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Best Microphone Boom Arms 2022 – Guide For All Budgets

If you want to create a brilliant podcast that draws thousands of listeners to every single episode, you will need the right equipment.

Perhaps nothing is more important than a good microphone and its associated accessories when it comes to podcasting. How else will your listeners hear you?

Best Microphone Boom Arms 2022 – Guide For All Budgets

If you’re looking for the best boom arms for podcasting, plenty are available. But which one should you get? That depends on what kind of budget you have available.

The most expensive option is usually the best option, but you might be better off with something cheaper if you don’t have much money to spend.

This guide will show you some of the best options in each price range. I’ve also included a few tips about choosing the best boom arm for your needs via the dedicated buyer’s guide.

Read on to get started and find out the best microphone boom arms you can pick up now!

Samson MBA28-28″ Microphone Boom Arm For Podcasting

Samson MBA28-28” Microphone Boom Arm for Podcasting and Streaming (MBA28)
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The prospect of dropping massive amounts of money on your first ever microphone boom arm can be very daunting.

If you’re just getting started in podcasting, then this is a great mic arm option for you.

To start with, the price of this arm is incredibly affordable, at under $50, which makes it considerably more affordable than most competing mic arms.

This means that you won’t feel like you’ve got to make a considerable investment when purchasing this device.

There are also other size options that you can choose from, such as a smaller 18″ boom arm that will cost you a little less and two longer boom arms that cost just a little bit more.

The arm features an internal spring structure throughout, which allows you to fold it away easily and stow the arm when not in use. It also allows you to move it about into whatever position you need.

And you don’t have to worry that it doesn’t have a silent operation because of its lower price tag. If you need to reposition the mic while recording, it won’t creak and squeak as you move it!

The arm is also surprisingly sturdy and strong. It can support over 5 pounds of weight at once, making it great for those amongst you with heavy and expensive mics that you don’t want to damage.

This is excellent news for anyone who has a large or expensive microphone that they want to keep safe during transport.

You also will not have to worry about the size of the desk that you are using the boom arm on.

Its attached C-clamp allows you to easily adjust the arm’s grip to suit a table of any size or thickness as you see fit. The adjustment is made by screwing the clamp arm until it is firmly gripping the table.

However, the Samson MBA28-28″ microphone boom arm does have a couple of drawbacks.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that the arm occasionally has trouble holding a mic placed in an upright position.

The mic will slowly rotate out of position, which is very annoying when recording a long-form podcast.

It is recommended to place the microphone on the arm in a hanging position so that it will not move during recording.


  • Very affordable, which is perfect for those just getting started in podcasting.
  • Able to hold up a considerable amount of weight.
  • The C-clamp makes it easy to fix the arm to any desk.


  • The microphone can move slightly if placed upright.
  • The C-clamp is not overly wide, which can be annoying for certain desks.

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K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm – Black

K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm - Black
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This particular microphone has a slightly heftier price tag, but you also get access to a much greater slew of awesome features for that price.

First off, one of the most remarkable features of this mic is its ability to support massive amounts of weight.

This boom arm will easily hold up microphones of any size, so you can use just about any mic you have.

If you have a favorite microphone that you would otherwise worry is too heavy for any other average boom arm, then you can easily use it with this arm!

This is excellent news for those of you who have a lot of equipment and want to make sure that none of it gets damaged.

Another feature that makes this microphone arm stand out is its ability to be used with almost any desk. You do not need to purchase an expensive desk built to handle boom arms.

This boom arm will easily clamp onto a desk of any size or shape, so you don’t have to wrestle with clunky clamps.

If you often find yourself changing your desk’s location, this is a huge plus.

Another great feature of this microphone is its ability to be folded away, thanks to the spring structure inside.

This boom arm will also reach up to 37 inches at its fully extended reach, which is truly impressive!

You can also thread all of your cables and wires through the arm itself so that your boom arm doesn’t become an unwieldy mess of tangled wires!

However, as we mentioned previously, this boom arm is on the more expensive side, so you will need to fork over a lot of cash to access some of these fantastic features.

This boom arm also does not come with any kind of noise dampening to prevent the sounds of tapping on your desk from being picked up by the microphone.

You will have to buy a separate shock mount to prevent such a problem from occurring.


  • Top of the range features.
  • It can hold a significant amount of weight.
  • Cable management is much easier with this boom arm.


  • Has a very hefty price tag.
  • Does not come with any noise dampening.

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RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm
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Let’s take a look at another more affordable boom arm option. This arm from Rode is easily one of the best affordable boom arms I have ever had the joy of trying out.

It was incredibly versatile and could be used with nearly every type of desk I own.

It comes with a swiveling base that allows you to place the microphone anywhere you like, which is perfect for recording podcasts.

Podcasts are usually very long, so you need to be comfortable as you record.

