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Best Lore Episodes

Storytelling is in our very nature.

Best Lore Episodes

We have been doing it since the beginning of the human race, and ever since, we have been finding new and exciting ways to tell stories, for entertainment, or to teach important lessons.

Many stories have lived on for multiple generations, and some of the oldest are passed down as folklore legends. But what are the actual stories behind the stories?

What real-world circumstances inspired such stories, and what can they tell us about how those stories were created?

The Lore podcast sets out to explore the stories behind some of the world’s most famous stories, creating a truly fascinating and often very frightening podcast series that is well worth the listen.

But if you want to experience this glory for yourself, you’ll need to know the best episodes.

Luckily, I’m here to tell you the best episodes you can try right now! Read on to get started!

Episode 8 – The Castle

The top-rated show American Horror Story: Hotel was inspired by a real-life horror story!

The episode tells the story of Henry Howard Holmes, one of the earliest serial killers and easily one of the most prolific of his time.

Holmes ran a hotel in a large building with a massive secret cave of hidden alleys and chutes hidden right below it.

Within this maze of caves and tight passageways were kept the various bodies of Holmes’ victims, which were subjected to being burned in acid vats, or left to rot!

This episode explores the circumstances of Holmes’ life and his crimes. It also discusses the fateful day his crimes were discovered; in 1895, a team of authorities forced their way down into the underground depths of the hotel.

Hearing a moment-by-moment account of what was discovered will give you chills. That is why this is considered a truly classic episode of the series!

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Episode 34 – All The Lovely Ladies

This episode features a somewhat unique twist on the usual Lore format. It explores a story that may have inspired local folklore or instead been inspired by folklore.

The episode explores the true tale of Elizabeth Bathory, a Hungarian countess. She found her life soon taken over by fiction as she tortured and murdered more than 80 young women in her castle to retain her youth by consuming and bathing in their blood.

Often dubbed a real-life vampire, Elizabeth’s story is so shocking partly because it may have instead been inspired by local folklore, making for a strange case of the natural world being influenced by fiction!

This episode explores the nature of belief by looking at the things that Elizabeth may have believed that could have caused her to commit her acts.

This episode also brings up the very potent question of whether the whole story of Elizabeth was actually an elaborate myth designed to strip her of power.

This episode is easily one of the best of the series, thanks to its incredibly twisty and meta-story that will have you fully engaged from end to end.

It’s a perfect listen, especially if you are looking for something different!

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Episode 3 – The Beast Within

Werewolves are one of fiction’s most iconic monsters for a good reason. The idea that humans could be capable of such horror even when they’re not fully aware of it is truly horrifying.

Body horror is also incredibly potent, and the idea of transforming into a bloodthirsty beast outside of your own volition is terrifying.

If you’ve ever been fascinated by werewolf stories before, this is a fantastic episode. It explores the story of the small town of Bedburg in Germany, which, in 1582, actually fell victim to a vicious attack from a real-life werewolf!

This werewolf, whose real name was Peter Stumpp ravaged the town, consuming livestock and murdering innocent civilians.

Peter claimed to have the ability to transform into the bloodthirsty creature at will. Though the image of his horrifying transformation is not quite so reminiscent of our traditional idea of werewolves, it certainly acted as the blueprint!

You want to check out this episode. It is genuinely spine-tingling and will send chills throughout your whole body!

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Episode 67 – The Red Coats

This episode has the honor of being one of the most downloaded episodes in the show’s history! And it’s not difficult to see why. It is truly incredible.

We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, a strange patch of ocean where strange things consistently happen without explanation, thus drawing a massive amount of paranormal intrigue.

But as it turns out, that is not the only strange triangle on Earth where strange things happen.

This episode explores the story of the Bennington Triangle, a forested bit of land in Vermont where multiple deaths and disappearances have already occurred.

The cases of the Bennington Triangle remain entirely unsolved to this day, which helps to make this episode all the more creepy.

What could it be about this patch of land causing so many mysterious things to happen?

Some of the revelations that occur over the episode are shocking. The discussions as to whether this is a paranormal spot or simply a place where a high number of crimes have coincidentally occurred are fascinating.

Check this episode out; you definitely will not regret it!

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Episode 46 – Dark Conclusions

Ghosts have long played a part in some of the world’s most famous stories. They are understandably very creepy in concept, making their stories incredibly potent.

However, as much as they may be relegated to fiction, ghosts are believed to be real by many people, and very often, those people have depended on those that hunt ghosts to help alleviate their hauntings.

This episode explores not only some of the most famous fictional ghost hunters but also some of the most famous real-world ghost hunters.

This ghost hunter discussion leads to an engaging and entertaining episode that is informative and fun.

I cannot recommend this episode enough.

Thanks to its focus on real-world stories and fiction, it is easily one of the best to better understand how the line between the real and the unreal can be so easily blurred.

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Episode 106 – The Collection

I have no trouble recommending this incredible episode. It represents the very best of what the series can offer.

The human tendency to collect things has been around since the beginning of the human race, and this episode explores one of the most gruesome collections the world has ever seen.

Based inside the West Virginia Penitentiary, this particular collection consisted of things reflective of humanity’s dark side and some of the worst acts committed by human hands.

This particular prison was also known for housing some truly horrifying criminals responsible for horrific crimes.

And you can bet that when such people are kept locked up in such a confined space, there will be some horrifying results!

Check out this episode if you enjoy true crime stories because this is easily one of the best I have heard and one of the best featured on Lore.

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Episode 98 – “Never Alone”

This episode explores the history of Seattle’s surprisingly haunted past.

Not many people know about the very mysterious past of the city, but it is fascinating and will help to give you a much greater appreciation of the town itself!

Of the stories explored in this episode, perhaps one of the most fascinating is that of the Peter Gessner mansion in Pioneer Square, which turned out to be an incredibly haunted spot where many people claimed to see spirits and phantoms.

Peter Gessner committed suicide in that very mansion, and it is believed that that act invited spirits to lay claim to the building.

Some even say that Peter’s ghost still lingers on the home’s second floor.

If you want a classic episode that will surely give you tingles, then make sure to check this one out.

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