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Funny Podcasts

Podcasts have seen a massive surge in popularity in recent years, thanks to the increased accessibility of technology and the enormous impact of social media and other online platforms.

It has never been easier to access interesting and hilarious podcasts from around the world, and thus you’re probably on the hunt for some of the best ones on the internet, right?

Funny Podcasts

You’d very quickly find that a majority of the most popular podcasts worldwide are comedy-oriented.

The comedy genre is easily the most popular within the medium, and it is not difficult to see why.

You can try and listen to many hilarious shows if you want something to laugh at.

You’ll be surprised at just how much you enjoy listening to them!

The following list of funny podcast lists will help you get started with finding great comedy podcasts.

There is a massive array, so we’ve helped you out by finding the best of the best so that you can dive right in. Read on below to get started.

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Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer

This show is simply one of the funniest things I have ever listened to. Nicole Byer is an American comedian who hosts this podcast where she interviews people about their dating lives.

Nicole prides herself on being smart, funny, and incredibly charming, yet still cannot find anyone to date! This show sets out to investigate exactly why.

In pursuit of answers to this big question, Nicole invites a massive array of guest stars in order to discuss the world of dating, and to understand just why dating can be so difficult!

Some incredibly funny stories naturally arise, and you’ll soon be in massive fits of laughter within seconds.

I found that this was one of my favorite podcasts to listen to when I needed a good laugh, and it made for very comfortable and easy listening.

Some of the guests and stories on this show are simply outrageous, and will easily have you cackling with laughter at every single turn.

This is also partly thanks to the comedy skills of the host Nicole Byer.

Nicole has an incredible sense of humor, and can very easily bring out the best in her guests and make every single story all the more hilarious.

She has very quickly become one of the funniest podcast hosts I have ever had the joy of listening to.

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you laughing throughout, then look no further than this fantastic podcast. It’s a real joy!

Listen on Stitcher.


Keeping Records

The “Golden Records” were sent aboard the Voyager on a mission into deep space by NASA in 1977.

The purpose of these records was to carry important aspects of human culture deep into the cosmos with hopes that they will be intercepted by extraterrestrial life who may learn about us, and attempt to make contact.

However, as the hosts of the Keeping Records podcast, Caleb Hearon and Shelby Wolstein, have noted, human culture has changed a lot in the years since then.

As such, our hosts have set upon the task of creating a new golden record to be sent out into space, containing records of our current cultural moment, in order to give extraterrestrial life a much clearer image of our times.

But what would actually be included on the record? What music should be on there? What important works of literature? And what important voices should be sent out into the stars?

In order to tackle this subject, each episode of the Keeping Records podcast revolves around Caleb and Shelby discussing what they think should be added to the record, as well as fan suggestions on what should be added, such as One Direction performances, or even more abstract concepts such as the feeling of “Finding a loaded gift card that you forgot you had”.

The rapport between Caleb and Shelby is incredible, and the two have a great shared sense of humor that comes through in every moment of every episode.

The two are able to take any topic and explore it from multiple angles, and often come up with some pretty interesting ideas along the way.

They really do manage to create something truly unique here, and I highly recommend giving it a try if you enjoy comedy podcasts with an interesting twist.

This is a great podcast that will send you into fits of laughter, and also help you to greatly appreciate some of the amazing aspects of human culture, and help you to feel more attuned with human history.

It’s simply awesome.

Listen on headgum.com.

2 Dope Queens

This is simply one of the best comedy podcasts ever produced. Hosted by two fantastic women with incredible senses of humor, this show is a treat for the ears.

Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, the hosts of the show, have a great comedic energy that allows them to bounce off of one another easily,

This leads to a hilarious podcast that is enjoyable and easy to listen to.

Topics discussed in the show range from pop culture, politics, relationships, race, and everything in between.

There is never a dull moment when listening to this podcast, and it’s always filled with laughs.

This is definitely a must-listen podcast if you like your comedy fresh and funny.

This fresh comedic style is helped by the incredible personalities of the two hosts, who can create fantastic discussions that range for hours at a time and will quickly have you breaking out in laughter.

This show is perfect for anyone looking for a fun and entertaining podcast that will keep you laughing all day long.

If you’re looking for a hilarious and informative podcast, you can do no better.

The show is incredibly insightful and will help you get a much better insight into the black experience, especially within the city of New York; and is also funny at every single turn.

Listen on wnycstudios.org.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends, With Zach And Donald

Scrubs is easily one of the most seminal TV shows to come out of the 2000s and has spawned a massive cult fan following that continues to this day, even many years after the show first ended.

If you are a fan of the series, or even just someone who enjoys either of the two stars who host this podcast, then the Fake Doctors, Real Friends podcast is perfect for you.

This show is a love letter to Scrubs and will help you further understand the immense production involved in getting the show off the ground and making it such a cultural juggernaut.

The show is also a perfect platform for Zach Braff and Donald Faison to show off their comedic chops that are still just as fresh as the day they started on Scrubs.

