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Best Animal Spirits Episodes

Sometimes, finding a financial podcast that talks about important issues in a way that can be easily understood, and that isn’t boring can be very difficult.

So many financial podcasts are cut and dry, so finding a show delivered with charisma and in plain English can be a relief.

Best Animal Spirits Episodes

This is what makes the Animal Spirits podcast so special.

Hosts Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson have a wonderfully casual approach to the show, as they are passionate about all the financial topics they discuss.

The two also aren’t afraid to talk about other things to spice every episode up.

This podcast is just as enjoyable as it is informative; thus, you’re likely looking for the best episodes that show this off first-hand!

Well, prepare to read below because I’ve gone through and listed some of the very best!

Table of Contents

The Unluckiest Generation

The state of the world financially seems pretty frightening. Many young people worldwide face diminished financial prospects; thus, much of the future can seem very uncertain.

In this episode, Michael and Ben discuss some of the things causing many of the economic slumps and what potential troubles the younger generations may face moving into the future.

The two also discuss whether children should be taught about finances at a younger age, how listeners can teach their children about finances, and how to manage them better.

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We Love To Spend Money

Spending money is a surprisingly pleasurable act, so it is no surprise that many people find themselves addicted to shopping.

But why is it that spending money proves to be so enjoyable that many find themselves overspending on things they know they do not need?

This episode seeks answers as Michael and Ben dive into times when they’ve noticed their love for spending money and some of their best advice for listeners spending too much.

The two also close off the episode by talking about some of their favorite things they have watched on HBO Max!

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The Influencer Bubble

How do influencers make their money? So many influencers worldwide have managed to build seriously impressive careers over the years and have also generated incredible wealth at the same time.

This episode looks at influencers to find out how they make their money and what their careers could be like moving into the future.

The two hosts also look at financial influencers to see if their advice is of any use to young investors, and the two also pitch in with their advice for listeners.

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Hyperinflation, It’s Happening

If you thought ordinary inflation was bad enough, wait until you hear about hyperinflation.

The term “Hyperinflation” is often casually floated about in financial circles and even amongst ordinary people, but what if it was a real and present danger?

This episode sees Micheal and Ben discussing hyperinflation, the dangers it could present to ordinary people, and the economy’s health.

They also discuss what causes hyperinflation and why so many are willing to overlook it until it is too late.

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Is Bitcoin The New Gold?

Gold was one of the earliest investment opportunities in human history, as many sought the prospects that striking gold could bring. Many similarities can be drawn between the early gold rush and the current explosion of popularity of bitcoin.

One of the fascinating discussions that Michael and Ben have in this episode concerns whether bitcoin could ever replace gold as a representation of value.

It’s an interesting discussion between the two, considering the question from all angles.

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The Crypto Gateway Drug

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a very attractive prospect to all kinds of people worldwide, thanks to how easily it can be done.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is entirely online, so it can be done from the comfort of home.

However, many people still do not fully understand the crypto market and thus wouldn’t even know how to get started.

In this episode, Michael and Ben discuss some of the most significant “Crypto gateway drugs” to determine which cryptocurrencies attract investors to begin investing most effectively.

The two also discuss the ongoing increase in house prices across the world and why many people are finding themselves paying more and more on rent than ever before.

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Good News Is Bad News

We all love receiving good news. Especially when compared to receiving bad news, the act of receiving good news is a different feeling.

However, in this episode, Ben and Michael discuss how, sometimes, especially within finance, good news can be bad news.

Hearing that it is worthwhile to invest in something causes many people to jump right in before they’ve had the time to consider it carefully.

Ben and Michael give some of their best advice for listeners to help them avoid jumping head-first into dangerous waters.

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A Shortage Of Workers

Many nations around the world are facing a labor shortage, which is causing some fairly significant trouble for the economy.

Ben and Michael have taken a deep look at the issue to find out what is causing it, its impact, and what can be done to prevent some of the more significant effects.

This episode shows off Ben and Michael’s research talents and ability to look at every issue nuancedly and consider every perspective to come to a fair and accurate conclusion.

And the conclusions that the two do reach are pretty impressive and will have you thinking in no time.

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The Pandemic Broke The Economy

The first half of this year has been one of the worst financial markets, with economic uncertainty playing a big part. It’s hard to gauge what will happen next when it feels like anything could cause stocks or bonds prices to go up–or down!

This episode explores why current conditions make investing tricky, how to understand the psychology behind inflation, and much more.

Tune in for a daily dose of common sense to help you make intelligent financial decisions.

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The Next Big Short

What trends will die off with the baby boomer generation? Why is student loan debt so high?

These are a few of the questions that will be answered in this episode of Animal Spirits.

Michael and Ben dive into value investing and crypto derivatives and explain where fund money goes to die. They provide a refreshing outlook on some of the most crucial financial topics.

This episode will simplify some complicated monetary phenomena, making it one very best.

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What Makes People Happier Than Money

With the increased income, people might have more money to spend on themselves and their families. But income is not the only factor that determines our happiness. Other factors such as health, family, friends, and work-life balance are also essential.

In the podcast episode, Michael and Ben answer the question of what makes people happier than money and provide some compelling thoughts on the matter.

They also tackle housing, look over the current stock market situation and examine why wealth inequality is getting out of hand.

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Everybody’s Busy

In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to have a full-time job, a side hustle, and take care of their kids simultaneously. The over-commitment to work is becoming more common as people seek to make more money or have an extra income.

But why do Americans work so much? Has innovation made us happier or more miserable? This episode seeks to find out.

Michael and Ben break down the pros and cons of starting a job overseas, and they make some impeccable points everyone should hear.

Tune in for fruitful discussions on work culture, the importance of college education, why being busy is a crutch, and much more.

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Paycheck to Paycheck

You are not alone if you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck. Many people tend to spend more than they earn every month. But often, they don’t stick to a budget and spend money on non-essential things.

But how many people live paycheck to paycheck? This Animal Spirits episode delves into the topic.

Our hosts also investigate recession predictions and social media sub-cultures and provide useful advice for young adults.

The episode offers new perspectives on ongoing issues and is worth your time.

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The Worst 401(k) Advice

Regarding personal finance, bad advice is almost as crucial as the good. And the best advice comes from people who understand the complexities of your decisions, like Michael and Ben.

In this episode, they share the worst advice they’ve seen on 401(k)s. And if you’re wondering whether it’s possible to save $1 million in a 401(k), they dive into that too.

This episode is an excellent choice if you’re looking for some recommendations on books, podcasts, or TV shows, as our hosts share some of their favorites with you.

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