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Best Podcast Hosting Services

Podcasting has seen increased use in recent years. There is a massive market for it. So huge that estimates for advertising revenue could hit $659 million in the US in 2020 compared to revenue of $169 million in 2016. That’s a whole lot.

With this booming market and a steadily increasing base, it is clear to say that podcasting has carved a place for itself amongst the top mainstream media forms.

What’s the reason for this craze? Well, podcasting is one of the most convenient media forms out there. It’s relatively cheap both production-wise and for users, offers you a vast array of choices, and is quite versatile to use, since a wide range of devices play podcasts.

It is not very surprising, then, that loads of people are interested in finding consistent platforms to host podcasts.

Podcasters are particularly attentive to finding just the right platform, as putting their work out is very important. Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the top -in our opinion- 30 podcast hosting sites just for you.

1. BuzzSprout

BuzzSprout is one of the top sites for hosting podcasts on the planet. It has a colorful user interface with a lot of relevant features such as a statistics option, a pretty sweet embeddable player, and transcription.

Relevant features coupled with excellent customer service and simple yet elegant design translates well with the satisfaction of podcasters (and they’ve got over 100,000 of them).

Its excellent service, however, translates to a premium, although there is a free subscription option with certain limitations. Podcasters love the quality service so much that not many podcasters think about the $12/month price tag on their services.

2. Libsyn

Libsyn is another quite popular hosting site, and rightfully so too. It has experience on its side (it’s been around since 2004), and it uses it to its advantage. The interface is quite efficient and straightforward, It has all the data and statistics that one would expect, and it has integrated features for iTunes.

Libsyn is, in fact, the biggest podcast hosting service out there in terms of traffic.

There are billions of downloads yearly on the platform, far out-shadowing the performance of other platforms. And with a starting price of $5 a month for their services, it is no wonder that they are as widely used as they are.

One challenge they have, however, is the lack of a free-to-use option, which many competitors have integrated successfully.

However, that hasn’t seemed to affect the client base of Libsyn much, and it continues to thrive to date.

3. Blubrry

Blubrry boasts the “Largest Podcast Directory in the World,” with 750,000 podcasts on the site.

While it is a mighty impressive feat, it doesn’t take away from the other remarkable achievements of the service, from WordPress integration to statistics and a pretty broad user base, Blubrry ticks all the boxes for podcasters.

Pricing starts at $12 for 100MB of storage each month, and increasing up to about $80 per month for unlimited storage, the price isn’t outrageous, though there are cheaper options available in the market.

That aside, though, Blubrry offers excellent quality for money and a platform that stands out as one of the best for hosting podcasts.

4. PodBean

PodBean’s selling point is the free use of their platform. Amongst the loads of hosting services out there, it stands out because of the seemingly outrageous promise it makes: free, unlimited podcast hosting. This tactic has worked efficiently for the brand, as thousands of podcasters have been swayed by this, making PodBean one of the largest hosting sites on the planet.

In terms of services, PodBean does well to compete with major paid brands.

From having a pretty compact range of distribution to receiving statistics to managing ads, PodBean holds its own on the market. And all for the price of nothing? Sign us up!

And with full accessibility across various device platforms, you can get it up and running anywhere. Maybe the best things in life are free.

5. Captivate

Captivate is a pretty amazing platform. With customizability, an integrated player, compatibility with various websites, batch uploading amongst others, there isn’t much not to like about it. You also get your analytics function, a schedule timer, and WordPress integration.

It ensures that your podcasts are as compact as possible with as little effort as possible, a critical factor that creatives appreciate.

Captivate has so many useful features packed in, that it seems to be a one-stop for many podcasters out there. The attention to detail is quite impressive, and they back it up with dependable customer service. Considering all these factors, it doesn’t come as a surprise how successful they are.

6. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is easily one of the most recognizable brands out there in the market. It is not without a robust and consistent reputation.

Started in 2007, SoundCloud offers users the use of its platform to host audio of basically any kind.

Their flexibility has led to it being called the “YouTube of audio” by some, which wouldn’t be particularly wrong. SoundCloud only recently opened up its platform to podcasting, having been music hosting and streaming service for most of its existence.

SoundCloud has a pretty cool user experience for podcasters (which is pretty standard at this point) and integrated RSS to share your podcasts easily. Pretty neat, if you ask us.

7. Castos

Castos, like a few other hosting sites out there, is capable of integration with WordPress with Seriously Simple Podcasting. This feature allows you to post and manage podcasts right from WordPress.

We know, it’s quite nifty. It also has a neat-looking embeddable player and a slick-looking dashboard fitted with key tools for podcast management.

Pricing-wise, Castos isn’t exactly cheap. At $19 each month, it will undoubtedly leave a more significant dent than many other offerings. It is an excellent value for money with a variety of options and services offered.