As the show’s title suggests, Zach and Donald are still incredibly good friends to this day, which shows in every episode.

The energy between the two is joyous and incredibly palpable, so you won’t be able to help to smile along as you listen.

The two also, of course, have extraordinary comedic abilities and can work off of one another effortlessly to create memorable episodes that you’ll likely be coming back to time and time again.

If you like your podcasts to be laugh-out-loud funny and full of heart, then this is a podcast you should add to your list of favorites.

It’s funny, but it’s also extremely relatable and helps you learn more about the production of Scrubs and the two leading stars!

Listen on iheart.com.

How Did This Get Made?

Perhaps few things in life are more entertaining and fascinating than a lousy movie. Sometimes, you’ll watch a terrible film and find yourself asking the question.

“How did this movie get made?”Luckily, you aren’t alone in wondering how some of the worst movies of all time came into existence and just what went on behind the scenes.

Whether you want to know more about the insane production nightmare behind Jack Frost or the cult-favorite Christmas movie Jingle All The Way, an episode is ideally suited for you.

The show is hosted by an incredible team of American comedians, including Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas,

as they discuss together the interesting histories behind some of the world’s weirdest and worst films.

Paul Scheer is a celebrated actor, comedian, and writer who has appeared in countless shows, including Black Monday, Fresh Off The Boat, and Human Giant.

June is also a celebrated American actor who has starred in countless films, including the beloved Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Finally, Jason Mantzoukas is an American character actor and comedian who has earned massive acclaim thanks to the wild and crazy characters he has played throughout his extensive career.

Because of the hosts’ incredible careers and their comedic abilities, this show is a straightforward recommendation for me to make.

The three are perfect hosts who can easily play off one another, and the topic of bad movies is ideal for helping them get you laughing.

This is easily one of the best within the realm of comedy podcasts, thanks to its unique format and hilarious subject matter.

Listen on earwolf.com.

Hidden Mickeys

You’d likely be shocked at just how complex the history of Disney Parks can be.

There’s so much to explore about the topic, and exploring the hidden details and history of the Disney Parks is what this fantastic podcast sets out to do.

The two hosts, Natalie Palamides and Carrie Poppy, have an evident love for the parks and an immense wealth of knowledge about them.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just a dry podcast that spends its time exploring the little details of the parks. It is also riotously funny and will have you in fits of giggles in no time at all.

This show, while it may be discussing a topic as seemingly innocent as Disney, also has a great and slightly edgy sense of humor,

which gives it a competitive edge amongst Disney Parks podcasts and makes it fun for even unseasoned Disney Parks fans to enjoy!

If you want a podcast show that is informative and funny, I highly recommend checking out Hidden Mickeys.

You cannot go wrong with a podcast hosted by two hilarious women discussing a niche topic that they both hold a common interest in.

Listen on hiddenmickeys.libsyn.com.

The Things That Made Me Queer

A range of celebrity guests joins drag Race UK legend Crystal as she and her guests discuss some of the many cultural touchstones that have played an essential role in their queer lives.

This series is excellent for gaining some incredible insight into the queer experience and finding out more about what makes some of the biggest drag queens tick.

Amongst the many included guests are stars like Landon Cider and Fenton Bailey, who are both able to tell some truly wonderful

and unique stories that will help you better understand the queer experience and find out more about some of your favorite queer stars.

One of my favorite episodes is the one that stars transgender rapper Mykki Blanco, as he discusses some of the musical influences he has and how they have helped him get to where he is now.

Mykki is an incredibly talented musician, so it is lovely to get some insight into his creative process!

Listen on anchor.fm.

 A Very Fatal Murder

One of the most popular genres within the world of podcasting is crime. In fact, most of the popular podcasts can be found within the crime genre.

Thus it makes sense that a great recipe for success is to meld those two together to create an awesome podcast that can satiate both comedy and crime fans together!

This is the goal of A Very Fatal Murder, a podcast hosted by The Onion, the satirical online news publication.

Part of what makes this series so hilarious is that it plays it very straight and talks through its crime story

with a sense of gravity that ultimately betrays the absurd and comedic nature of the explored crimes.

This is easily one of the funniest podcasts that I have ever had the joy of listening to, and you owe it to yourself to give it a listen.

If you want a show that can take the style of a crime podcast and give it a very comedic twist, you will get a kick out of this one.

Listen on theonion.com.

What You May Have Mythed

One of the longest-held traditions of human history and culture is that of storytelling.

Some of the oldest myths and legends worldwide have very complex histories that can tell us a lot about some of the cultures from across the world and from across time.

To gain a greater understanding of some of the world’s favorite myths, this show sets out to explore each one in detail,

to see what they can tell us about the times they were first thought up and how each story came about.

But don’t worry, this show isn’t simply a historical exploration of the world’s myths. It is also amusing,

and this is in no small part thanks to the work of its wonderful hosts. They have an excellent knowledge of

their subjects and fantastic comedic abilities, making every episode simply a joy to listen to.

Listen on buzzsprout.com.