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Best Darknet Diaries Episodes

The internet is a vast and excellent space for human culture, where things can be shared and plenty of new things can be created.

However, the internet we use daily is only the outer surface of what lurks deep within.

Best Darknet Diaries Episodes

Deep under this outer surface of the internet lies an underworld of hidden content, business deals, and other sordid affairs.

Of course, access to the dark web is complex and not recommended for the average person.

The only problem is that when you tell someone that there is something that they shouldn’t take a look at, curiosity very often gets the best of them.

So, how can you safely explore the dark web without risking harm or horrible computer viruses? The answer is simple! Check out the Darknet Diaries podcast online!

This series features countless episodes about exploring the dark web and exploring some of the horrifying and sordid things that lie in wait there.

You’re likely reading this because you want to know which episodes of the series are best of all. Read on because I have compiled a definitive list of the best episodes to try out now!

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Episode 69 – Human Hacker

Unfortunately, computer programs and networks are not the only things that can be hacked and exploited.

Over many years humans have had countless ways to get exactly what they want by manipulating other humans.

Whether it be elaborate cons or other forms of deception, it turns out that it is easier than ever to manipulate other people, thanks to the connective nature of the internet.

It does not matter how robust or secure an online network is. If the humans running it can be manipulated; then even the most secure networks can be cracked.

This episode explores some horrifying stories of manipulation that have taken place online, even in places you wouldn’t expect.

To further explore the role that manipulation and coercion can play on the web, our hosts invite the acclaimed social engineer Christopher Hadnagy.

There’s a lot to be learned from Christopher; he explains some of the crazy stories from his extensive career and some of the many ways you can help protect yourself from manipulation and coercion on the internet.

This is easily one of the best episodes of the series and makes for a great entry point into the show, as it explores some of the dangers of the internet and some of the real-world impacts it can have.

This makes it essential to listen to, and you will be fully enriched by it. This episode will perfectly set the tone for the rest of the series, so check it out!

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Episode 92 – The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the longest-standing staples of the internet.

When you give people an interconnected network in which to share things, you can bet there will be no time before they begin sharing copyrighted content such as films, video games, and music there.

However, though the Pirate Bay is a very obvious breach of the law and has been responsible for breaching countless copyright laws, the website is still very active, despite first opening up around 2003.

This episode explores just how such a website can continue to thrive to this day, no matter how many times it gets taken down.

Making the episode fascinating, and a great insight into the world of online piracy, and a look into one of the internet’s longest-standing staples.

The website’s history is fascinating and has plenty of exciting surprises scattered throughout.

This is a real treat of an episode within a series packed with goodies!

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Episode 34 – For Your Eyes Only

Taking nude selfies and sending them online to other people can be an incredible risk, no matter how much you trust them.

If the picture should fall into the hands of a dangerous person, or someone with malicious intent, it could be an incredible recipe for trouble.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that has occurred to many people, and it can be truly horrific and stressful.

This episode explores some of the worst horror stories on the internet surrounding this topic, and each one will have your stomach-turning.

For your eyes only is a horrifying episode that will remind you of the importance of online privacy and leave you feeling sickened.

It’s a must-listen and easily one of the best episodes of the entire series, so it is well worthy of your time.

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Episode 12 – Crypto Wars

With the recent meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, there is perhaps no better time to return to this early episode of the series.

Best Darknet Diaries Episodes (1)

In the early wild-west days of the internet around the 1990s, the web was still beginning to take shape and wouldn’t become the internet we recognize today for some time.

In fact, at that time, there was the risk that the internet may have looked different moving forward.

In the early days of the internet, the government wanted to impose strict control on what was allowed to be encrypted online. The strictness would have had significant ramifications on online privacy and the kinds of websites created.

This would have led to us using a very different kind of internet today, which sounds crazy to imagine!

Luckily, the brave actions of a few brave digital warriors stood up against government restrictions on the internet to reclaim the right to privacy.

This episode explores a truly incredible early-internet story that not many people are aware of.

Suppose you are a regular user of the internet. In that case, this is required listening, as it will help you appreciate the beautiful freedoms that the internet can offer you.

This episode is fantastic because it shows you how far the internet has come in terms of its development over the years, and it also reveals how important it is to protect our rights when governments threaten them.

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Episode 31 – Hacker Giraffe

You’d likely be quite surprised at how many of your devices can be hacked with the right tools and the right person for the job.

Even printers, the humble and unassuming devices that are mostly relegated to everyday office work, can be hacked and manipulated maliciously.

However, it was quite some time before it was discovered just how vulnerable printers were to hacking.

In 2018, one intrepid hacker discovered an incredibly simple vulnerability in more than 50,000 printers, which rendered each one of them under his control.