8. Podcasts.com

Yet another common free hosting platform is Podcasts.com. With its free, unlimited storage and downloads, it provides for all the needs most podcasters require and is particularly popular with new and semi-professional podcaster.

Podcasts.com presents a simple-to-use platform. Helping with tiny details like informing subscribers every time you upload new episodes (though this feature is not exclusive to the platform), iTunes integration, Google Analytics, free hosting, and a name you’ll never forget.

It also has a web player and Android and iOS apps, so that subscribers can listen from anywhere.

The site is preferred by podcasters as one of the better free-to-use hosting sites and is hence quite popular. It, however, has been critiqued as having a lack of a premium feel, which really would not be so much of an issue, seeing as the services it offers are free. It generally is quite stable.

9. Anchor

Anchor is a pretty hosting platform for mobile podcasters. They work to ensure that the mobile podcaster market isn’t left out. It combines ease, productivity, and mobility into an app that can be accessed with either Android or iOS devices.

It also includes a website, so their services aren’t exclusive to just mobile devices.

Management is a factor that Anchor has taken great care with, ensuring that podcasters have as much control over their podcasts as possible with editing and advertisement control. And with a price tag of $0, it is a favorite with mobile podcasters worldwide.

10. Spreaker

Spreaker has a very versatile range of pricing that caters to podcasters of every class. With prices ranging from $0 per month for 10 hours of storage to a robust $120 per month for unlimited storage, it certainly is quite versatile with pricing.

There might be complaints about their unlimited price being a little too high compared with other podcast hosting sites, but that hasn’t deterred their client base, and they seem to be thriving quite well.

With Spreaker, you get an attractive user interface, compatibility with mobile devices, and simplicity.

11. PodOmatic

PodOmatic tries to keep things as simple as possible. Its main attraction is offering a quick account so you can get creative in as little time as possible.

The site itself gives the impression that you could just pop in and get started on your first podcast right away, and it wouldn’t be so inaccurate in this inference.

Some features enjoyed by podcasters on PodOmatic include a pretty active community, ease of recording and uploading through the various services like iTunes and Google Podcasts, and a player that you can embed on your website, or access directly on Facebook or Twitter.

PodOmatic also offers freed and paid service from $0 to the premium price of $60 per month.

12. Transistor

Transistor is one of the more premium and exclusive podcast hosting sites. It is inarguable a brand-oriented site, boasting brands like Lew Later, Basecamp, and Ashley Baxter on their platform.

People would tell you that Transistor is a site for the true professional podcasters, and they’d be quite right about it. What this translates to is that with the exclusive image they have created, more professionals are drawn in, making it one of the most trusted sites for podcasters.

Transistor also offers public and private podcasting, multiple hosting, great analytics, and a pretty cool-looking embeddable player covered by a single account plan.

Transistor starts at about $19 a month, with higher subscriptions for higher download allowances. However, you can also get a 14-day free trial of the excellent service they provide.

13. BlogTalkRadio

If you’re looking for one of the older, more successful, and established brands in podcast hosting, look no further than BlogTalkRadio. The site labels itself “the world’s largest online talk radio hosting platform.”

One of the points of appeal with this hosting platform is the very well done live broadcasting feature, with the call-in feature which seems to take the things we love about podcasting and mash it up with a feature we love from the radio.

It also offers a pretty standard podcasting experience and leeway with monetization through ads.

Price-wise, BlogTalkRadio stands out. From a free basic plan for 30 hours of storage a month to a pricier $250 a month for unlimited storage, the site seems to have a pretty wide range.

14. ZenCast

ZenCast offers quality service for recording and broadcasting podcasts. With unlimited episodes, downloads and storage, a great dashboard to check statistics and manage your podcasts, and multi-platform compatibility, ZenCast is as standard quality as you can get in the market.

It also gives a no ads guarantee around or in your podcasts (save for the ones you choose to integrate, of course).

ZenCast also features RSS Feed, free additional website hosting, and of course, a podcast player. These features aren’t cheap, though. With a starting price of $12 a month, it isn’t exactly the cheapest podcast hosting site. The prices go up from there, reaching $89 a month for its Plus subscription.

15. Audioboom

Audioboom has its core focus on distribution and monetization, so it’s a great site if these are your core focuses as a podcaster. The site has a precise aim, and it does that quite well, with its success built on the trust of thousands of podcasters.

Audioboom’s core drive means that the site has centric features specially designed by its developers to ensure that you have as much control over monetization as possible. The features include a comprehensive analytics system.

For the services they offer, Audiboom gives a price of $9.99 per month, which allows you to upload a maximum of 5 episodes per month and receive up to 10,000 plays.

