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Best Ed Mylett Show Episodes

Ed Mylett is one of the world’s top business leaders, keynote speakers, and performance experts.

In his podcast, Mylett showcases a range of experts who sit at the top of their fields in the hopes that their wisdom and nuanced insights can help his audience get to where they want to be in life.

Best Ed Mylett Show Episodes

From gut health to finding your purpose in life and everything in between, Mylett covers it all. To get started, look at the best Ed Mylett Show episodes below. Trust me; you won’t regret it!

Gabby Bernstein – From Trauma To Freedom And Inner Peace

Trauma and pain can take on many different forms. They are a part of many people’s daily experiences. This episode will make you feel supported and less alone if you’re struggling with trauma and pain.

Gabby Bernstein takes a deep dive into the nature of trauma and explores how to take more control of your life and heal from the things that continue to hurt you.

Gabby is no stranger to trauma, so this episode comes from a place of authenticity and honesty.

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Dr. Amy Shah – Gut Health For Mental Health

If you follow the new trends in health and wellness, you’ll have noticed that gut health is the new big thing. However, this trend seems to be more than just a fad.

Gut health is much more critical to your mental health than you probably realized!

In this episode, Dr. Amy Shah discusses the connection between mental wellness and gut health.

Using cutting-edge science, she has helped hundreds of people feel more balanced, healthy, energized, and in control – so be sure to take notes!

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Lisa Bilyeu – No BS Guide To Self-Confidence

It seems as though everyone online is talking about how having self-confidence can change your life. But, no one seems to explain how you grow self-confidence. Self-confidence seems to be more sought after than gold.

That’s where Lisa Bilyeu comes in. Bilyeu is a self-confidence expert with many practical and valuable strategies that will help you build radical, raw, and down-to-earth self-confidence.

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Dr. Amishi Jha – The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness

Mindfulness has taken the health world by storm over the last few years. But, what is mindfulness? And, does it even work?

If you’ve felt skeptical about the mindfulness movement, this episode is perfect for you.

In this episode, Dr. Amishi Jha discusses the neuroscience behind mindfulness and the importance of mental toughness and self-awareness.

This episode is sure to convince you to begin practicing mindfulness!

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Dean Graziosi – Succeed With Happiness & Confidence

If you’ve been struggling to overcome mental roadblocks on your journey to a happier and more prosperous lifestyle, Dean Graziosi can help you out.

In this episode, Ed and Dean have an open and honest discussion about personal development.

The pair explores why many people struggle with mental barriers, how to find a purpose in life, and the consequences of blaming others for their behavior.

This episode is sure to help you grow and own your limitations.

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Sarah Klein – Cancel The Culture Of Abuse

You may not know Sarah Klein’s name, but you’ve heard her story.

She was a professional gymnast who was also a survivor of sexual abuse. She was the first of multiple gymnasts to be abused by team doctor Larry Nassar.

I will warn you that this episode can be tricky to listen to. But, if you can, I think it is one that most people need to hear.

Sarah is now an attorney who has dedicated her career to helping hundreds of other survivors of Nassar’s abuse. Her story is incredible.

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Sadhguru – Understand The True Nature Of Life

Sadhguru is one of the world’s leading yogis and enlightened spiritualists.

In this episode, Sadhguru discusses the fundamental concept of karma and its role in defining personal beings.

A significant insight offered by Sadhguru revolves around how everyone should contemplate their limited time on this earth and how doing so can add bliss and happiness to one’s existence.

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Marc Randolph – Founder of NETFLIX: Embrace Your Struggles

If you’re interested in growing your business, who better to learn from than the founder of Netflix, Marc Randolph?

With over 200 million global subscribers, if anyone knows what they’re talking about, it’s Randolph.

This interview feels more like a masterclass than an interview – so you might want to keep a pen and paper handy!

In this episode, Randolph shares tips on turning rejection into a profitable comeback and the secret to creating a repeatable and scalable business model.

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Martin Luther King III – A More Just Nation

In recent years, it has become clear that everyone needs to do their bit to combat racism.

If you find this an overwhelming task and are unsure where to start, this episode will give you the inspiration and tools you need.

Martin Luther King III is a human rights advocate and the oldest son of civil rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In this interview, Martin discusses how people can work to eradicate poverty and racism and create a non-violent culture.

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Jay Shetty – How To Find Your Purpose In Life

Your well-being can suffer when you don’t feel as though you can’t find your purpose in life.

In this episode, former monk Jay Shetty discusses how to navigate a world of uncertainty and shares how his teachings as a monk guided him to be able to create peace within.

Shetty argues that, more often than not, you already have the answers and the purpose you are looking for, but you need to look inside yourself.

This episode will help you to gain a sense of clarity and excitement for your life.

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