dining scene, the foods which are famous among the community there.

If you are searching for the best place to try out some sushi while in say, Dubai then this podcast will prove to be a savior. The podcast provides an insight into the traditional dishes of a particular place and the best place to savor these dishes. It is mainly meant for the foodies on the go or the travelers who love to eat.

Best Episode: Episode No. 115 titled ‘A Look at the Food Museum’ is the most sought-after episode of this podcast. In this episode, Seth who is also the founder of ‘Mystery Meet’ talks to the local food bloggers about their favorite restaurants in different places. The natives talk about their likes and dislikes and also the place where their staple food can be found.

8. Travel with Rick Steves:

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The seventh podcast on our list is ‘Travel with Rick Steves’ where Rick interviews guests who talk about their travel experiences. He is an American writer, traveler, author, and explorer. This podcast is telecasted weekly and shares a deep insight into the guests’ travel stories.

It also explores the cultural and traditional aspects of the place which they are touring. Tune in to listen to this travel classic and never miss out on the great travel stories of the guests.

Best Episode: Episode no. 595 which is titled ‘The Story of Spanish; First Timer’s Spain’ is the most sought after episode. In this episode, Rick explores the birth of the Spanish language along with a special guest.

The duo talks about how the Spanish language crossed all linguistic barriers and emerged as one of the most important languages of the world. They also talk about the must-visit places in Spain and the massive art collection which they should not miss out on seeing in any case.

9. Wild Ideas Worth Living:

Listen to it here

The host of this podcast, Shelby Stranger is a famous journalist. She interviews people from all around the globe who have successfully executed their wild ideas which includes climbing the tallest mountain, swimming across oceans, surviving through days in the wildlife and so much more. The podcast inspires people to follow their dream and turn it into reality.

Best Episode: The episode that features the interview with Alex Hannold is the best so far. It has a 5-star rating. Alex is one of the most renowned mountain climbers in the world. He talks about his traveling experience and the hardships he faced while climbing the top of the El Capitan. He is the first person to have solo reached this particular place.

10. The Rough Guide to Everywhere:

Listen to it here

If you are looking for some extraordinary yarns that possess the capability to make you visit different places just by following the voice, then this podcast is meant for you. It is the home to all the untold travel stories which are yet to be discovered, yet to be narrated and yet to be experienced by the lot.

Best Episode: The episode titles ‘Best Spots on Earth’ is a must listen to. In this episode, the host shares his experiences of the times when he crunched through the snow-filled roads, leaped from one cliff to another. In this episode, the host interviews Shafik Meghji, who is a famous travel writer. He shares one of his recent stories based on his personal experience while traveling across South Atlantic.

11. EcoLust:

Listen to it here

Looking for an eco-friendly travel podcast, then your search ends here. The hosts, Chris Minehan and Hayley Tillard are Australian Millennials who wander around the planet sustainably. In each episode, they talk about their latest tour that they have embarked on in an eco-friendly manner. They also talk about their stay in the families which make use of eco-friendly products to lead a sustainable life.

Best Episode: The episode Minimalist Van Life in New Zealand is one of the best-rated episodes so far. The hosts interview the modern nomads who live in vans. They talk about their experiences about living in a van and the kind of money which is needed to lead a good eco-friendly life in New Zealand. It is lovely hearing them talk about how they are living their bohemian life in full swing.