What I liked about this boom arm was how well it held my microphone. The microphone’s weight didn’t feel like it added an extra strain to the arm.

This meant that I could comfortably move the microphone around without worrying about it falling over. The arm can hold up to 4 pounds of weight, after all!

You can also fix the boom arm to your desk via the desk insert kit or by utilizing the wide and useful clamp.

This means that you always have plenty of options for keeping your microphone steady. This is perfect for podcasters of any level of experience!

The construction of this arm is perfect, thanks to the sturdy materials used throughout and the spring mechanism inside that allow it to move from position to position smoothly without strain and without squeaking.

This helps prevent awkward sounds from sneaking into your recordings as you reposition the microphone.

However, they need to be oiled or lubricated adequately for the springs to move silently. This can be difficult to do, as the entire structure of the boom arm is riveted tightly, which makes taking it apart temporarily very difficult to do.

The boom arm also has trouble holding larger microphones than what it was designed for. If you use a large microphone, you may find that the arm cannot support it properly.


  • It can hold up to 4 pounds in weight, perfect for most professional mics.
  • Solid construction throughout and uses a spring mechanism to allow it to be readjusted easily.
  • Two methods to fix the arm to your desk make it easy to accommodate all desk types.


  • There is a limit to the amount of weight that the arm can handle, which could be very annoying for some.
  • The arm is difficult to take apart, making maintenance very troublesome.

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YellowTec YT3105 M!ka “ON AIR” Microphone Arm

YellowTec YT3105 M!ka "ON AIR" Microphone Arm XS - Aluminium
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This is easily the most expensive on this list, but this means that it also comes with some of the best features and the best quality throughout.

My tests of this arm showed that it was easily one of the sturdiest boom arms there is, and it felt extremely solid during all moments of use.

When using this boom arm, I never felt like I needed to worry about it dropping my microphone or it falling over.

It feels much more substantial than many other similarly priced boom arms, and that’s saying something!

It has a swivel base that allows you to adjust the microphone’s angle, and it features two unique joints dotted across its arm.

This means that you can very easily adjust the position of your microphone while recording, and you won’t have to worry about the microphone slowly shifting out of that position.

Whatever position you put this arm in, it will make a concerted effort to maintain that position.

The joints are also incredibly silent, so you never have to worry about the arm making harsh squeaking noises as you adjust it.

And you also don’t have to worry about cable management when it comes to this arm.

In fact, the arm comes with its own native XLR cable, which is fed throughout it to hook up your favorite mic easily and then provide it with the power it needs, all without any trouble or hassle.

Unfortunately, this boom arm is relatively short, especially compared to other competing models with significantly smaller price tags.

For some, this may be a massive downside, as its 21-inch reach is too short for certain podcasting set-ups.


  • Features a professional build that looks incredibly beautiful.
  • Moves silently, which prevents unnecessary noise from leaking into your recordings.
  • The internal XLR wire makes it easy to hook up your mic and keep the cables discreetly stored.


  • Features a considerably shorter reach than other competing models, which can be incredibly off-putting for some.
  • It has a daunting price tag, so it is reserved for those with plenty of experience.

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Buyer’s Guide

So now that I’ve shown you some of the best boom arms on the market, I’ll bet you’re raring to pick one up for yourself, right?

Awesome, but first, we should make sure to take a look at some of the most important things you should make sure to consider before you put down a considerable amount of money.


First, you want to check that the boom arm is well within your budget. If you are new to podcasting, you will probably want to go for a more affordable and straightforward model.

If you are new to podcasting, you won’t need to buy a boom arm with a bevy of advanced features.

The more expensive the boom arm is, the more features it will likely have, and many of these features would go unused if you were not sure how to use them.

If you choose to go for a more expensive boom arm, you should make sure to check that it isn’t too expensive.

To find out if it is overpriced, check reviews from other people who have used them. If a product has few reviews, it is best to steer away from it.


You also want to make sure that any boom arm you buy is of the utmost quality.

Check that the materials that make up the arm are sturdy and high quality and that they will stand up to the significant strain.

You don’t want to pay for a cheap boom arm that is made up of low-quality materials that won’t hold up to the strain that may be placed upon it by a microphone.

You will also want to make sure that the boom arm is well constructed and that all parts are put together with expert care.

A boom arm that is not built well can fall apart during use and will likely creak during use, which can be disastrous when recording a podcast.

You may have to pay a little more for high-quality construction and materials, but it is worth it to ensure that the arm will do the job correctly.

Ease Of Use

Once again, your skill level with recording equipment is crucial at this step. You want to ensure that your boom arm is easy to use.

This includes installation so that you can easily ensure that your microphone is held up properly and ease of movement so that you can move the arm about whenever you need to without running the risk of damaging it.

A more advanced boom arm may have more features that you may not yet understand how to use, and this would prove incredibly costly, so you may want to steer away from advanced boom arms if you are not experienced enough.