16. Simplecast

Simplecast is an exceptionally trusted brand. It has a broadcast network accessible with just about every major platform for listening to podcasts like iTunes, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. They also permit collaborations amongst podcasters, which is a pretty nice feature.

Pricing starts at $15 a month, though there are variants of prices for independent podcasters, networks, and businesses. Prices for individuals reach a peak at $85 per month, though companies need to subscribe to a custom plan that matches their requirements.

17. Fireside

Fireside offers users a host of amazing features like a customizable website where podcasters can have episode pages, images, and more. It also boasts added security for podcasters by providing a free SSL (https) certificate for use by all podcasters. They also allow podcasters to create and integrate custom domains so that subscribers can access your podcasts at any time.

One neat feature that they provide is the ability to import podcasts from other sources and platforms straight into the site, with no hassles whatsoever.

Importing is a pretty cool feature if you’re hoping to switch hosting sites, or if you’d like to move recordings from, say, the cloud straight in. As expected, they also provide statistics and analytics, so you can check on just how well your podcasts are doing at any given point in time.

Fireside offers a single price of $19 a month for their services, a pretty neat offer if you ask us.

18. Whooshkaa

If you’re looking for a podcast hosting service that also focuses on monetization, Whooshkaa is the hosting site for you. It uses monetization as a critical factor for drawing in podcasters.

In line with this, you can expect premium analytics and a dogged dedication to marketing and managing ads and sponsorships. Whooshkaa is trusted by corporations like Fox Sport and News Limited, and rightly so.

According to user reviews, Whooshkaa is a consistent, trustworthy hosting service. The fact that it’s free to use is the added cherry on the sundae of quality that the service provides.

19. Podigee

Podigee offers top-tier hosting and analytics and a professional podcast production feature, which sets you up with professionals to ensure that your podcast looks and sounds professional.

Podigree’s Basic plan provides up to 20,000 downloads & streams per month. In contrast, their Professional plan provides professional analytics “with data export and Listener Insights,” unlimited downloads and streams, and a neat-looking podcast player with custom branding.

This subscription plan is, however, custom, and determined by your particular requirements. Podigee offers a 14-day free offer to podcasters; it would be a great option to try out.

20. Acast

Acast is a hosting brand supported by Breakit, Yahoo, CBC, The Guardian, amongst other notable brands. They offer a variety of services, depending on subscriptions. They focus on hosting, analytics, and ads.

So if you’re looking for that sweet balance for your podcasts, then Acast might just be the platform for you.

Acast offers a free starter plan, though it has quite a few restrictions, including the lack of an option to monetize. Their paid plans, starting at $14.99 a month, offers integration with Spotify and Soundcloud, unlimited episodes and downloads, and the potential to monetize.

Their Ace plan offers more features at $29.99 per month, and there is a custom payment option for professionals and businesses.

21. Podcasts Blastoff

Podcast Blastoff’s main selling point is that not only do they permit you to host podcasts on their site, but they also have an extensive library of information available to podcasters. So, you’re not just subscribing to having your podcasts hosted but also developing relevant skills to become a professional podcaster with the various resources at your disposal from tutorials, courses, tips, and tricks.

For the number of resources, you’ll receive, Podcast Blastoff offers a reasonable price of $29.99 for their starter Silver tier, with prices going up to $59.99 a month for their Platinum Tier.

22. Pinecast

Pinecast offers unlimited uploads and downloads. The site has a pretty good user interface. It is loaded with features like a feedback option, so your audience gets to let you know just how they feel about your podcasts, and a tipping option that podcasters seem to like (who doesn’t want tips?).

It also offers excellent customer service and an embeddable player, a feature we always appreciate.

Recently, Pinecast upped the price of its basic plan. There was an increment by 100% from $5 a month to $10 a month.

The rationale behind this? The founder cites that it’s necessary to fund more significant projects that could bring in more features and help podcasters in the long run. In reality, this new price offering isn’t so much more expensive than what you’ll find on the market.

The potential for new features is always something people are curious and interested in, so we’re sure this change isn’t exactly a deal-breaking. Pinecast also offers more variants at higher prices and even a free plan that somehow manages to provide unlimited uploads.

23. OmnyStudio

OmnyStudio offers a simple all-in-one solution for all things podcasting. With unlimited storage, custom image and formatting, batch upload, and audio conversion of many audio-type files, there’s a lot to like about this hosting service. The mere simplicity regarding input is quite impressive, and its interface is quite enjoyable to use.

OmnyStudio’s Basic plan, priced at $29 per month, includes one show, one terabyte of bandwidth, unlimited uploads, analytics, an embeddable player amongst other features. Other more premium custom plans cost more, but generally, pricing is quite fair.