Luckily, instead of manipulating this situation for his gain, he decided to warn the owners of these thousands of printers about the vulnerability and just what it could mean if such a vulnerability were to fall into the hands of someone more dangerous.

What this hacker decided to do instead is wild and occasionally rather humorous.

However, where there is hacking, trouble is never far off, and this one hacker found himself encountering a massive load of trouble.

This fantastically realized episode is a perfect reminder of just how dangerous the internet can be and how vulnerable we can be on the internet without adequate defenses.

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Episode 60 – Dawgyg

There is quite a lot of money to be made from hacking, but who would have ever expected that it would be possible to make over $100,000 in just one day from hacking alone?

That is what happened with the case of ‘dawgyg,’ a hacker who rose to prominence due to his sudden fortune gained from hacking alone, and all within just one day.

But how did he manage it? What were they hacking to accumulate such funds, and what were the repercussions of such an act?

This episode goes all in to investigate this bizarre case.

The episode will have you in awe at what is possible with the power of the internet but will also have you checking to make sure that your online presence is protected.

If you want an episode of the show that is guaranteed to get you thinking, keep you engaged, and leave you feeling satisfied after listening, then this is the episode for you!

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Episode 76 – Knaves Out

Indeed there is only one reason a person would ever break into a bank, right?

Well, as it turns out, that is not always the case. One day, one of the biggest banks in the world, JP Morgan Chase, found itself hacked.

Of course, the first assumption was that the hackers intended to make some money with their acts. Still, as the mystery slowly unraveled itself, it became apparent that the hackers had wholly unexpected and totally different motives.

This episode is easily one of the most entertaining episodes of the series, thanks to the incredibly wild story it explores, as a group of crack hackers attempt to hack one of the most prominent financial bodies in the world.

The twists and turns that arise throughout this episode will have you in shock and simply amazed.

It is truly a fantastic example of the kind of thing that makes this podcast so great.

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Episode 77 – Olympic Destroyer

The 2018 Pyeongchang South Korea Winter Olympics were certainly not without their problems. One problem they could not have counted on was a cyber attack wiping out all of the digital infrastructures that helped keep the games running.

This caused massive problems for the rest of the winter Olympics as organizers tried their absolute best to restore everything to working order.

Unfortunately, this was quite an elaborate attack, and recovering all of the lost data would not be a simple endeavor.

The lingering question that remains years after the incident is why anyone would attempt such a thing.

What was the motive or the ambitious goal that would lead someone to hack the Winter Olympics, and how could they pull it off so effectively?

Was the digital infrastructure of those games that weak?

The potential answers discussed in this episode are fascinating to consider, and you will feel like an active member in the investigation, as it is simply that engaging.

If you have been looking for that one episode that will give you a real sense of satisfaction when it comes to investigating a crime, then this is the one for you.

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Episode 109 – TeaMp0isoN

While hacking groups can undoubtedly achieve some very crazy and impressive results, there is often minimal reporting on what happens when hacking groups fall apart.

Luckily, that is what this great episode of the series is dedicated to doing.

Though the hacker group TeaMp0isoN managed to get involved in some world-renowned hacking cases and earn a great deal of respect for their name, they could not avoid the messy breakup that occurred within the group and what was left in its wake.

This is easily one of the best episodes of the whole series because it helps to remind you that hackers, no matter how malicious or intelligent they may be, are ultimately still human.

So what happens when those hyper-intelligent humans face intensely difficult situations? Thanks to how well-written it is, this episode is so good, and I have no trouble recommending it.

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Episode 94 – Mariposa

Because of how much of a threat hackers and cybercriminals pose in our ever-connected online age, we often depend on the services of brave heroes to protect us.

This is where people like Chris Davis come into play.

Chris set up his cyber-defense company Hyas to protect the ordinary person from cyber threats and hacks. He has developed an immense bank of knowledge and has experienced some crazy cyber-crime stories that will blow your mind.

If you want to be reminded of the immense lengths some hackers may go to achieve their goals or how much it can take to defend against them, this is the episode for you.

Not many podcast episodes exist out there with fascinating discussions with cyber defenders, so this is an episode to listen out for, especially if you are a frequent internet user.

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Episode 93 – Kik

The Kik app rose very quickly in prominence, especially amongst younger users, thanks to the privacy it offered and the ability to connect with like-minded people with similar interests and passions.

However, the app has also been notorious for allowing those same younger users to end up in contact with some dangerous people.

This episode seeks to explore the highly controversial Kik app to find out just what is going on with it and how it was able to gain its notorious reputation.

The episode is fascinating but will also have your stomach tying itself in knots in mere seconds.

Some of the stories recounted throughout the episode are horrifying. They serve as a grim reminder of the dangerous people lurking in some of the safest-seeming corners of the internet.

You should listen to this episode, especially if you want something that will chill you to your very core!

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