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10 Podcasts Like The Teacher’s Pet

The Teacher’s Pet is one of the most successful podcast series ever produced.

10 Podcasts Like The Teacher's Pet

This crime podcast explores the immense and mysterious case of Lynette Dawson, who went missing entirely without a trace in 1982 and has still yet to be found.

The show has regularly drawn millions of listeners to every episode and still has a very loyal fanbase that sings its praises every day.

The show has consistently ranked in the number one spot in multiple countries, and it is not hard to see why.

You’ve likely listened to the show yourself, and now you are pining for a show that will scratch a similar itch.

I know how difficult such a search can be, so I’ve gone through the difficult work of finding ten of the best podcasts like The Teacher’s Pet. Read on below to find out what they are!

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Serial is one of the best crime-oriented podcasts I have ever had the joy of listening to.

The show is immaculately produced and has a very professional sheen throughout that will have you feeling like you’ve found your way into a super-secret murder investigation.

Each season of Serial tells a unique story throughout a few episodes.

This is a slightly slower approach than what similar podcasts often take, allowing the show to go fully in-depth into every case it investigates.

It helps you get a much clearer picture of the case, which enables you to feel further involved, making the whole show much more engaging from moment to moment.

This format also makes it very similar to The Teacher’s Pet, which was a slow burn.

Season one of the show concerns the disappearance of high school senior Hae Min Lee, who was found dead and clearly a victim of strangulation a month later.

Her ex-boyfriend was the prime suspect and was sentenced to life in prison.

Many believe that he is not guilty, while many do, so the season explores the many angles of the case to get closer to the truth.

Season two instead explores the story of a former Afghanistan soldier who is saved after being a five-year prisoner of war.

Initially celebrated as a hero, he is soon believed to be a deserter and a traitor. This season explores just what went down to cause such a monumental perception shift.

Finally, season three explores some of the immense cases that have passed through the doors of one courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio.

This series, hosted by Sarah Koenig, an award-winning journalist, has won countless awards and is a must-listen for crime fans.

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Criminal does not mess about, as indicated by its no-nonsense name.

This series is one of the most popular crime podcasts the world over, thanks in part to the incredible stories explored in each episode.

Each episode starts with a short introduction before delving straight into the meat of the matter.

Each story is told very straightforwardly, but there is always something interesting behind the scenes.

These stories are incredibly compelling, and you’ll find yourself binging episode after episode. One is never enough when it comes to this fantastic show.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will keep you hooked until the next episode, then Criminal should be at the top of your list.

Each episode is perfectly realized and uses reliable sources to bring each story to life and unravel every mystery.

One of the most extraordinary things about the series is its use of interviews to flesh out its investigations.

And to make the investigation feel much more personal and human, which helps draw you further in.

The show is hosted by Phoebe Judge, who expertly walks you through every story and often has numerous guests to keep you on your toes.

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Someone Knows Something

There is an unsettling fact at the back of your mind whenever you listen to episodes of this show, and that is the fact that ‘someone knows something,’ and they are not letting on to it.

This fact helps to make this one of the most engaging and unsettling crime podcasts on this list, perfect for The Teacher’s Pet fans.

David Ridgen, the show host, has an immense storytelling talent as he effortlessly carries you through each step of the investigation.

His talent Creates a complete picture of the story that makes every episode flow by like a breeze.

David is also great at bending the podcast form to create amazing narrative experiments that pay off massively.

Each episode will have your mind bending all over as it pieces together all of the small details of the investigation until the mystery finally unravels itself.

Each season also follows its own story, as David seeks to find out who knows more about the case and how he can draw more information out.

It’s intensely unsettling and will always have you coming back for more and more.

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Crimetown Podcast

Crimetown is a fantastic podcast that you owe it to yourself to check out.

Instead of simply focusing on specific types of crime or a particular crime across a season, this show focuses on the most significant crimes in specific areas.

For instance, season 2 is focused entirely on crimes that took place in Detroit, Michigan.

This is fantastic as it helps you gain a clearer picture of real cities.

The format helps to remind you throughout each episode that each of the crimes discussed in the series is real and occurred within the real world.

This helps to make the series much more unsettling.

Because of its focus on specific cities, the series also illuminates the United States’ long history of issues surrounding things such as race, poverty, policing, and the war on drugs.

Thus, the series can illuminate the past and the present moment, which makes the show highly relevant today.

Zac Stuart-Pontier and Marc Smerling co-host the show.

These two have rich histories as journalists, writers, and filmmakers, making them highly gifted storytellers, making them perfectly suited to the job.

Every episode is very easy to listen to, as the pair walks you through every aspect of every story to give you a much clearer picture.

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Up And Vanished

Payne Lindsey, the lead host for Up And Vanished, is a celebrated documentarian and filmmaker who has an evident passion for the crime stories he presents in his highly popular podcast series.

The central focus of this series is cold cases, in which the missing person in question has still not been found, alive or dead.

