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British Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

One of the best things about podcasts is that anyone can make one.

Podcasts are a revolutionary medium that allows everybody the chance to tell their story and share it with the world.

British Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Some of the best podcasts that I have had the joy of listening to come from the United Kingdom, and there are a whole bunch of awesome podcasts from Britain that you are potentially missing out on.

Have you been looking to expand your podcast tastes further afield to see what’s popular overseas?

If so, this list is the perfect place for you! I’ve gone through some of the best British podcasts to find the shows you should be tuning into.

Want to find something new to listen to? Something that will widen your scope, make you laugh, or give you a new perspective on life?

Then read below to find out some of the best British podcasts you should be listening to!

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Grounded With Louis Theroux

Louis Theroux is one of the world’s most popular and celebrated documentarians the world has ever seen.

His television documentaries covering topics as wide-ranging as the Westboro Baptist Church, and modern neo-nazis, are immensely popular and immediately iconic, thanks in no small part to Louis’ unique interviewing style.

Louis is well known for enveloping himself in strange and dangerous situations, surrounded by occasionally strange and dangerous people. This, of course, leads to some very illuminating and sometimes hilarious moments.

Louis can invoke some incredible reactions from his subjects thanks to his perfectly probing interview style and his ability to get his subjects to talk and explain their ideologies.

Louis’ fantastically probing interview style is, thus, perfectly suited for the podcasting format, as he can create illuminating interviews, the likes of which you cannot find anywhere else.

His latest podcast project, Grounded With Louis Theroux, is well worth paying attention to, as he invites a slew of exciting celebrity guests that he has always wanted to talk to onto the show.

You can bet that Louis’ iconic interview style leads to some fascinating discussions with his guests.

This is one of the best interview podcasts I have ever listened to, as Louis can get his guests talking to provide a level of insight that you will not find anywhere else!

This is the show to try if you want to learn more about some of your favorite celebrities.

Listen on Apple Podcasts.

The Receipts Podcast

This podcast, hosted by three incredibly charismatic girls, is one of the best chat podcasts from Britain.

The chemistry between the three hosts is excellent, and their conversations are full of energy and laughs.

There are no limits when choosing the topic of conversation for each episode, as the girls seek to make the show as comfortable to listen to as possible.

There is no filter for this show, which helps make the show feel truly unadulterated.

You’ll get to know the hosts incredibly well and feel like they are your friends by the end of each episode.

This podcast is for you if you’re looking for a great way to spend an hour or two. It’s genuinely funny, it’s unabashed, and it’s completely liberating.

That’s why it’s one of the best British podcasts online. I found myself laughing along with every discussion the girls had and every story they told.

It’s an excellent podcast series!

Listen on Soundcloud.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

Could you imagine if you found out that one of your parents wrote an erotic book? It would no doubt be an awkward and maybe even horrific discovery.

Unfortunately for Jamie Morton, this happened when he learned about his father’s erotica!

Instead of shying away from it, Jamie decided to broadcast the funniest and dirtiest parts of that book on his podcast series for the whole world to hear!

This series is hilarious, and every episode will have you in fits of laughter.

Each episode has Jamie, and his fellow co-hosts, James Cooper and Alice Levine reading a different chapter of his father’s book.

This leads to hilarious discoveries and side-splitting readings of the material at hand.

The three also go off on multiple tangents, spurred on by their reading material, making the show feel improvisational.

It’s a great listen if you want something that will have you laughing so hard that you end up in tears!

The show is incredibly uplifting, insightful, and occasionally beautiful. Jamie can learn much more about his father as a result of the show, as strange as the circumstances may be!

You will be consistently amazed at how well this show can balance sincere heart with back-breaking laughs!

This show is among the best British podcasts I have ever listened to.

Listen on mydadwroteaporno.com

The London Necropolis Railway

I couldn’t possibly make a list of the best British podcast series without at least mentioning the sheer splendor that is The London Necropolis Railway.

This fictional drama podcast is a perfect example of just what is possible in the medium and some fantastic stories that can be created using it.

This show features an extraordinary supernatural story around a London Underground line dedicated to porting the dead to the hereafter!

One of these trains is run by Barney, a ghoul whose job is to help all of London’s lost souls reach the afterlife.

The only problem is that Barney is increasingly tired of his dead-end and soul-crushing job.

However, there is one persistent ghost that he meets one day that refuses to get on board.

This simple premise soon becomes a wildly inventive paranormal story that will keep you engaged throughout its entire runtime.

The amazingly well-realized and written characters of this series and the fantastic realization of its concept make this an easy recommendation for me to make, especially if you’ve been looking for the perfect fictional podcast to keep your mind engaged.

This audio-drama podcast features terrific writing, fantastic voice work, and an incredible sense of atmosphere that quickly becomes palpable.

Listen on lnrpodcast.com.

Mind Canyon

You cannot go wrong with a little bit of hilarious improv. Improv is great because it allows the mind to go wild and create anything it wants, and Mind Canyon is no exception.

This podcast features two guys, Steve Dawson and Charlie Kemp, who improvise their way through multiple situations to create hilarious stories that are then edited in post to create cohesive and exciting stories.

If you want a podcast that perfectly balances improvisational comedy and structured fictional storytelling, you should give this show a go.

It is simultaneously funny and riveting, which makes it a perfect show to listen to if you want a good laugh but also a good story at the same time.

This is the perfect show for anyone who loves improv or enjoys a good story.

Listen on mindcanyon.uk.

The Britflicks Podcast

An avid film fan and an accomplished screenwriter, Stuart Wright, takes the reins on this excellent film-oriented podcast.

This show is perfect if you are a fan of film, especially in the horror genre, or interested in the independent film industry.

With each episode of the show, Stuart Wright brings on a new guest to discuss their favorite films, be they recent or all-time classics, and their creative process for their film projects.

Whether you are interested in breaking into the film industry or have a passing interest in it, there is something in this excellent series for everyone.

I was amazed at just how in-depth and insightful the discussions could be in this show and how Stuart was able to bring out the best in his guests.

Thanks to Stuart Wright’s charisma, I love this podcast, and I highly recommend it. It is worth listening to.

Listen on soundcloud.com.

The British Museum Podcast

The British Museum is easily one of the most famous museums in the entire world.

It is a truly massive building filled to the brim with millions of artifacts from across human history and is one of the most significant educational institutions in the world.

The only problem is that to see these fantastic banks of knowledge and human history, you would need to visit London. And not all of us can do that at just the drop of a hat.

Luckily, this is where the perfect British Museum Podcast comes into play.

If you’ve always wanted to visit the British Museum but have never had the opportunity, why not let the British Museum bring its historical artifacts to you?

Each episode of the British Museum Podcast focuses on a range of new stories that help to explain how such an eclectic museum was built and how it has acquired and preserved some of history’s most fascinating artifacts.

The stories behind some of the British Museum’s collections are superb and will blow your mind.

This is a highly fascinating podcast that I recommend to anyone who wants to brush up on their historical knowledge and wants a riveting storytelling experience that will keep them engaged throughout a long bus journey or car ride.

I cannot recommend this podcast enough. It is truly a modern marvel that will help you appreciate human history’s breadth.

Listen on britishmuseum.org.