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Behind The Bastards Best Episodes

Many of history’s most documented figures are also some of its most evil. And there’s a reason for that, and it’s pretty straightforward. Evil people are interesting.

Though most of us would condemn the actions of an evil figure such as Hitler, it’s undeniable that he is an enduringly fascinating figure in human history.

Behind The Bastards Best Episodes

But though many documentaries explore the careers of some of humanity’s most evil figures, many neglect to notice the smaller bad figures who have had massive impacts but have often gone largely under the radar.

This is what sets Behind The Bastards apart. Its willingness to delve into the pasts of some of history’s least-known villainous figures.

Want to find out why everyone loves this simple show? Read my list below to find out some of the best episodes you can try out now.

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George Shea: Hot Dog Villain

You may be surprised to hear it, but even the competitive hot dog eating world has its own gallery of villains!

One of these is the charismatic George Shea, an announcer for the sport who has become controversial as a result of his often rather mean-spirited introductions that often poke fun at competitors’ body weights, ages, or other aspects of their personal life.

Shea has garnered quite a reputation within the sport as a troublemaker and a dreaded name for many.

This episode seeks to investigate Shea to figure out how he became so controversial and why he seems to revel in the controversy he attracts.

The episode begins with a look back at Shea’s career before delving into the present day and exploring the reasons behind his recent controversies.

It looks at his childhood, family life, and relationships to uncover the mystery behind the man.

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The Man Who Pioneered Libraries And Sexual Harassment

John Dewey was responsible for inciting massive educational reform throughout the United States. Even today, some of the reforms he created and their impacts can be felt.

However, Dewey very quickly courted controversy when it was discovered that his new educational system for the nation was actively failing the nation’s children and leading to much poorer education.

Though Dewey may have been viewed as something of a hero at the start of his career, he is now often looked back on as a horrific figure who caused actual harm to the educational realm of the United States.

And as the title of the episode suggests, there were also many allegations of sexual assault.

Looking into Dewey’s past and what might have occurred throughout his life, the crew finds some pretty surprising things!

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No Matter How Much You Hate Paul Manafort, You Should Hate Him More

This episode is largely considered, by long-term fans of the series, to be the absolute best that the show has to offer.

But why? If you are not yet aware of Paul Manafort and some of the dastardly deeds he has committed, you are not alone.

Many people do not know of him, but they definitely should!

Paul is a Republican politician who has been found guilty multiple times of committing heinous acts of tax fraud, among many other crimes.

The list of Paul’s various controversies is incredibly lengthy. Though his deeds may not seem to affect the average person directly, they have had a very significant impact on many Americans across the political spectrum.

This episode will tell you all you need to know about Paul Manafort and make a perfect case for why you should distrust him.

If you want an illuminating episode that will give you a better understanding of just how evil Paul Manafort truly is, then this one’s for you.

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The Non-Nazi Bastards Who Helped Hitler Rise To Power

It can sometimes be easy to neglect the individual’s role in allowing systematic power imbalances to thrive.

This problem continues to this day but was also very much prevalent in the time of Hitler.

But don’t worry, this isn’t just another historical podcast documenting the evils of Hitler; the episode spends much of its time analyzing the various powerful and not-so-powerful figures that helped Hitler rise to such immense power.

This episode will awaken your eyes to how easily evil can slip away unnoticed until it is too late.

It is also a stark reminder that many of history’s most evil humans were also master manipulators who knew how to get people on their side.

It’s a reminder of just how easy it can be to become a complacent part of an evil figure’s rise to power, willingly or not!

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The Bastards That Kill Diabetics For A Profit

The world of big pharma has long been known for courting controversy and committing numerous acts that were seemingly directly at odds with helping people recover from grave injuries or illnesses.

In the case of this episode, the show explores the topic of insulin, intended for use by those who have diabetes, seeing a steady price increase, which is making the life-saving drug largely inaccessible for a massive portion of the population that is living with the disease.

This is one of the most infuriating episodes of the series and will most definitely have you angry at the injustice that has befallen many people due to corporate greed.

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