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Best This Is Important Episodes

This podcast series does not beat around the bush and always gets right down to the important business of the day. Hence it’s a very appropriate name.

This show is hosted by the wonderful comedic talents of Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, and Kyle Newacheck, as they all discuss some of the latest important issues sweeping the world.

Best This Is Important Episodes

It’s a hilarious podcast to listen to, so you probably want to join in the fun yourself, so check out some of the following episodes, which are some of the best that the series offers.

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Episode 60 – This Episode Will Be Weird When Adam’s Heart Explodes

Yep. You did read that title correctly, but don’t worry; it’s just a sign of the incredible hilarity this fantastic episode has in store for you!

In this episode, the boys discuss and celebrate several things, including Adma’s birthday, which he had been celebrating recently, and the ongoing debate between flannel and plaid and which one looks best.

The boys also find themselves talking about urban legends surrounding cocaine, which leads to some hilarious discussions and anecdotes that will have your sides splitting in no time.

One of the best things about this episode is that it features some of the funniest moments the show has ever produced, making it a fantastic introduction to the group dynamic and the insanity that the show represents!

You should also check out this episode if you want something unique. It’s worth checking out.

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Episode 43 – The Time Adam Almost Fought Andy Samberg

Listening to Adam describe the time he nearly ended up in a fight with the hilarious Andy Samberg is sure to get you laughing.

The way Adam tells the story is full of his characteristic comedic style, which quickly makes this one of Adam’s best episodes of the series.

As well as Adam’s near dust-up, the boys also talk about things such as High School Musical and pit it against the popular sci-fi film Men In Black, a pairing you would not otherwise think up, to see which one comes out on top!

The boys also reminisce on their time working on their hit television show Workaholics, which leads to a hilarious chat that is also surprisingly heartwarming and nostalgic.

It will make you want to watch the show all over again!

You should try this episode if you haven’t already done so because it’s undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable episodes the show has put out there.

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Episode 19 – Ranking The Guys’ Butts From Best To Worst

Only a show as hilarious as this could get away with an episode that sees them ranking one another’s butts!

This episode is so funny and had me in tears in seconds, thanks to the boys’ antics.

But don’t worry, the episode isn’t just focused on butts and sees the boys discussing several other topics, such as Adam’s old jobs and how they shaped him into the man he is today.

The boys also discuss some of the best tactics to help with remembering other people’s names, which leads to ridiculous and hilarious ideas from each of them.

This episode is an excellent showcase of the boys’ comedic talents.

This is the episode you have been looking for, especially if you are interested in learning more about the guys or just having a good laugh.

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Episode 47 – The Guys First G-Rated Episode… Attempt

This episode sees the boys trying to keep the episode completely safe for work, but if you know anything about the boys, you would know that such an attempt does not end well!

Listening to the boys attempting to keep everything G-rated is funny, as you can tell it is a practical impossibility for them.

Throughout the episode, the boys discuss things such as farts because, well, as well as tasteful jokes and why such jokes are usually so antithetical to their comedy styles.

This episode will remind you of why this show is so good, as it will remind you that these boys work best when they are uninhibited and able to express themselves, for better or worse!

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Episode 61 – The Dudes Super Bowl: Sexiest Man Alive?

What kind of conclusions could the boys come to when discussing the sexiest men alive?

You might be surprised at some of the men they suggest as the conversation very quickly goes off the rails, thanks to their penchant for off-the-cuff humor and general silliness.

There is no doubt that this episode is full of laughs as the boys continue to discuss the sexiest men alive and whether or not they agree with each other’s choices.

It shows you how much of a bond the guys share, despite their constant grilling of one another.

It’s ultimately, strangely enough, quite an uplifting and heart-warming episode to try out.

You should also check it out because it gives us a glimpse into the boys’ minds and allows us to see how they think about the world around them.

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Episode 72 – Truck Stops, Where Fun Starts

If the title of the episode did not make it obvious enough, this episode is dedicated to discussing the absolute glamor of truck stops and the strange goings-on that seems to occur at them regularly.

As the boys discuss this topic, they seem to get more and more into the conversation until, inevitably, some hilarious rows end up ensuing as the boys argue and bicker with one another.

As well as this, the boys also discuss playing baseball and what it’s like to sustain even a minor injury while playing the sport!

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