This makes it a perfect recommendation for fans of The Teacher’s Pet, which focuses solely on a cold case that is still investigated today.

Each season is dedicated to a specific case, which allows each episode to delve further and further into the rabbit hole.

The deep dive helps create a much more vibrant portrait of the crime at hand.

Each episode is perfectly produced in terms of sound; the show’s website is also immaculately built to be explored as you listen.

So that you can piece together the mystery in your mind as you go.

Finding the episodes you want is also incredibly easy, which helps to set it apart from many crime podcasts out there.

The show has earned itself many awards and accolades and is highly acclaimed by audiences around the world.

Audiences who love to tune in to hear interesting and unsettling crime stories that have since gone cold. This is the draw of the show.

The listener is drawn to engage with the show in hopes of solving the mystery themselves!

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Sword And Scale

If you want a crime podcast that pushes the limits and explores some of the worst crimes in human history that will have your stomach turning, then this is the show for you.

Sword And Scale set itself apart thanks to its more grim nature and willingness to explore some of the most depraved crimes imaginable.

This makes it perfect for those amongst you with a morbid sense of curiosity!

The show is hosted by the wonderfully charismatic Mike Boudet, who has a silky smooth voice that can easily glide you through the events of every story, despite their more grim nature.

The show also uses intertextual elements, such as police recordings, court testimonies, interviews with victims, and sometimes even the perpetrators.

This gives the show an interesting audio texture that makes it incredibly interesting to listen to every time.

Each episode is broken down into three parts, all extremely engaging and fascinating.

The first part looks at the crime itself, the second part delves deeper into the investigation, and the third part looks at what happened after the incident.

This show is not for the faint of heart, but if you want grisly crimes, then this is the show for you.

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In The Dark

This is another podcast series that carefully investigates all manner of criminal cases, whether they be solved or not.

Each season is focused on another crime and the investigation and trial that occurred due to it.

Madeleine Baran is the host of the series, and her history as an investigative journalist allows her to be the best possible host for the show.

She brings a level of professionalism and expertise to the table that sets the show apart from others.

Her ability to connect with listeners also sets In The Dark apart from other shows.

Each episode is broken down into two parts, one looking at the case itself and the other looking at how the case was resolved or who was prosecuted for it.

These two parts are always fascinating and often shocking. It’s a great way to get a feel for the true horror of these sorts of crimes.

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The Last Podcast On The Left

Since we’ve taken a good look at some fairly grim crime podcasts, why don’t we take a quick breather and focus on a more comedic take on the crime podcast genre?

The Last Podcast On The Left is hosted by close friends who enjoy discussing horror stories, especially those surrounding crime and serial killers.

The show is unique because it doesn’t just discuss the actual crimes themselves but also the people behind them.

For example, there are many episodes where the gang discusses various theories about the killer’s identity.

The group also injects their iconic and joyous sense of humor into every single episode.

So you know that, while being unsettled by the crimes, there are still plenty of laughs to be had.

This series is a great listen if you are a true crime or murder fan who wants to get to know real-world cases better while still having fun doing it!

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The Lady Vanishes

This incredible podcast is perfect for filling the gap in your soul left by The Teacher’s Pet.

The show’s story concerns the disappearances of teacher and mother Marion Barter, who went missing in 1997.

One of the things that makes this podcast so enjoyable to listen to is the daughter’s constant search to find her mother.

Still to this day, she continues to search for her, refusing to believe that she would otherwise willingly walk out on her.

This makes the show quite heart-wrenching, which helps to make some of the twists all the more impactful.

There are some serious gut punches in this series. It will blow your mind and get your tears flowing.

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The Disappearance Of Des

Desmond Francis Carr set out in 1979 to explore the Australian outback and was never seen again.

There are some mind-blowing landscapes across the world, but few quite compare to the immensity of the Australian outback.

This vast desert is known for its arid environment, with plenty of intense temperatures and sands as far as the eye can see.

It would be easy to find yourself lost here, especially when going it alone. However, Des did not simply die of dehydration in the desert.

Many circumstances could have led to his disappearance, and this podcast attempts to investigate every last one.

As each episode moves further and further through the story, it becomes clearer that Des did not simply find himself lost in the outback.

But the final pervading question is why he would head out there in the first place.

This highly engaging podcast will keep you listening and will undoubtedly send chills throughout your body.

The way the show analyzes every case clue helps you feel like you are involved in the investigation.

This further makes it easy to binge through in a matter of days!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I listen to The Teacher’s Pet?

In 2019 The Teacher’s Pet posted an update episode that preparation for the trial was taking place. Due to the trial the podcast is unavailable to listen to in Australia for fear of prejudicing the jury. But if you are outside of Australia, you should be able to listen to The Teacher’s Trial, where you find your podcast.

Who made Teacher’s Pet podcast?

Hedley Thomas, journalist, hosts the show. Slade Gibson produces the podcast, and it is all published by the Australian Newspaper.