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Best How To Money Episodes

Finding valid and useful financial advice can be incredibly difficult.

There are so many resources and individuals across the internet that claim to have the best advice on how you can save more and spend less, but very few can stand up to the glory of How To Money.

Best How To Money Episodes

The How To Money podcast was set up by Joel Larsgaard and his best friend Matt as a way for the two to share their passion for financial talk with the world.

Within each episode, Matt and Joel take to the studio to discuss a different issue within the world of finance and provide their listeners with money-saving advice that is actually useful!

The show is well worth your time, but if you really want to see why, I recommend checking out the following episodes, as I believe they contain some of the best content in the show and will show you what makes it so special.

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Episode 497 – The Perils Of Investing In Individual Stocks

Though the idea of investing in individual stocks sounds like an attractive and safe idea, especially when you are first getting started in the world of investing, Matt and Joel actually believe it can be incredibly troublesome and perilous.

In this episode, the two sit down to take a look at some of the biggest arguments in favor of single-stock investing and make their case against them.

They also tell some cautionary tales of the troubles that many have faced thanks to single-stock investing.

From there, the two also discuss other ways of investing money that they recommend instead of single-stock investing.

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 476 – Buying Or Renting In An Insane Housing Market?

Deciding whether or not to invest in a home can be an incredibly tough decision. There are so many potential risks, but also a great number of potential rewards.

So how can you possibly know whether to take the risk or not?

In this episode, Matt and Joel take a look at whether it is better to rent or buy property, especially within the context of the very hectic modern housing market.

It can be very difficult to navigate the modern housing market, but Matt and Joel are here to make it a little easier.

If you’re currently renting, and you are thinking of moving to purchase your own home, then it is worth listening to this episode.

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 461 – Matt’s Money Origin Story

What makes the How To Money podcast so enjoyable is the commentary from Matt and Joel.

They’re both incredible hosts with plenty of lived experience that has equipped them with all sorts of tools and advice to make handling the world of finance a little easier.

As such, one of the best episodes of the series is this classic, which delves deep into Matt’s story, to find out what got him so interested in finance, and what stories he has to tell about his experiences with money.

Matt is a great storyteller, so it is incredibly engaging to listen to him tell all about how he ended up setting up the How To Money podcast.

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 464 – Joel’s Money Origin Story

It would be foolish to not also mention Joel’s own episode in this list!

In this episode, Joel dives deep into his past to tell listeners about some of his earliest memories, and the times in which his love of finance really came to life.

Joel’s story is actually quite inspiring and will get your heart pumping.

Much like Matt, Joel is a very talented storyteller, and he is able to deftly weave his way through his life story to provide listeners some insight into some of his earliest financial memories, such as the time that he was bankrupt, and what it taught him!

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 443 – The Weird Science Behind Your Irrational Money Decisions

As humans, we tend to think that we are 100% rational and self-aware at every moment of every day. However, this isn’t actually always the case! Humans are actually incredibly irrational in many ways.

In this episode, Matt and Joel take a look at some of the irrational behaviors that can cause you to make silly decisions with your money, and why we so often willingly overlook them.

Recognizing irrational behaviors that impact your financial plans can be incredibly valuable in helping to curb them. Thus, this episode is very potent, and can help you to save mountains of money!

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 398 – A Money Conversation With Our Partners

This episode features some awesome special guests in the form of Kate and Emily, the wives of our gracious hosts.

In this episode, the four sit down to talk about their finances, and it is incredibly fascinating to hear how the hosts’ other halves feel about their husbands’ financial plans, and what their own plans are.

Kate and Emily make for excellent guests on the show and hearing them recount the earlier days of their relationships, and how Matt and Joel have both changed is incredibly heartwarming, and quite inspiring.

Listen on howtomoney.com.

Episode 365 – Don’t Trust Money Advice From These Folks

Part of the reason that Joel and Matt are such good hosts is that they recognize just how many fraudsters and fakers there are online that claim to have the answers to financial success.

With the immense proliferation of social media, false information is able to spread far easier than ever before, and Matt and Joel are fully aware of this.

In this episode, the two set out to highlight some of the worst financial scams that have spread across the internet in recent years, and also give advice on how listeners can identify false information when they see it.

This makes the episode a truly great resource not only for loyal listeners but for just about anyone who uses the internet on a daily basis!

Listen on howtomoney.com.