24. Podcast Websites

Podcast Websites seems to be doing just well in terms of features, offering WordPress integration, web hosting, amongst other features. Started by popular podcasters John Lee Dumas and Mark Asquith, the site focuses on that “by podcasters for podcasters” feel and successfully. The site has an Academy membership that opens you up to a collection of video resources to learn skills and grow your audience.

When you mix this with excellent customer service, a free SSL certificate, a free domain name, SEO tools, and a host of other features, what you get is one of the best podcast hosting sites on the planet.

Podcast Websites gives a single subscription plan of $97 a month, though you can get a discounted $77 a month price tag if you choose to pay annually.

25. Podiant

Podiant focuses on easy and hence a preferred choice for new podcasters hoping to find a site that caters to their podcast hosting needs.

They provide a bunch of services and features that are quite useful. These include unlimited storage for podcasts, a custom domain name to help with getting that professional feel to your service, stats, and analytics so you can monitor how your podcasts are doing per episode and monitor your growth, RSS compliant feed, and more.

Price-wise, Podiant starts at a competitive $12.99 a month, with a Professional plan, which offers higher quality audio and one-on-one technical support at $24.99. It also has a plan for networks which starts up at $35.97 a month but is flexible depending on requirements.

26. PodServe.fm

PodServe gives the impression of offering easy access to get your podcast out. Create, record, publish seems to be the tone they’re putting in, and they certainly deliver on that. They also allow you to host unlimited podcasts on with 2,000 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. If that wasn’t impressive enough, they give a free promotion on PodParadise, which opens you to even more potential subscribers.

They also offer detailed download analytics and 1-on-1 customer support for podcasters. The services provided by PodServe go for the competitive price of $19 per month, with the option of a 14-day free trial available on their site.

27. Backtracks

Backtracks has their primary focus on detailed analytics. Their analytics give general details, but little ones like how long each listener listened and how many downloads translated into listens. This in-depth analytics helps podcasters generate content in line with what exactly interests listeners and how better to produce content.

They also help with monetization, have a customizable player, and the option to share specific sections of your podcast, which is pretty cool. The main issue people have with the site comes in terms of pricing.

With plans starting at $99 a month, their services are in no way cheap. And the prices seem to get even higher from there, peaking at a shocking $299 a month. It also has a custom package available if its plans do not cater to your needs.

28. Megaphone

Megaphone seems to be an exclusive hosting site for large businesses. They also cater to advertisers looking to have their products and services publicized. This appears to be the right business choice as not diversifying into too many things gives them the ability to focus on delivering top quality to their clientele.

Joining their platform isn’t free, and requires an invite. You can, of course, apply to get your business’ podcast hosted on their site.

Because of the site’s setup, you can only receive a custom price for the services, which would depend on your needs.

29. RedCircle

RedCircle caters to podcasters as well as brands. Since they are a relatively new service, they aren’t as established as many brands on the market, but they are quite remarkable. They give you the liberty to monetize your content free and without a hitch, which is great.

They also allow cross-promotions by giving podcasters the ability to collaborate and promote their podcats within the platform. Cross-promotion helps make for a pretty strong community of podcasters dedicated to collaborating.

They also give podcasters the freedom to accept donations, which is not only a good incentive but a feature that is rare to find out there. And the fact that it’s all free is simply amazing. RedCircle is one of the best podcast hosting sites available.

30. PodcastGIANT

PodcastGIANT boasts that it “uses WordPress and is optimized for audio and podcast delivery.” But that isn’t the only promise they make. They offer a colorful interface with various custom themes that podcasters can integrate for a lovely, well-designed site.

It also offers an optional additional CDN for ease of accessibility by your subscribers, though it comes at an added $10.

Nightly backups mean that you don’t have to worry about losing your treasured podcasts as it can be restored in the unlikely event of a data loss. Your website is also SEO optimized, so your listeners can easily find your content.

Unlimited uploads and bandwidth are also a promise, and at a single price of $49 a month, it’s good value for money.

In Summary

There is a lot of other podcast hosting sites, each with its perks and unique features. It is quite pertinent to take serious time selecting a platform that works for you and your podcast’s goals. In choosing a podcast host, a look at the features is critical, but maybe more important in determining the cost for service you’re willing to pay.

The more premium services tend to cost more, though this isn’t the case every time. You’ll also need to determine what demographic your podcast targets, and how the hosting site helps you reach that audience.

From a general outlook, while the above-stated sites are as quality as you’re probably going to get on the market, each with its perks, a critical look is necessary, though, whether you are a new podcaster hoping to break into the market, a professional, or just looking to switch platforms.

A long-term based decision would be most beneficial to you, your business, and would guarantee you get the best out of whatever platform you end up using.